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( 0/ 0/ 200; 0: 0p) - day over, day starting


they make everything so much more complicated.
the sticker contest is finishing up tomorrow... at least i think it's tomorrow. that's why i'm confused. no. wait. it's tomorrow...


...well then, i'm sure you all have something to do.
i know i do. think act create decide.

and, while you're looking for visions to inspire you, remember that's what we're here for: new toys from old boys now available!
don't say we never try to make you smile.

other than that, life's swirling by like a firefly,
faster than your fingers remember.

don't forget their birthdays, i always say.
and out,


( 0/ 2/ 200; 0: 0a) - "the woods are lovely, dark, and deep,"

simply stepping into each day is often enough to bring tears,
walking out into mist falling like rain makes smiles

and thoughts of footsteps and years
shed any thoughts of the undone, the abandoned, the failed,

leaving only contemplation of solitude brought on by beauty.

and appreciation too deep and personal to truly mention.

"but i have promises to keep,"

(w/ grace from frost)

( 0/ 2/ 200; 0: 5p) - there's something in the way she moves...

but she don't know it...

it's true.

there's this subtle difference between boys and girls,
i'm thinking 96% motion, 2% space, and some infinitely small percent


don't call me wrong.

it's all a myth to our eyes anyway.

visit your friends,
make love to your desires,
and share with your roomates.

that's my wonderment you're kicking.


( 0/ 3/ 200; 0: 3a) - once upon a beauty...

so it's late, and it's early too,

i'm heading out, ready to see the stars,
but i don't know how far i'll see them for...

beautiful moments take careful sight,
looking too hard breaks it,
you've got to look just right.

the best thing the internet ever did
was give me back friends i would otherwise
have quietly forgotten and slipped past on some crowded street,

half a world again away.


(07/16/2002; 11:11)) - thank god for tech

huh. so it worked. well this is the first blurb to be updated with the new self admin tool that I your humble and beloved site op have written. besides the fact that these damn blurbs are a fuck of a lot easier to write, not much has changed.

the forum has officially begun to grow beyond my watchful eye as new people (that i did NOT drag kicking and screaming into meLounge) are joining the forum. Not to mention that i have my first unknown (who the hell is coolhand? and rock on whoever the hell you are).

Benny has posted an update to his A Dizzy In The Lizzy as he is prown to do, and the Gallery almost works... almost.

(07/18/2002; 1:57)) - sometimes you're just watching

(07/19/2002; 3:00)) - where is melounge headed?

"Yo Mos, what's gettin ready to happen with Hip-Hop?"
(Where do you think Hip-Hop is goin?)
I tell em, "You know what's gonna happen with Hip-Hop?
Whatever's happening with us"
If we smoked out, Hip-Hop is gonna be smoked out
If we doin alright, Hip-Hop is gonna be doin alright
People talk about Hip-Hop like it's some giant livin in the hillside
comin down to visit the townspeople
We +are+ Hip-Hop
Me, you, everybody, we are Hip-Hop
So Hip-Hop is goin where we goin
So the next time you ask yourself where Hip-Hop is goin
ask yourself.. where am I goin? How am I doin?
Til you get a clear idea

oh. and we've got content.
New melounge Radio set by Jason: Easy Listening for Iron Youth.
New thoughts and introspections from Benny and Amanda.
A Dizzy in the Lizzy
No One Asked but...


(07/21/2002; 1:49)) - it\'s my time...

but i don't know whether anyone's possibly awake on the east coast. you're all just working some slutty office job and not wondering whether or not your life is worth anything. but that's fine. why? because when it's beautiful, i go swimming. when it's hot, i lie about. and when it's three hundred degrees outside and two million percent humidity? that's right. i put on my tie and go to work. i almost feel like a heartless rendintion of black suits coming. wait. no. that would be filthier than getting paid to sweat through my clothing. or would it? i don't know. this is feeling awful jason right now. by the way, if you haven't read benny's
latest post... then i'm completely off base with this entire rant. the point of this disjointed mumbling about timezones... is that there are more important things in your life than moments, but few more important moments than your life.

pc out.

(7/22/02; 3; 38) - <) - miss the weekend?

Does anyone know when and why the weekend became two days long?
email me if you do, I'm curious Thanks

Benny and I spent a lot of this weekend together with some rare characters.
Benny's take on it: A Dizzy in the Lizzy
My take on it: Thoughts

If we were in France, we wouldn't have to work in August.

(07/23/02;; :18) -) - Multimedia!

Remember when "multimedia" was the hot buzzword?
Interactive Multimedia CD-ROMs were the cutting edge of hi-tech.

Today, added support for one more medium.
melounge Gallery
Now we can all upload and share our favorite images.


and again. Benny wrote. A Dizzy in the Lizzy


(07/24/02;; 0:57) -) - how much does smoke weigh?

The forum, and my thoughts, today have considered the question of "what is melounge?".

eh. i'm tired of that topic.
melounge, like everything else in this world, is exactly what you make of it.

make something you like.

new stuff:
A Dizzy in the Lizzy by Benny
No One Asked But... by Amanda
Vanilla Sky review by yours truly,

(07/27/2002; 1:15)) - in the lazy days of summer...

when the weather's hot and the days move slow, and you're really curious about what'll come round the bend, if you just sit here watching the river for one more moment...

those are the days we all are here to witness. and along with all that, we've brought you some fun, melounge-lazy, melounge-crazy. My Definition of Summer by Jofus, which is exactly not shabby for your summer reading hours, as well as some IDM & hop by Praveen, and a solid set by Justin, which is well worth your listening time, especially as i know most of you are sitting at work getting paid for our love.

oh yeah. there's more.
check Vespers by Underwatertorch (aka Praveen), which you haven't heard before, i'm sure. and, while i'm showing off my mad copy&paste skillz that bobert's been loaning me, i'll hook you this one by Praveen and Justin, also on the top ten summer tricks. and you thought it was lonely here.... for shame (wait. so did i). that's why we're back, to remind you to chill.

as always,

(07/30/2002; 09:50)) - Blurb the official Blog alternative

(08/01/2002; 12:36p) - each day that slides away from you

provides a little more for you to witness.
every time you step into another world,
something you don't know so well,
something you don't smell so well...
remember that both smells and sounds,
they don't go through your thoughts,
they just feed to your brain,
enabling thoughts, disabling action.

that's why you remember so,
sitting on a porch in june,
looking over the world,
watching life flow past you
as the heat obscures the dawn.

rise and fall of all life around you
brings you back to calm
and in each shallow moment
that wastes your days so soon,
you feel the pull of value
that's grabbed you into tune.

step in.
it's summer time, and the living is easy...


(08/03/2002; 11:16p) - ...more than just your dinner party.

after enjoying some fine drumming,
a beer in the park, and the utter quiet of my apartment
for the first time since i got here,

i realized just how thoughtless
most of the things that worry you are.

so take care for a moment.
do it once for someone you've never met.

slap 'em silly.

bring on benny for more thoughts on the disparity
of being truly gifted. or something like that...

and while you're at it, make sure to put some time in on the galleries.
ethan has put up some pretties,
and more is being done as we hide from the day.

walk until you sleep,

(08/14/2002; 09:31p) - no new content, just bitching

you know what's not fun. migrating all the content of meLounge into XML format.

so yeah the, the new admin tool is well under way.

-----Admin Tool v2.0: Coming Soon-----


(8/6/02; 3:; 4am) -) - just another day.

like the day before
like the day before

so what makes this day special?

Bobert instead of whining about the technical end of the site
bitched about something much more substantial, that we can all relate to.
I won't spoil the surprise. check it out for yourself.
A Day in the Life


(08/07/02;; :38pm)) - aaaah august

i hate the end of summer slow down.
between about the second week in july until about the second week in august, people start mourning summer.
nothing is more irritating.
It's not over yet!
don't mourn the living.

thank you for your time.

in other news:
Bobert => A Day in the Life
Benny => A Dizzy in the Lizzy
Andrew => United We Stand...


(08/09/2002; 8:25pm) - one more day, one more year...

welcome to the sunshine.

i saw the ocean yesterday, and it wasn't quiet.
it's always refreshing to know the pacific doesn't sleep.

the sand bit my face so i turned my back
and wandered into a temple,
then a sofly giant lilly pond.

an hour of train later, i found myself
on top of the world in a tower of light
sitting and drinking wine with some friends,
knowing life would be alright.

"and who am i to be blowing against the wind?"
-Simon & Garfunkel

brilliance and invigoration.


(08/12/2002; 01:43a) - it's the little things that shatter your illusions with complacent pre-imagined solutions.

there's more to many people than you first see,
more to many things than first attract your eye,
and more to melounge than i can say.

bring it.

step with me and welcome our newest member who seems to be as prolific as he is dreamy... but what can we do? we don't make 'em, and we surely don't bake 'em. that's all up to you.

benny has been thinking of stars, and somebody has been making more sense out of strange bits of this circumspect existance than i could have done with both my hands intact.

and that's no small feat, mind you.

there's also a new comment site for authors on our forums so check it out if you've got one of those burning questions that modern medicine can't heal. perhaps a small communication with someone who'se actually responsable for this would do you good. i know it would.

don't forget to watch for shooting stars.
they remind you how small you are.


(08/13/2002; 10:09a) - AND YOU THINK YOUR HAVING A BAD DAY AT WORK !!

Although this looks like a picture taken from a Hollywood movie, it is in fact a real photo, taken near the South African coast during a military exercise by the British Navy.

It has been nominated by Geo as "THE photo of the year".

cusp via bobert

(08/15/2002; 12:30p) - "this story needs monsters!"

finally, with a little help from the great amito
(a person, not a food, though there is a certain... hmm)
i got around to seeing spy kids.

only two words about that: absofrickinglutely GREAT.

not quite as great as a conversation with benny though.
no real shock there... talking to benny is practically always surreal.
actually... talking to anyone these days is pretty surreal.
maybe it's the weather.

tokyo is about a hundred and eight every day, but that's not the kicker.
i'm sure you're sitting there going "oh yeah, whatever, it's summer".

it's also a fricking hundred and forty percent humidity.
at five am. try swimming. go on, try it. just open your front door and dive in.

nah. it's not that bad. i got this great snorkle, and some fins, and i totally get to the train station in record time, man.

right. back to reality.
i'll leave you all to contemplate the beauty of spy kids.
and even more so, the beauty of ayumi hamasaki.
say no more.


(08/18/2002; 01:02a) - another day, another question...

so amito says that daredevil is better than xxx.

not that i'm a din viesel fan or anything,
but i'm thinking that there's NO WAY ben affleck could possibly be daredevil.

if you're questioning this logic, i recommend the following cure:

-daredevil: the man without fear by frank miller & john romita jr.
-any frank miller daredevil (the series as opposed to the special noted above)
-any ben affleck movie when contrasted with either a good movie or the above comics
-a sharp blow to the head. please. for all our sakes.


since neither of these movies is out in japan, and neither will be for the forseeable future,
could i have some support? thanks. just head over to this little war, if you know what i mean.

brought it.

and if you haven't, check out this man. done.
always our best to your days.
thanks for your eyes, if not your minds, and both, if you're so generous.


(08/19/2002; 01:02a) - another day, another question...

so amito says that daredevil is better than xxx.

not that i'm a din viesel fan or anything,
but i'm thinking that there's NO WAY ben affleck could possibly be daredevil.

if you're questioning this logic, i recommend the following cure:

-daredevil: the man without fear by frank miller & john romita jr.
-any frank miller daredevil (the series as opposed to the special noted above)
-any ben affleck movie when contrasted with either a good movie or the above comics
-a sharp blow to the head. please. for all our sakes.


since neither of these movies is out in japan, and neither will be for the forseeable future,
could i have some support? thanks. just head over to this little war, if you know what i mean.

brought it.

and if you haven't, check out this man. done.
always our best to your days.
thanks for your eyes, if not your minds, and both, if you're so generous.


( 08/ 19/ 2; 02; 12) - Smells Like Home

Welcome. When there's talk of growth and change "welcome" is a word that should always be in the forefront of everybody's but rarely makes it. So I'll say it again. Welcome!

Sup! this is meLounge. it's not much but we call it entertaining

Feel free to bash heads, hang out, waste time, procrastinate; don't worry that's what we're here for.

May you enjoy your stay


( 08/ 22/ 2; 02; 11) - Consummatum Est.

I invite all of you to enjoy more Cocktails and Pain.

Tonight's specials include a savory morsel of Benny's adventures as a One Man Fighting Force.

Might I also suggest, for a nightcap, a double shot of Bobert's Special Blend.

"Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation." - Oscar Wilde

Tonight I offer you proof that, at least once, Mr Wilde was wrong.


( 08/ 27/ 2; 02; 11) - and you wonder why the sun shines...

because it can, my friend, because it can.

as i watch one friend walk out the door to another country, another world,
i wonder what it is that draws us all back, spinning round to places long remembered...

but i don't really worry.

because we're all here.
and that is gift enough for one day,
gift enough in many ways.

walk to work grinning.


( 08/ 29/ 2; 02; 09) - a site-op's job is never done

benny blogged

andrew posted some reviews that never made it to the front page

and it seems everyone posted stickers

i'm on vacation



( 09/ 05/ 2; 02; 12) - back in the saddle

Joe gives us Songs to think about girls to, Benny violates every known copright law, while i contemplate why i made this mess to begin with


( 09/ 09/ 2; 02; 12) - Rock the Vote meLounge style

The results are in and we are down to the final 6 of the Sticker to This Contest. Now, Uncle Lounger Needs You to vote for your favorite melounge sticker. Hurry voting ends Sept 16th!!!

On the content side of things Benny shares with us his thoughts.


( 09/ 11/ 2; 02; 01) - so this is what they call an anniversary

so this the anniversary of 9/11. nothing i say will do the tragedy or the resulting events justice. so i won't even try. but feel free to share your thoughts.

Blogging was in effect as Amanda (yeah she finally got off her ass), Benny, and I (Bobert) all posted to our respective web journals.

and VOTE if you have not already.


( 09/ 13/ 2; 02; 01) - too drunk.... wanna goto bed

the title pretty much says it all. that aside I (Bobert) describe how benny got me drunk against my will, or at least against the will of the mormon faith. Amanda talks about something. i really don't know. i know she updated but i'm currently too drunk to skim it, so just check it out for yourselves. and oh yeah benny also said something. no idea what it is since i now have tequilla on the brain (his fault).

and keep


( 09/ 15/ 2; 02; 03) - it's a party!!!!!

nothing to do so i blogged. hopefully your night was more eventful


( 09/ 16/ 2; 02; 03) - quick and dirty

i could tolerate tyler's excessive whining no longer so i posted his latest episode of Phone and Square-dog.

vote. nuff said.


( 09/ 16/ 2; 02; 11) - [insert witty title here]

and winner of the sticker contest is

feel free to ignore the typo and share your comments. if you didn't vote, poo-poo on you.

i finally posted some of wil's poems that i've been sitting on for what seems like forever.

i blogged. not sure it made any sense though.

haikus are taking melounge by storm put in your 5 cents. i mean your 5, 7, 5 cents. so i guess thats 17 cents total. ha ha i'm so funny. [shut up].


( 09/ 18/ 2; 02; 01) - Danger! Danger Wil Robinson

( 09/ 20/ 2; 02; 02) - This Just In!!!!!!

Benny ends his first hell week.


( 09/ 24/ 2; 02; 07) -

Benny adores,
Amanda hates, and i give the world a nonchalant shrug of apathy.


( 09/ 26/ 2; 02; 01) - who da thunk?!

today i hated a bit less today. yesterday i went insane.


( 09/ 29/ 2; 02; 03) - it's late so let's just make this quick

i just made Five, Seven, Five. A place for all things haiku. and i did not have a crappy day and have become smitten with a personal ad. will he call her, stayed stuned for answers.

Spoiler: no. no, he won't why do you ask?


( 09/ 30/ 2; 02; 04) - grrrrrrr

<self disgust>i blogged </self disgust>


( 10/ 01/ 2; 02; 12) - zombies and work and weirdness, oh my

Amanda is working hard for the money while i think people are being weird.

are zombies taking over the planet, one starbucks at a time? No. for this and other insights do stuff (i dunno get a book or something). i think the blurb creative juices are running on emptry.


( 1/ 0/ 200; 0: 2p) - every once in a while the morning looks like a piano...

remember, every once in a while, to wake up softly, and smile,
because you're not alone on this small ball of dirt,
it's more than one person making this trek to work,
we're all sharing more than our misery,
we share just how beautiful this all can be.


if only for tonight.


( 1/ 1/ 200; 1: 2a) - soft moments in the rain...

good graces gifted from gods unknown
allow me to lend sanity to my friends
when they are clearly in need...

...well, that and a fast net connection.
take a bow, j-com. and yes, that's their name.
but don't take a bow if it involves more phone calls in japanese at 3pm.

yeah, 3pm is ok, but...


seriously though.

maturity and culture, curiosity and wonder.

those are big things to cram into a small boy.


( 1/ 1/ 200; 1: 4a) - packing your bag like people in the movies do...

something i try to do once every couple of months,
pick out some music i know i used to live to, and play it
quietly on my headphones as i pass through my daily tasks,
see what comes back to me.

it's a way of not forgetting your memories.
remembering how it was to be in that space,
where you were and why you felt that way.

music is one of my favorite emotional tools.

and every once in a while it's pure joy.

sleep well.


( 1/ 2/ 200; 1: 0a) - having been swept up in a day of rain...

where soft things tap on my windowpane,
letting me know it's safe to come home,
safe to crawl back in next to my brain,
deftly left home while the rest worked.

and sometimes, when you're standing up,
you realize how much an insane friend or four
really do for your worldview, which in
most people's case isn't quite as thought out
as that, but is that good or bad?

while that considers your head from all angles

appreciate some music that's running through my brain

beth orton - daybreaker
norah jones - come away with me
ani difranco - so much shouting, so much laughter
mazzy star - among my swan

of course it's a week filled with women with silky voices.
that's what the world revolves to.


( 10/ 02/ 2; 02; 1:) - on this day of days.... er of this day of yesterday?! eh screw it

yesterday was benny's bday. yes, 24 years ago yesterday, the universe saw it fit to "bless" us with his pressence.

screw you universe.

luckily he's so ridiculously happy now, you don't have to get him anything.

at least that's what i'm gonna say.


( 10/ 05/ 2; 02; 01) - word of the day: syzygy - a line connecting 3 celestial bodies

My head hurts and Benny's off cruising with his girlfriend.

oh the justice of it all


( 10/ 08/ 2; 02; 07) - Quick & Dirty

First let me just say that the meLounge East Coast Convention was a success. I think all of those who live on the East Coast were able to attend the conference that occured at Vassar College this past Saturday. And the opening remarks aptly titled "I know you are, but what am I?" was astonishing. And the FNULNU play starring Mike Litner was brilliant as well.

but let's do this. Ok the aural page has been overhauled due to the number of additions. For example though not a label, meLounge now sports two full albums; more cool tunes IDM from Praveen with Tyler answers the question WWJD with answer of rock. Why yes, Tyler does have his own christian rock group, what would make you think he didn't. I mean he and his Sin Destroyers love them some god like a card carrying member of the NAACP (I'm black so i can say that. but if you laugh you're racist). I also posted the tracklisings for Joe's Songs to think about girls to. Praveen also shot us his Masters of Rhythm dj set. Yes that's mrre cool blips and bleeps in the form of min house and techno. at least i think it's min house and techno


( 10/ 09/ 2; 02; 12) - fluxen (not a real world but sounds good when play scrabble high on paint fumes. long story.......)

Change is on the horizon. Two examples. me. Benny.


( 10/ 13/ 2; 02; 04) - bed + me = coolest thing eber er.. ever

its late. i'm tired. i wrote this. hopefully it makes sense


( 10/ 14/ 2; 02; 10) - crack heads the lot of 'em

Amanda, Benny, and me blogged. None of it really makes any sense out of context, and no entry provides any.

i guess it was just one of those days.


( 10/ 16/ 2; 02; 03) - your guess is as good as mine

Ummm..... huh?!


( 10/ 18/ 2; 02; 03) - my friends talk to much

selamectin (11:34:01 PM): who is that?

Auto response from BelovedDemon (11:34:01 PM)
: just working....

selamectin (11:34:10 PM): is that your baby daddy?
selamectin (11:34:35 PM)
: i want to know aboutt he lesbian blowjob

selamectin (11:35:21 PM)

BelovedDemon (11:43:33 PM)
: what
BelovedDemon (11:43:35 PM): oh
BelovedDemon (11:43:37 PM): sorry

BelovedDemon (11:43:43 PM): i saw the word lesbian
BelovedDemon (11:43:46 PM): and i got excited

btw Benny was/is on edge


(10/19/2002; 05:03p) - time for me to take a break

i got an idea last night.
and for once, i'm going to run with it.

watch, if you like.


(10/20/2002; 04:05a) - one day down

the first day of my media fast has drawn to a close.
it was a good day.
different. no doubt.
but i can't say i miss the television.
though i'm aware of its absence.

until tomorrow,

( 10/ 21/ 2; 02; 05) - daybreak

the sky parted and the ground shook


(10/24/2002; 03:12a) - every time around so similar and so different

History repeats, they say.

History doesn't repeat,
it's just easier to find a pattern than figure it out again.
why reinvent the wheel?
because maybe this time you'll make it better than before.

in other news,
Boy loves Neverland says
"I won't grow up"

and one stands in an invisible box with his eyes closed and his fingers in his ears.


(10/25/2002; 02:03am) - winter comes.

in theory the internet reaches everywhere.
the web doesn't care about seasons.

me:"it's cold outside"
internet:"outside where?"

if you're in the southern half eagerly awaiting summer,
enjoy it, it only lasts three months.

if you hate winter,
bundle up, it lasts three whole months.

if you're like the rest of us,
take in the frost,
and the first snowfall,
watch your breath shiver in front of your face,
and muse on the passing of time.


(10/28/2002; 09:26am) - the small ways our minds work...

occasionally lie revealed to me
in bits of simple poetry

that flees from my mind as i rise
and try to take in the skies

the beauty of this morning new
will never cease to brighten up
whatever i have watched thus far
with thousands of small sparkles
that share nothing but themselves
and where ever you are...

well, that's where you be.

this morning presented itself to me with these desires:

-write a letter to someone far off.
-make a child laugh for a while.
-tell someone they make your life better.
-appreciate quite time.

it's 11.30 monday night, my time,
and i'm almost done with today.

how's your life?


(10/29/2002; 11:15am) -

oh the weekend i had.

and for those of you not in the know....

Happy New Video Game Day


(10/29/2002; 12:29pm) - Announcing a new Journal

Who's loves Radio Shack? Why Tyler loves Radio Shack. Umm.. Er wait. He hates it. I do so confuse the 2


(10/31/2002; 10:31pm) - painted black

it's true.

we were all covered, head to toe, in black.
that's what happens when you're outside and it's dark.

there's one day a year where you're invincible.

it's just a matter of figuring out which one it is.
push yourself at the right when, and you're a master.
don't, and...
...fall down fall down fall down faster.

isn't it strange to see how much and how little another holiday
can really do to change your view of all of this?

wake up again into worlds wrapped in grey mist.
that's how they look in tokyo.

where did that hallowed day go?


(11/03/2002; 09:52am) - somethings gin doesn't solve...

yes, it's true.

twenty three years into this experience,
and i'm still shocked by simple truths.

gin doesn't solve everything.
why? where did this tiny piece of brilliance come from?

i'm glad you wondered that.
some people can't really drink gin the way you can.
some people don't want to drink gin the way you do.

those people are not you,
but they're close to you.
some times, when you want to solve your problems
or just resolve your differences, or, perhaps,
even enjoy your similarities,
you have to TALK to them.

this info comes straight from people who ARE NOT ME.

and will of course only be useful to people who are not...



(11/04/2002; 10:33am) - check your head.

for just one day...

...look around.

find the people you really care about.
the people you'd take with you there,
no matter where there turned out to be,
simply because having them with you
would mean it was where you wanted to be.

there aren't enough of them ever,
in any of our lives...

...and all our lives are too short
to really remember them enough.

so just right now, check your head.
who are they, where are they,
and when

was the last time

you told them so.


what's up kid,
it's been a while...

(11/05/2002; 11:57am) - don't saw we don't care

there are blogs a plenty wait for you here. tyler reviews another day of employment, Benny shares some insights, and i wrote a crappy paper


(11/06/2002; 04:30am) - Happy Birthday Melounge.

Once again I come to you writing about time.

This time we've come full circle.
Once around the sun for old time's sake.

The puns go on and on.

If you're reading these words, you're a friend.
Thank you for stopping by.

Not finished.
Not polished.
a damn fine start.

activity swells and wanes.
priorities shift.
but melounge is here for you.
a cup of coffee in the morning.
a nightlight while you sleep.

into the coming year.
ever onward.

you have made melounge what it is today.
you are

Happy Birthday.


(11/11/2002; 10:29am) - please excuse our technical difficulties

so we're back. why was melounge down you ask well.. long story. the answer should make my blog at some point so stay tuned for that and other informative tidbits


(11/12/2002; 01:24am) - same ol', same ol'

Benny ruins the sopranos for all of america. the forum was hacked. and our r0b0tic friend finally got his site back up.

why doesn't anything interesting ever happen here? alas.


(11/14/2002; 01:09am) - for just one week...

the weather where i am
matches the weather where i'm from,

and in this gust of wind-swept leaves,
is a little reminder from you to me.

there's one world holding us all.
even when it seems like there's too much
going on - surrounding you,

there isn't, and there is. because what encompasses you is the same
as what engulfs me with it's beauty.

a blustery morning in tokyo.
a soft & bitter night in ny.
a quiet walk through london.

i can feel them all in the wind.

take care, my friends.


(11/16/2002; 01:16pm) - ...days of disaster, nights of extravagence... the circus roll past.

it only comes once a year,
just like most major holidays,
and it gives things few people can stand still long enough to appreciate.

but then the trucks roll out,
and the drunks are left behind,
and you wonder

was it worth all that money & time?

so many things, so many places

would learn so much from the carnival.


(11/17/2002; 05:02am) - some things just suck

like the stomach flu she's back. and in other news tyler now works at a new branch. here's why.

expect a new hard dnb jofus mix in the week to come


(11/18/2002; 10:40am) - there are some things we do well...

one of them is walk you through our minds,
while less than slightly sober.

one of them is talk you through our eyes,
squinted and bedazzled though they be.

one of them is spin for you our tunes,
small joys that set us free.

if these things seem like anything
that could be more than it is,
then welcome to another day of it.

it's beautiful and free.


master of massmedia:
a similarly untranslated world:
people with vision & space:



(11/21/2002; 12:25am) - jump if you can.

when there's more for you in the world
to step up to,

than there is to hold you down,
please, please, please

don't wait to leave
your hometown.

because there's so little reason
to do less than you can...

and so much more to realize why
getting smaller isn't further away.


(11/22/2002; 07:32pm) - the highs & lows

no poetic words. tyler shares his fondness for old people and benny shares his fondness for nothing.


(11/26/2002; 12:48am) - as a chick i know always says "CRACK"

so with wil mia i'm forced to blurb my own site.
where is the justice.

benny shares quick insights. tyler offers no words. i was cracked out, beyond belief yesterday.


(11/30/2002; 03:17am) - encounters of the silly kind

benny had an encounter with his rowdy, tyler with a martian, amanda with the vc fundraisers, and i with my emotions

who's loaded
meLoaded. maybe that should be the new name of the site


(12/02/2002; 03:17am) - Welcome to the zone...

up is down and left is right.
sometimes you sleep when it's day,

and sometimes you


welcome to monday slightly before you're ready.

it's a beautiful morning-

if you're where you can see the sun...


(12/02/2002; 10:27pm) - play

blurb number one.

friends are fun.

we all live our life
and we all have our play.

+benny may have played a little too
hard and hurt something.

+forum's seeing some new feces.
i mean faces. whoopsy
first time mistakes are always a must.

+melounge radio updates are on the way. courtesy of our site op

fun isn't everything
but it's something
and that's a lot more then nothing.

thanks for playing.

.ethan orion lobdell(me)

(12/05/2002; 09:50am) -

A Doctor joins us in looking bewildered at Benny. Amanda's off the scale. and a long goodbye saves my ass.

NOTE: i still maintain that snow is a way for the white man to remake the world in his image.


(12/06/2002; 08:19am) - Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening

Whose woods these are I think I know.
His house is in the village, though;
He will not see me stopping here
To watch his woods fill up with snow.

My little horse must think it queer
To stop without a farmhouse near
Between the woods and frozen lake
The darkest evening of the year.

He gives his harness bells a shake
To ask if there is some mistake.
The only other sound's the sweep
Of easy wind and downy flake.

The woods are lovely, dark, and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.


(12/06/2002; 08:21am) - Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening

Whose woods these are I think I know.
His house is in the village, though;
He will not see me stopping here
To watch his woods fill up with snow.

My little horse must think it queer
To stop without a farmhouse near
Between the woods and frozen lake
The darkest evening of the year.

He gives his harness bells a shake
To ask if there is some mistake.
The only other sound's the sweep
Of easy wind and downy flake.

The woods are lovely, dark, and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.
(written by robert frost)

hope that doesn't break copyright laws.


(12/09/2002; 08:09pm) - one morning in a sphere...

waking up to cold and snowy tokyo,
something that never happened a year ago,

hearing from friends the world over
also not in their respective homes,

girls changing countries,
boys changing minds,

sending you to other climes
and watching snow fall, no matter where you are,
is nothing less than beautiful.

home is where your mind wakes,
where your body sleeps,
and where your heart walks.

and i'm back.


new york is never less than wonderful.

(12/12/2002; 12:30pm) - brief & beautiful

things to think about, volume 45,238

-cleaning makes you happy, even if you think you don't like cleaning.
-watching your friends walk by you smiling makes you grin.
-breaking small things lets you build bigger things.
-walking alone through the cold shows you where you really want to go.
-there's nothing ever like being home and not alone.


(12/15/2002; 01:05pm) - gotta hate annoying fucks

i was not feeling so hot. Benny had some insights.

However the hack is being looked in. Security is now being stepped up, and all admin information has been changed


(12/22/2002; 12:16am) - there's but once in a moment you witness,

but once in a day you can see.

what i do remember, it seems,
well, it's just up to me.

cause all of the people i know,
all of the places we go,
they manage to be both one & the same,
you ask "why?"

i don't know.

but the more i watch any person hold a child,
any father pitch to a son,
any daughter mimic her mother,
any brother tease his sister,
i realize that there's nothing different.

makes me wonder why we hate so much.


(12/22/2002; 12:20am) - moo moo

we failed to blurb for the past couple of days so there are several episodes of
A Dizzy In The Lizzy waiting for you. My advice is to just click here or the other link and just scroll up to catch up. i wonder if that's as cathcy as it sounds in my head (scroll up to catch up i mean). Probably not. In non-related news I had a
blast from the past.


(12/24/2002; 11:32pm) - Seasons Greetings From The Eve

Merry Christmas. Happy Hannukah. Happy Kwanza. Jolly Ramadan?

If i missed anything... bite me. Season Greetings from the kids at meLounge. Seeing as I'm very very cheap, and very very lazy We bring you (or I guess I bring you) the gift of music. It's much easier to post new crap than to think of original gifts for all of you. Especially seeing as I don't know most of the visitors, and even those that I do know I really can't be bothered to buy gifts for.

Anyway ONWARD TO THE PRESENTS. Joe serves us a heaping helping of Aggressive Drum 'n' Bass. Which should go well with your [insert religious holiday or festival here] meal. Nothing like jungle to bring out the taste in turkey i always say (I don't really. But I guess I could now). And from me to you I present a new radio meLounge mix. The write-up isn't done yet, but it should be done shortly. Benny did stuff. I forgot to blurb it before, so click what i told ya to click to, and scroll up to read more.

I've also been tidying up the site a bit, not that you would notice.


(12/26/2002; 12:39pm) - Crises and chaos, calm and composed. The most important cities house the most interesting minds

Me loungin', watching a terrible Ray Liotta film. Shoes on, a shiv and a folding boxcutter tucked into my belt, drinking coffee at 1AM on a Friday morning. I have to work tomorrow. I will not get much sleep tonight. I posted to my weblog -A Dizzy In The Lizzy- again , as I seem to be doing quite frequently lately, but don't expect any explanations as to my current state. Some things are better left to the imagination.

What's more important is that Wil has blessed us with a letter Tales From Japan composed over time on the other side of the planet, and his prose reads like poetry once again. A tiny cat far from home picks his way carefully through the chaos of Shinjuku, and he reigns over his kingdom with feline grace and composure. We could all learn a lot from Wil; I know I have. Take the time to read his words, he picks each one carefully and wants you to have them.

-B out, Cafe Bustelo in hand

(12/30/2002; 02:10pm) - show us how the year ends...

(01/02/2003; 02:20am) - a day or two after...

and it feels like a million years.
but that could just be me. it could be a much shorter time span,
and i've just forgotten to remember day numbers.
it always confuses me when they start over.

we've not all come round enough to be able to type,
(clearly, from what you're reading)

but someone somewhere did something last night.

if you're not in there,
show us where you were.
i for one am waiting to see.


(01/03/2003; 03:14pm) - Revelations

All of the work, all of the headaches, all of the late nights and bloodshot morning eyes...
All of the distance, all of the time, all of the fading memories...
All are sufferable when we come to a new realization, as bobert did this morning, or when we take stock and
prepare to move on, as manda is doing.

What are you learning today?


(01/05/2003; 06:21am) - as the days grow from dawn snow to kitchen warmth...

remember that we're here cooking too,
amit's making a feast,
the heater's on, the skyline dark,
mt. fuji wrapped in snow...

there's plenty of grace here,
so art or not... well, does it matter?
limiting ourselves by lines is like building a prison for your mind.
praveen does come through though... spain, and london too.

there's another piece of underground opinion here as well,
judgements on that i will leave to you,
cause i know the boys so well, and i see what they're seeing,
sometimes i laugh, sometimes i cringe... but that's why we're friends.

new year's seems to have been once again survivable...
mostly. it's always good to see where we might one day be...
oh yes,
now we get to go through that joy of mis-writing the year for a couple of weeks,
unless you're much more adept at adapting than i, which would be no surprise.

it's looking lively on the 'lounge front, too,
which always means that vacation's about to end...

back to teaching friends.


(01/07/2003; 03:37am) - php the way to be

Wil's Belligerent Poetry (or however you spell it) and Jason's Small Cruel Party are now self sustaining php sections. when you go there the only difference you'll notice is that all the files will end in .php. Andrew's Talking to the screen is php based but i have to migrate all the content to php files. the bitch ass part will be retaining the titles as it is a formatted a bit differently but that will go up tommorow. i have to restructure the old stuff before i can implement the new multi topic admin tool. which should be done this week

As the coolest site-op ever that i am, i brought benny's lastest addition to A Dizzy In The Lizzy back from the dead, he thought he lost but i found it in the bowels of the site, and posted it. don't i rock (the answer is yes) so its just another day in the life for your friendly neighborhood site-op.

i need sleep. bed now


(01/08/2003; 04:07am) - houston we have php

(01/10/2003; 12:10am) - one more friday ends quietly...

for me, anyway.
amit sleeping softly to rise early and face the trench warfare of saturday.
the reverend ensconced in his room, ready to rise far before noon,

one cat left up and awake and curious,
reading things thought through long before,
remembering why he has friends he adores...

it's another week's end for you, another about to start for me...
strange, no, how we live our lives seperately,
despite a sense of community,
(we're all in the same skin, you know)
there seems to sometimes be both little and everything that links us...

watched a girl draw pictures of swans on a bridge overlooking a lake with a skyline of towers today...
as the sun set and the world slowly faded into amber...

...remembered the heat of summer and it made me take off my hat and appreciate the ability to shiver,
it's an incredible thing to feel the seasons change in the same place.

thanks to the gift of a friend i've been living on tori for days.
it's always good to have a new voice in your head.

-one cat curled on the floor and out.

(01/13/2003; 10:06am) - as you please

feeling wine seep slowly through my mind,
content and sated at the same time,
relax, my friend, and hear the rhyme...

the pattern repeats,
the world does recognize
how simple and easy
life can really be

if you open your eyes.


(01/14/2003; 01:44pm) - help it out...

so there's this little list being built
over in the forums.

top ten strongbad emails.
just ten.
not twelve.

not fourteen.

and definitely not nine.

unless you DELETED one.

look through 'em,
hop on over,
and let us know.

oh yeah.

see what benny's all about?

poocat OUT.

(01/16/2003; 10:13pm) -

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, we have such wonderful offerings for your entertainment and edification...

Praveen has created a masterful new bricolage, his
Crumpled Piece of Paper Set (also available in handy
(stream) format) is sure to
be the soundtrack to your significantly less filthy Life,
to your enlightened, Dizzy observations,
to your contemplations of genius!

this, by the way, is my new meLounge Crusade.

What is a meLounge Crusade, you ask? Simple. Pick something you're passionate about. Something that deserves our
attention. Any area, serious or light hearted, and go to town on it. Post the hell out of it, ram it down our throats,
sprinkle it on our breakfast cereal.

Get us talking.

- jason.

(01/18/2003; 12:03am) - whiskey makes the words come out better

so yeah i've been drinking. no major party just me, andrew and rachelle holdiing down the hq... with booze. but man do we have a grab bag of treats and whizzles., and yes i did just make up the word whizzles. so andrew went to a bunch of flics and reviewed all of them (narc, the pianist and 25th hour). i said something, i forget what though. yes that would be the jim bean talking, why do u ask? wil posted more of his Belligerent Poetry while praveen blessed us with a new live pa set, Girls & Candy. Jason updated his summer story and benny had a long crappy day at work

fuck thats a lot

rock on us

yay whiskey (duh nun <- hard guitar sounds)


(01/19/2003; 03:18am) - Welcome to melounge. Smoking or non?

For once everybody else has been having more fun than me. I'm not bitter, it's just funny.
I've been working hard lately and offending my friends. It's turning out to be a weird weekend. Thank the lordy lordy for Martin Luther King Day, I'm gonna celebrate my day off from work by doing nothing! Awesome. I'd recommend you do the same.

Why the hell am I up so late?

Benny out

(01/20/2003; 04:08am) - there goes the glass ceiling...... again.....*sigh*

as the who page can atest to the estrogen in melounge has increased. it seems that micaela decided to take a walk on the wild side, which makes me wonder if i can find some colored girls go "do, do, do do do do do...." oh wait i mean the content side, but i still wouldn't mind some hot black chicks. halle berry comes to mind *drool*

oh wait where was i, ah yes, there's seems to be a content a explosion. i blogged 2 days ago and it's already been knocked off the main page. alas, i guess we had to make room for tyler's continuation of his blog Radioshack & My Balls Unemployment & My Balls. and it seems that amanda found the playwright within her to create Daughters, Wives, Virgins and Statues.

and for the record all hot chicks can reach me at

and before i sign off let it be known that in june of 2002 a there were a total of 38 unique visitors to the site (meaning different people who visited the site that month) now halfway through january we have 306. dear visitor if i knew who you were i'd buy you a 40. if however i do know who you are, we both know you're out of luck. just another tender moment from your friendly neighborhood site-op.


(01/20/2003; 11:11pm) - the onslaught continues

the content explosion continues. wil posted more Poetry and mike makes her melounge debut with mike Contribution. benny did nothing and was kinda enough to share the joy of that with us. and i finally finangled a picture out of amanda which can now be seen here.

btw did you know that praveen is featured at clever music. i thought not. so go check out what all the hooplah is about, and why we're glad to have him here with us

they can't all be funny and irreverent


(01/22/2003; 12:12am) - a trumpet fades across a freshly-mown yard on a warm midsummer's evening...

there's something to be said
for showing people what's in your head
even if it means you step off the deep end
where you don't know who's really your friend
and each day that you end
shows you new places to mend
until your head finds your bed
and you're grateful again.

at least that's how it seems
as i pause, reflect,
and hit send.

-a cat waiting for dreams to bring beauty that seems to surround but is rarely clearly found

(01/23/2003; 12:04pm) - this just in

in case you were wondering mike really is the nice one of the bunch us. for further evidence just click here.

and yes i still hate st johns. and thank you for asking.


(01/24/2003; 12:04am) - a flippant and irrevalent title speled very badly

it was a day of many insights and an accurate horoscope, so all in all a slow day for us.

how was yours?


(01/25/2003; 03:44am) - a list instead of thinking


video games


what do you want from me... i'm drunk.
blame benny and andrew, i know i do. and yes they were involved in the first two lines


(01/26/2003; 04:56am) - now mac really, this time i've got it for sure

listen up! all the streams on the site are now mac and pc compatiible. so if one of you os X freaks clicks on stream beside any song it will now pop up in iTunes. there should be no overt change with you pc users. the only difference is that streams may pop up in a different program like real audio or mediamatch. that is of course assuming you're not using one of those already as your default player. anyway this means that there is no excuse for anyone not to know our aural stylings by heart. Can you name 3 people that Jesus Christ is cooler than? <contempt>i thought not.</contempt> so do your research cause there will be a test. as always those who pass will recieve a 40 (as it is the official beverage of melounge, and the only thing i can afford these days)

if you're using unix or something uselss like BeOS or OS/2 Warp *snicker* you're still screwed. actually it should work for you freaks too, but there's no way in a hell i'm gonna test it out. besides this should be an incentive for you to get a REAL computer.


(01/26/2003; 11:32pm) - just brilliant (revised.. again)

wil dazzles us literally while praveen does it aurally (no not orally, you dirty bastards).
it's Improvisational Piano no less. come on, stream it. you know you want to.


they are brilliant
they are melounge
so are you
so is me


(01/28/2003; 05:06pm) -

Life is filled with stepping stones that sometimes seem a bit out of reach,
we each have our own, and are sometimes ignorant of others? Mike lets us
into a into a corner of her mind which I had never expected to exist.

Unemployment? a sad fact of life. Daylight?. Something that comes around
every now and then. Tyler shares his thoughts on both these things? as well as proving his journalistic
integrity, by staying true to his blog title, and remaining unemployed.
That?s right? he?s suffering for us.

Along the line of thoughts shared? so does Benny? in an eloquent and
succinct ode to someone. (I won't spoil it by telling you who.)

~LC (blurbally challenged.)

(01/30/2003; 02:12am) - when circles spin.

a quiet thursday afternoon in tokyo passes by me once again.
i sit here watching windows, listening to good music,
and thinking of friends.

it's like that, some days.
and i appreciate their subtle ways.

here's what one of them saw today:
Secretary, and Antwone Fisher.
one he liked, one he didn't...

here we find another's vision of the world.

and here, well worth mentioning again,
is an excellent play that flashed by my face one day
and i still think about by our resident angry girl.

and one last thing.
occasionally i do read other sites, and occasionally they do provide insight,
even make me consider my life.

here's one such for you tonight:

Paul Ford on why the web is his Medium of Choice.

and we leave you.
have a better one.


(02/01/2003; 12:22pm) -

The Troll shares with us his absolute favorite topic? yep.. you guessed it?Japanese Girls
The only thing I have to say about Tyler?s blog is? well? I believed him.
Bobert shares with us a bit of his life? his Kate-ally challenged mentality? as well as his Problem solving
Rock on Bobert. (Seltzer?. Ug.)

Meanwhile, back at the ranch?.
We now have a contact page for all you adoring fans to drown us in fan mail and allow you to give us
those multi-million dollar contracts. If you have complaints, please direct them here . If you really want to talk to one of us? like you have a
crush on bobert, benny, amanda (isn't she cute) or someone else? feel free to check out the links next to names on the who are we page.

Now, I'm off to hunt the wily American Chop Suey
~A mildly more than less than sober LC out.


(02/02/2003; 11:15pm) - He's got the whole world in his hands...

"He's got the whole world in his hands
He's got the whole wide world in his hands
He's got the whole fucking world in his hands
He's got the whole world in his hands

Bobert's got the devils and the angels in his hands
He's got the whole world in his hands
Jason's got the tomahawk missile in his hands
He's got the whole world in his hands
They've got you and me sister in their hands
They've got the whole fucking world in their hands."

-jason says sweet dreams, little children.

(02/04/2003; 10:12pm) -

Kev shares with us some of his Visions in a new gallery (I think)... If this is how you always see things... that's really cool.
Another edition of Belligerent Poetry from the Land of the Rising Sun. Sugoi, Wil-san.
Benny takes a moment out of his busy.... schedule... to let us know what he's been up to... and down to... and
well... anyway... He partied some, and that sounded fun.
Bobert also partied some as well, met up with friends and celebrated New Years! No... he was not late... he was in Chinatown... Ni hao.
Bobert also takes no prisoners in the Battle of the Books! Who will come out victorious? Amazon? The School?
Bobert? Tune in next week.... same melounge time... same melounge channel.

By the way... Get drunk of Saturday. Do it.


(02/06/2003; 01:23pm) - it's swinging slowly...

some times i think the world
is a ball on a chain
tied to someone you know
and aiming for someone you blame

but i've been wrong before
and people have shown me the door
still i come back for more

so it can't be as bad as it seems
if you would just tune out the screams
and leave me to my pleasant dreams...


(02/08/2003; 03:22am) - my tired title is not funny...... told ya

i am so the literal powerhouse. 4 out of 5 recent additions agree. too bad i'm tired, you could have recieved the funny. alas, let us proceed.

andrew saw the apostle, i created a virtual desk for myself, for all you voyeurs to snoop in. bookmark cause it;'s never seeing the front page again. i also wrote haikus drunk last year, and in class. and then i talked about it


(02/09/2003; 04:42am) - i may speak softly but i carry a big stick

just me on this virtual porch of ours watching the tumbleweeds roll by.

it's always quiet here on the weekends. the only time we shut up is when we're not here. it's kinda nice sometimes. there's always room on the porch for one more, so feel free to stay a spell or roll on by.

i won't take offense at either

-a quiet bobert speaking softly on the porch of a quiet Lounge

(02/11/2003; 07:45pm) - Dammit, he blurbed again.

Wow... ok... so no one's blurbed in a bit... so you're stuck with one from me. Sorry.
Off topic, but I'd like to start by thanking every one who wished me a happy birthday. Yeah... both of you.

As for things that are more informative than my blurbs... try Tyler's blog
Bobert lived to make it to school, and presumably, home again afterwards. I do have one question though, which variable goes on the bottom of the graph again?
wil twitches and shakes and gives us few reasons.
benny should just fear the dog. I'd tell him to get rid of it, but I think the dog could take him.
amanda toys with us boys. At first, I planned to read the entry, despite the title, but I have to be honest, I didn't quite get past the first comma. Now I realize why nobody asked.
Bobert and Benny blogged twice, as well... but I figured you'd all catch that.


(02/14/2003; 01:33am) - i could never tell you really... much i love you.

isn't that what today's all about?
or is it just a corporate festival and we're lost as we look in?

for just one moment i'd set aside
cynism and world-doubt
and find myself somewhere else,
hoping people dance for joy and not for money.

they do.
and in the little lessons that this life has taught me slowly,
there's one i really never learn or manage to forget:

be continually impressed by the people that surround you and you will never falter.


and just tell them.
the world always needs more honesty.
and clarity.
and beauty.


(02/16/2003; 10:29am) - what to do upon finding a mouse in your couch... idea?

me either.

luckily i haven't had to deal with this.
there are other equivalents, though,
and perhaps i've once or twice come
abruptly face to face

with one or two of them.

making no sense?

no problem.
proceed with your regularly scheduled day.


(02/18/2003; 10:36pm) - here we go again

ok... fine.... i'll blurb..... *sigh* again. even though it is my job.
admitlly that logic failed but [insert good and logical reason here].
told ya so!!!

Andrew went on a reviewing spree.The Deep End, Love Liza, Dr T & The Women (an estrogen crapfest in my humble opinion, but see what he has to say about it. and no i have not seen the movie so his opinion MAY be a bit more valid than my own...maybe), and Breathless. in case you though i was dead i did live another day, too bad it was a boring one. also the most recent 5 additions has been expanded to 6 in the lieral section. not interesting at all just helping you to procrastinate that much longer by reading this sentence

in news that bores me less, kev now has his own blog, and mike is back from the dead


(02/20/2003; 05:44am) - there are always things to think about...

plenty of them should never be left alone.
as soon as you forget your past,
a man once said to me,

you're bound and forced
to turn round and be coerced
by things you've seen

already once again.


(02/21/2003; 12:58am) - suitibly suited slightly saturday

there's more to most things
than there is to most days
that you spend in calm ways
with or without friends
to or not quite up to
the end

watching things you'd once ignore
whisk themselves past your door
through or not quite to
where you'd have been asking for more.


(02/23/2003; 10:29am) - and like a flaming sword...

do you know what you look like when you turn your back?
i hope so, and then again a moment later i hope not.

i hope you realize who you are and where you've been,
adn i hope you realize how much you need to learn.

this is not because of anything you've said to me
but because the world spins and life ends
and there's sadness in reality.

grow up my friend.
wake up again.

live as you would if you were not restrained.


(02/25/2003; 02:53am) - heading home...

in long pants and indian flip-flops
listening to the squelch-squelch as i walk
better than music.
feeling the water migrate up my legs,
first at my toes
and slowly my ankles
as on up my shin it crawls.

watching all the rain splash down around me,
absolutly delighted that it can be so grand.
with out a care in the world as i wettly walk to my car.

done for the night,
no where else to go,
nothing else to stay dry for,
and i squelch-squelch myself off to bed.


(02/27/2003; 09:41pm) - welcome to a walkthrough

this is where we remind you
of all the things still inside.
slowly waiting to find their way out
but only if you leave the house
step off to somewhere new
find yourself from a tiny clue
recreate that clumsy personality
actually let your mind run free
see what it ought to be
when you step up to me
don't be embarrased, see?

it's just reality,

and if you need a guide
just look inside.


(03/03/2003; 11:38pm) -

Whatcan I say?
You people have
been blogging
like mad men (and woman)
Don't forget this
and this.
Oh, and this one is different.

(03/03/2003; 12:49pm) - a new leaf...

We are a community.
This, til now, only came through in the forums.
Today, meLounge offers the first edition of a monthly series.
One month ago, we each took a short mental jaunt.
Our starting point was the same.
The concepts of 'Fire/Warmth/Heat'.
At the end, or somewhere in the middle of this journey,
some of us constructed a mediated postcard from
the ether of imagination.
These remittances are available for your consideration
both as individuals and as a whole.
Please enjoy.


my apologies to Bobert, Benny and Amanda.

(03/06/2003; 11:51pm) - sitting in the rain

i think my wrist is sprained.
"how did you do it?"
they all ask...

...i'm not sure?

but no one ever seems satisfied with that,
so i pretend there's a more interesting story.

i fell down.
i jumped on a moving car.
i got in a fight.
i fell down.
i crashed my bike.
i fell down.
i ran into a girl.

and depending on who i'm talking to,
perhaps they believe me.
which is funny, since every story i tell
is as true as the truth:
i don't know, but my wrist hurts.


(03/10/2003; 08:15pm) - The Jabberwocky

'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe;
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe.

"Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
The frumious Bandersnatch!"

He took his vorpal sword in hand:
Long time the manxome foe he sought--
So rested he by the Tumtum tree,
And stood awhile in thought.

And as in uffish thought he stood,
The Jabberwock, with eyes of flame,
Came whiffling through the tulgey wood,
And burbled as it came!

One, two! One, two! And through and through
The vorpal blade went snicker-snack!
He left it dead, and with its head
He went galumphing back.

"And hast thou slain the Jabberwock?
Come to my arms, my beamish boy!
O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!"
He chortled in his joy.

'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe;
All mimsey were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe.

~LC... that's Lewis Carroll (1832-1898) for those who may have forgotten...

(03/15/2003; 12:07am) - another chance to sell it right...

that's what they're asking for.
that's what we're waiting for.

someone to step up into the spotlight,
hold down the mic,
and sell it the way it should be.

not sure what i'm talking about?
neither is he.

rise above where you were born.


(03/17/2003; 10:36am) - dear concerned unsatisfied rich charismatic well-educated 35+ year old white guy,

yes, i'm a realist.
i realize the implications of the top of this letter,
and i accept them. i realize what it takes to get
where i hope you want to be, and i am trying not
to lie to myself or the people around me. i'd like
it if you would try not to either. if you have to,
please consider what you're doing and for whom.
but let me assure you, right now, you couldn't do
much worse than the man we're asking you to
replace. and you'll have support. the election's
been basically handed to you. the economy's
tanked, the international community has been
alienated, our personal rights have been taken
away and violated without cause or explanation,
and we're not happy about it. you can walk, if you
want, right into that house and personal jet and all
the other nice stuff that comes with it. but truthfully,
if you want to do that, i'm kind of scared of you.
which is why i'm sending you this. please, since i
know you have the requirements listed above, would
you consider, on behalf of the people you know
need your help, running for president?

sincerely yours,

(03/19/2003; 05:01pm) - on the cusp of destruction

the war drums beat, while the band plays on.
leaving us here on the sideline nothing to do but drink, look into ourselves and wait


(03/20/2003; 08:08am) - morning after

when you know you've been somewhere,
you know you saw someone,
you probably even spoke to them.

but what did you say?
where were you really?

and what will who think of you today?

shrug it off and go to work.
welcome to monday.


(03/22/2003; 11:00am) - and i stand here...

watching people i don't know
mourn someone i never met,

i wonder where you are
and what you think of that?

where ever you are,
that's what you're gonna see.


(03/23/2003; 09:31am) - in a j bar

which posesses an ill vaio
i write this update for you

knowing that international appreciation
in these times of destruction
run high.

and i stand still
for you
amidst the oncoming


(03/26/2003; 08:57pm) - and in the modern world...

it's alright to be poor.
we've gotten past that.

you can still be famous.


but though mid-list author might be one of your dreams,
there's still things that make it seem
more about housing and sleep
how many people know your name.

strange, no?
but i guess it's always a way to remember us by,
when we go.


(03/30/2003; 04:45pm) - Drinking Alone in the Moonlight

Beneath the blossoms with a pot of wine,
No friends at hand, so I poured alone;
I raised my cup to invite the moon,
Turned to my shadow, and we became three.
Now the moon had never learned about drinking,
And my shadow had merely followed my form,
But I quickly made friends with the moon and my shadow;
To find pleasure in life, make the most of the spring.

Whenever I sang, the moon swayed with me;
Whenever I danced, my shadow went wild.
Drinking, we shared our enjoyment together;
Drunk, then each went off on his own.
But forever agreed on dispassionate revels,
We promised meet in the far Milkey Way.

-Li Po (701-762)

(04/01/2003; 04:54pm) - April Fools

It's the start of a new month,
so let's recap.

The United States is at war.

Our monthy series, Postcards, is now both monthly and a series.

It's getting warmer.

Bobert is still pissed.

wil is still exploring his brain.


(04/04/2003; 10:53am) - wake & shine

step out of doors,
feel the seasons change,

and step indoors again,
somewhere else & easy.

that's what sunshine's for.
that's why doors have screens.



(04/05/2003; 01:50am) - better late than never

praveen, tyler and i posted our thoughts on foolishness


(04/07/2003; 01:14pm) - there's always something to be said for hanging out with your friends.

despite how important it is to pick yourself up,
despite how easy it can be to not give a fuck,
it's always crucial to recall just what you're like when inspired,
what you're capable of when gifted with people who provide
exactly the things you lack when home alone quiet like.

it's great to see these kids. it's great to realize that i'm not just sitting here on the floor by myself holding on to some little bit of freedom that i've always wanted more than anything else. it's dope to be able to break past the walls that i and others like me have so painstakingly built and see that there are always going to be people i just met, people i don't really understand but who care about me.

these are the kind of people i respect, because the ability that so impresses me is to be able to see what's hidden by physicality, by reality, by illusions and subtlety. it's worth anything to learn, and it don't come easy. that's why there's a million miles between them and me, a million shades of opportunity and choices taken to bring us around to places that look the same though we've covered so much ground.

it's peaceful here, underneath the cherry blossoms. it's always graceful to slide through the park watching children dance as the sky grows dark. it's important to hold on to each moment that lets your heart fly. that's what i take from movies about life. make every good thing something you cherish, and every bad thing something you'll forget.

it's an art that i'm learning,
and the time it takes
i won't regret.


(04/10/2003; 01:26pm) - standing in the shinjuku...

at four thirty this afternoon
realizing just how much love i have
for every day that the sun shines

noticing rusted signs
standing on tall buildings
that are really signs of time
grown older and smaller with moments
built over and around with effort
of men

it's these things
that make me sing
softly to myself

let me know the world's just spinning
around with everyone else.

hope that the same light
came to all of you later
and left you all as bright
as you should be


(04/11/2003; 03:12am) - you.....well, it's simple really

you're the man. no really, you're the man.
if you're a woman, seriously, you're the man.


(04/12/2003; 02:21am) - moo moo

you're not nuts the literal menu above is wrong. i was testing some stuff and i accidently killed the old listings. if other things on it are wrong and need to be updated then just contact me, your
neighborhood site op.

i tried to tag the fora last night and failed. for more info click here


(04/13/2003; 05:44pm) - wisdom

there are a finite amount of things that if you do too much will make something fall off. or maybe an infinite amount of things. either way, that's pretty interesting.

(04/14/2003; 10:10am) -

From the proud makers of a great big mess.

(04/15/2003; 12:05am) - Welcome to

Please visit our home office, overlooking the scenic Mediterranean.


(04/16/2003; 02:31am) - from one climber on the mountain of life to another

in life there are peaks and there are valleys

the trick is to know what to do in each situation


(04/17/2003; 05:36pm) - to be so lucky.

sometimes we post when we're happy
sometimes we post when we're sad
today I'm bitter as shit,
but at least can share that wih my friends, and they can laugh at me, and take me out for a Guinness
They can remind me that none of it really matters
and make me smile no matter how rough I feel.


(04/17/2003; 09:00am) - on not walking

skipping is the only true way to feel "fancy-free"

(04/18/2003; 01:20am) - Dissolve structure

We love the written word. We love the purity, the clean and simple truth, the moment frozen in time.

We love the written word. We love the fluidity, the plasticity, the freedom.


(04/19/2003; 12:06pm) - not refried

i never realized before that baked beans in a can were usually sitting in molasses. i never wondered what that
stuff was. i guess just assumed that it was bean juice. now that i think about it, i can't believe i ever thought that there
was such a thing as bean juice.

(04/21/2003; 02:52am) - smartness is so to a word

insights and revelations.

that and 50cents will not get you a coffee. these days you need a dollar


(04/22/2003; 06:54pm) - ?

pardon me, sir. Is that a dickie you're wearing?

(04/24/2003; 10:14am) - the score

congratulations buddy, you've earned 10 points. just three more and you'll be a cheiftan.

(04/25/2003; 12:09am) - Profound Tales

The harrowing adventures of our valiant bloggers continue today with two new episodes:
Lessons Learned! and... um... well...
Something Else that I suppose could also be considered lessons learned...

or something...


or something.


(04/26/2003; 11:37pm) - almost back

feeling like myself for the first in what seems like forever
find nothing new for me here, so i look outward to friends


(04/27/2003; 11:25pm) - and the felines rejoiced

cat's don't really get skinned anymore, even though there are so many different ways to do it.

(04/28/2003; 09:34pm) - when the sun shines and little kids scream,

you know you're awake,
you know what life means.

until you're able to lie down again
you're forced to surrender
to small childrens whims.

that's how it goes when you stand on your head.
don't take the mime for granted next time.


(05/01/2003; 02:09pm) -

it is much easier to have profound thoughts when standing on a precipice.

(05/02/2003; 11:05pm) - at the scene of a slaughter

"..and just like that he burst outta da woods wit dis big axe. i ran an' hid cause though i'm brave like ma pappy mamma didna raise no fool. anyway this madman with a hair like mop and dis big axe points to this tiny blog with his finger and starts yelling stuff like 'you started SOOO WEELL. look at you now, this must end!'. that ol' blog was just a shiverin' and saying it could do better when WHACK. that man chopped right through it. it was gross, the li'l blog oozin' 0's and 1's like. and mophead man stood over it said something like 'i'll create a world of my not YOUR design' he yelled the your part reeaaalll loud. and thats when i peed myself. hold me?

No? how about if i change my pants first "

- eyewitness to the death of a blog
(transcribed by bobert))

(05/05/2003; 11:15am) - and then... bang.

it's not always like this.
x2 doesn't always wreck my brain.

i still can't teleport,
though i've been trying again.

and i still can't remember their names,
now that i'm old enough for it not to be a crime,
just a small shame.


(05/06/2003; 11:17am) -

all endings can be seen as new beginnings. except for the end of House Party III. that was just an ending.

(05/08/2003; 01:22pm) - it's just like that

rain drifing down as i stood on the platform,
rain slanting as the train pulled away,
returning slowly to vertical
as i made the next leap,
to the ground,
under it,
above it,
and all around.

it's good to spend a day walking.
you see so many things.

you watch so many words take wing.


(05/11/2003; 05:01am) - fine, fine, fine. i'll do the blurb.

tyler realizes his life's true calling and
i have quite a seriouscrisis.

are you happy now, bobert?

(05/11/2003; 05:04am) -

tyler realizes his life's true calling and i suffer through quite a serious crisis and then correct some spacing issues.

are you happy now, bobert?


(05/11/2003; 05:08am) - fine, fine, fine. i'll do the blurb.

tyler realizes his life's true calling and i suffer through a serious crisis and then deal with some spacing and coding issues.

are you happy now, bobert?


(05/12/2003; 12:41am) - and so it goes...

another morning rolls across your shores.
another day finishes on mine.

it's like this curve of land we live on
actually creates time.

but even though we see each once,
the days tend to combine

because we're made of simple strain
and even simpler mind.


(05/13/2003; 04:29pm) - surprises! i love surprises!

amanda surprises herself.
bobert is surprisingly lucid,
and i am unsurprisingly vapid.

(05/15/2003; 11:38am) - solid, sweet, and ethereally

just walking fast today,
wondering what swept past in rain,
hoping it was more
than she said at the door

wondering where it went
that letter i mean to have sent
thinking about this space,
watching eyes on my space

it's just like i've always said
wherever you leave is dead
your mind takes life with it
you still want what just comes in fits.


(05/18/2003; 12:12pm) - On an upcoming anniversary,

On which I?m not really sure what I?ll say.
I expect it with pass quietly with out notice,
just another night,
Black, slipping by?

Today I am thankful that I have so many people the care about me.

People that one year ago came to my bed side,
Brought me Chinese,
Called me at all hours,
Watched my little brother,
Changed my dressings,
Made me laugh,
Made me feel safe,
Made me feel loved,
And reached out their hands saying,
?please, please stay with us a little longer.?

Bless you, to all the people I?m with, even if only in my mind,
I?m sorry, to all the people I?ve hurt,
I?ll listen to you, to all the people who need to talk,
I?m here for, all the people who ask,
And I love each and everyone of you, just for being.

And i, after all this, am just grateful.

I am just me.

First thoughts on the day speech left me? May 26, 2002

(05/20/2003; 11:53am) - perfect solution

did you ever see that episode of perfect strangers where balki discovers the cure for the common cold, then cousin larry appleton tells everyone about it, and figures out that they can make a ton of money with it, but balki's mom told him never to let the secret leave mepos, but larry deos it anyway, and he gives it to everyone, and it totally works, and they're about to get a bunch of money until they find out that everyone who takes the cure grows a really big moustache? well i have a cold and a already have a moustache. has anyone seen bronson pinchot anywhere recently?

(; ) - pax melounge-a

(05/29/2003; 04:37am) - the gentle relief

so it's all done. the gallery is up, the forum looks right and peeps can now post again.

we already have a couple featured artists in the works, and don't forget about the brand new edition of postcards due out at the beginning of next week.

for those of you interested (all 2 of you including my mother) i shared where Not of your design comes from.

oh yeah
i resign my site-op duties. with the server switch finally complrted i decided to hand over the site-op duties to amanda. she's quasi-techie and expressed interest so i passed the reigns to her. whine to her about your stupid broken links, your typos, or your inability to work your e-mail despite guidance and help.
so to whine her, cause as of now. i don't give a fuck. HA!!!

see ya suckers!
out forever!

-bobert, your former friendly neighborhood site-op

(06/01/2003; 12:00am) - another day in your shoes

been to many places,
sat through many things,
yet i'm back here,
where the world spins.

don't you love airplanes?
they bring such magical people together,
they take such strange things apart.

from all of our hearts...


(06/03/2003; 11:14am) - evolution

a better you,
a better me,
a more promissing tomorrow.
unless you keep eating pigeons.
they're so gross and weird.

(06/04/2003; 12:08pm) - we're back like that


news abounds.
a postcard for you,
a comic for you,

and a wish that the weather be gorgeous,
wherever you are.

(06/08/2003; 01:52am) - nice to come home to

oh, oh yeah. oh yeah that's good. it smells should i say this? ....content.

(06/11/2003; 12:23pm) - verbiage

"interesting illiteration, ivan."
"it's alliteration,"answered amanda.
"oh, ohlright."

(06/15/2003; 07:20pm) - next show in 15 minutes......hopefully

we call this a lull

4 days between blurbs
6 days and counting since the lastet addition of content

all i can say is "we're not dead" i swear. more is in the works.

but in this time between acts might i suggest you check elsewhere for laughter, insights, and other other reckonings


(06/17/2003; 09:57am) -

Coded before a captive studio audience.


(06/19/2003; 08:57am) -

I always have to wonder where Andrew finds these movies. He always makes them sound interesting though. I have to admit, I now feel rather unpatriotic about the fact that I've not watched The Bee on tv, nor did I expect that at some point there was a documentary made on the subject, as well as the fact that at some point I might go out and look for said documentary. But as usual, Andrew has piqued my interest in something I had no idea existed. Yay!

Well... Amanda... I'm really not sure what to say here... I really enjoyed reading you blog but on the other hand, I felt sorta wrong about reading this at work. I was torn between laughing and looking over my shoulder to see if anyone was standing behind me wondering what was making me snicker. Um... well done.


(06/21/2003; 10:20am) - "Gonna leave the city, catch the train tonight..."

as it sits in my head, that line,
watching the buildings slip by like moments in time,
hearing the call to take wing and fly,
realizing that it's all i came here to find
growing wiser and older

each step down the line.


(06/25/2003; 11:33am) - better yourself

experience personal enhancement. feel more alive. but don't miss your boat payments.

(06/29/2003; 11:00am) - there's just such a moment

when you realize that all the people
you've known in your life
are ready to catch you,
should you fall trying to reach

for something far above
these dirty streets.

i do realize how gifted it all is.
do you?


(07/02/2003; 09:11am) - advice

never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever,
not even if you're really tempted,
ever ever ever shake a baby.

(07/05/2003; 09:17am) - just another one of those...


twelve to a year, three to a season, roughly,
and we're changing again.

hold on to the landscape as the weather shifts
out from underneath you.

it's no longer raining here,
and people are melting in the streets.

welcome to the heat.


(07/09/2003; 09:01am) - opportunity knocks

have you considered a career at if you haven't, you should. we offer a friendly work environment, a
great benifits package (which includes a gym membership), and there's lots of room for growth. many positions are
available, inquire within.

(07/10/2003; 09:14pm) - in the sunshine

everything looks so hazy.
you can barely see the skyline.

it's like a thunderstorm in that respect,
there's no such thing as clear blue skies.

and still, i'm glad to have it here.
it beats the rain we had last night.


(07/15/2003; 12:19am) - and like that...

you can leave your whole life behind.
you can always up run and hide.

you may never know where it takes you,
you may never realize what breaks you.

yet there's fear and desire wrapped in it all,
yet there's wil in the corner, tucked in a ball.

it's beyond imagining, this up and gone,
it's more than i'm able, right before dawn.

still once it is done, decisions been made
still there are brilliant moments of shadows and shade.


(07/21/2003; 12:51am) - someone

bobert Not of your design
tyler ...ish

(07/21/2003; 12:51pm) - someone's gotta do it

i was down and tyler was funny.
yeah i know, big surprises all around.


(07/27/2003; 12:12am) - yeah, it's true.

some days you wake up wondering where you've gotten to.

some days you wake up there.

it's all just a matter of perspective.
how much oxygen is in your air...


(07/29/2003; 07:50pm) - off to work...

the days when i will do this still
grow shorter even yet.
i don't know where i'll go from here,
or who i will have met,
yet as the rain comes down,
in sheets that feel of may,
i'm glad to see july intact
in every single day.


(08/05/2003; 12:06am) - and we just watch...

the world, it spins,
the times, they fly,
and like the rest of you,
they pass us by.

another night in,
spent with good friends
(and gin)
leads me onwards towards sleep,
lets me dream

and rest so deep.


(08/08/2003; 01:26pm) - Happy Birthday Willy!

Funny that of all days, this one is your anniversary...
So much had to happen to get to the point where you got to have a birthday.
Such chains of events slamming into each other creating such havoc and chaos.
Which is probably why you are the way you are.

Thanks for everything kiddo...
Especially for being for being you... you are great.
Hopefully you had something good to say... today...
Happy Birthday!

(08/13/2003; 12:05am) - i love you all,

you're always there for me.
i'll be watching you,
where ever i will be...

you can't forget me,
you see,
i'll be back.




(08/14/2003; 02:07pm) - like the return of gandalf only a lot less badass

so yeah, i'm back.
after the work, the chaos, the sinus infection and the pitfalls, i return.
with stuff to fix, content to create, a direction to push, findings to incorporate, a database to make and scripts to write

and honestly, i wouldn't have it any other way

-a siteop

(08/17/2003; 11:40am) - i really should have a hangover right now

ignoring me for a sec, let's talk about the new edition of postcards.
except i have nothing to say about it really.



(08/20/2003; 11:39am) - small lives

interestingly, the inspiration for this occurred while i was waiting for a friend to see this.

(08/21/2003; 12:18am) - not a true story

so this guy walked up to me and said "Man! why can't i download praveen's music anymore." i replied "well he's signed now and is on his way to being famous (shout out in first paragraph). why you up all on my balls now! you had a year and some change to get that shit. your loss. bitch!"


(08/25/2003; 04:19am) - i swear i was just learning...

how to speak, and then, *bam*, in the space of one week,
nothing i know connects to anywhere i can see,
everything's swirled around me,
slowly settling down now,
trying to understand just what these symbols mean,
i used to know their names,
on some other day,
surrounded by people now gone,
one to hong kong, briefly,
one to london, for a few weeks...

it's strange how things change while you sleep.


(08/28/2003; 01:16pm) - another day another dollar

there are many bad things in the world.
that today is thursday, and tommorow i can drink heavily
is not one of them


(09/01/2003; 02:12pm) - happy crappy labor day

this is a shout out to the working man. to all my peeps out there who rock steady employment, this jam's for y'all.
-t. doody

(09/03/2003; 10:30am) - on this day of days

on this day, 24 years ago i was born
but know that you shall all rue it
as i grind your bones beneath my powerful fist


(09/06/2003; 12:14pm) - we grow older and more fragile

i nurse a head that pounds in shanghai.
kevin lies on a beach.
tyler dreams of his kingdom to come.
andrew closes a book and smiles.
bobert pounds frantically on a keyboard.
amanda savors the last of her beer.
benny grins and pulls on his shades.
jason looks out a window with anger.
theo catches a glass behind his back.

we all grow older in time.


(09/11/2003; 12:01am) -

...and on this day we remember...


(09/12/2003; 11:00am) - Must See TVWeb Stuff

there may be many crappy things about today.
but that today's friday is not one of them
plus we have our own li'l version of TGIF (minus the erkel of course)
wil makes another beloved addition to Belligerent Poetry. And on a very special ...ish Tyler says things, that may or not be true, but probably aren't.

huh. maybe our TGIF would be better with an erkel
(god i need more sleep)


(09/15/2003; 11:56am) - ben and j. lo wedding

bobert wrote extensively why he thinks they'll never get married, and tyler counters with all the reasons it just might work. the fur flies in this heated, and timely debate.

(09/18/2003; 02:57am) - in rotation...

it's a quiet couple months, visually.
we're thinking things, but they're hard to see.
lives change. times with them.
melounge reflects all of that.

jason's a grad student now, as are theo and andrew.
benny and kev have new jobs, and the challenges they present.
manda has a new city, a new home, and plenty of old friends.
i have a new country, and a new language to read.
tyler and bobert still have each other.

some things altered completely,
some never.

welcome... back.


(09/22/2003; 12:06am) - Postcards isn't pregnant...

(09/27/2003; 10:40pm) - drunk blurb

butt butt butt butt butt butt butt butt butt butt butt butt butt butt butt butt butt butt butt butt butt butt butt butt butt butt butt butt butt butt butt butt butt butt butt butt butt butt.

(09/30/2003; 10:26pm) - spin it up

i awake, head hurting, looking for new thoughts.
luckily there's this dope circle of friends
i've got
building things for me to see
while i'm off asleep

having left
half complete the view i climbed so high to see
last night with a different friend or three.


(10/08/2003; 08:00pm) - woke up one morning...

looked out the door,
saw the last of summer flying,
saw mid-october thriving,
walked around a little bit,
felt the chill and thrilled to it.

-a cat in love with fall.

(10/13/2003; 11:38am) - burn burn burn.

can't sit.
can't stand.

but i know it's godlike,
playing ultimate again.


(10/21/2003; 10:14am) -

We do less all day
than most people do before 9 am.


(10/27/2003; 10:07am) - when you've got nothing but a cell...

to connect you to the world,
you better hope it's full of numbers
answered by people you like.


(10/31/2003; 03:08pm) - it's about fucking time

all hallow's eve is today
i'm gonna get my crunk on

and oh yeah
i made this and
bobert this

(11/03/2003; 12:46am) - will i see you tommorow?

being the worst site-op ever i forgot to renew the domain name again. but at least this time i remembered to do it before it actually expired. to be it was only 25 hours or so.

here's to hoping its enough


(11/07/2003; 10:28pm) - wet gray saturdays

we're back, starting slowly, rebuilding from forgotten pieces,
urging things too long left rusting to new uses.

patience is appreciated, months of change
bring us to new places.



(11/10/2003; 11:12pm) - a guy i knew: 1980-2003

walking along the way i met a man, who began walking with me.
we talked. we walked. but when i turned to catch his eye, he wasn't there


(11/14/2003; 06:28am) - i just stand here wondering

if you still mean what you said last night,
you seemed to be so serious, you seemed curious...
i guess i'll never know,
after all,
you're still in the monkey house,
and i have long ago come home.


(11/17/2003; 11:21am) - it makes my eyes slit and my ears twitch...

there are pieces of life,
that twist me, pull me,
music at opportune moments,
visions of spectacular romance,
dreams of true provenance,
friends with thoughtful countenance.

some times i just walk home
so comfortable in my own skin,
able to welcome you all in.


(11/24/2003; 01:35pm) - someone hoas to blurb

many things await you on this day that rhymes with dumbday
Not of your design
Not of your design
are only 3 three of them


(11/26/2003; 05:23pm) - turkey blurb

yo, you best be stuffing your face with, well, stuffing because there a'int nothing new up in this, corn dog.

(12/03/2003; 07:13am) - the things we do with our days

we've all been around it before,
people up all night achieving something more,
waking and walking and laughing and just barely maintaining sanity.

it's grit, for some people. hope for others.
just work, done silently.

breaking standards everywhere,

looking around and telling other people
how wack everything is out there really.


(12/17/2003; 08:04pm) - just like this.

we're lazy, it's cold. the wind's whipping across a park
whose name i can pronounce but not write,
to strike my kitchen, make it ice.
the things we do eventually remind us why.

teaching small children yesterday, receiving pasta in exchange,
cooking as best as we are able,
seth and i mixing slicing shredding
happy and at least as warm
as last year, no hot water.

and we write.


(03/29/2004; 01:04pm) - pretty funny

so there's all this content for all to see. but no one to see it as the site does not launch til thurs. Not of your design: the day won't end
Not of your design: an insult turned true
This Dude in Japan: Specialist in Humanties/Internatinal Service
This Dude in Japan: Eureka!/I see black people.
Not of your design: the perils of a japense keyboard: a lettter from elliott

(03/31/2004; 11:34am) - for those of you looking through this tomb of ours

so if you're reading this because you love our blurbs so much (and you should). you shoul realize that all links beyond this point

do not work

well the one before this does. but thats it

(04/03/2004; 01:18am) - melounge V3

so yeah. this is v3. and there's so much new shit I don't even know where to begin. but i'll try anyway. wolfe and elliott have joined the melounge contigent and wolfe set off a deluge of his russian tales. they're like 14 of 'em so you should be entertained to for a while. i hate andrew sometimes, especially when he's right. and umm the first chain piece is up. a voice upon the deep. those of you were expecting some sort of glib start to this new version of the bru-ha-ha we call meLounge has not been coding for approximately 1000+ hours for this site. and on that note.
i'm going to bed


(04/04/2004; 02:23pm) - speaking in tongues: Chapter I, Verse I

apojf[a a;l,mf fklajfal,;fa[ alkjf lkm apoiufpafj [a rflka'j f' aklf j[aipufa fai ufi[ahf aoif yaio[fyha faoihfoa 9a87rq3jr tf3waj98p6 90ase7 rt98 s[9eytf09e7gf0t9 98yet0u oihsoein yfp98aw ; sepiuy gsru oigSEUY)G& $LK" AYUF*(WT JL:S ]p980-\]9uGVPj [9FY


(04/05/2004; 04:57am) - in sunshine

there's more newness than just virtual,
the flowers hanging out a neighbors window
going yellow slowly like the weather.

kev's been here for weeks, bringing me races
and chases and disturbingly familiar faces.

life, like all things, is good.
or like all good things, anyway.


(04/06/2004; 12:48am) - Working Globally

New perspectives as we grow into our new site design. The meLounge community now spans four continents, includes members in countries from the most economically developed in the world to strongly emerging industrial and creative powers. Kev moves freely between the poles while the less mobile of us consider Wolfe's recent volume of reports. And all of us try to make sense of the News around us while we add to our shared Library. -jason.

(04/07/2004; 10:41am) - It's springtime.

It's springtime in new york.
The cherry blossoms are awake in dc.
In la, it's cold at 58. but who goes to la for the seasons?

Here it's all in bloom, as we slink out of winter's armor and see the world again.

Not quite as we left it, our bones creak under the weight. Our mind abuzz and groggy wants to see what we can do.


(04/07/2004; 11:27pm) - this thursday, thursday, thursday

i don't know whats better. the fact that i don't have to goto work until tuesday or that the site is finally up and running. honestly it doesn't matter right now as i have 5 days to figure it out


(04/09/2004; 12:11pm) - my first new blurb

wow, my first blurb on the new site. this is exciting. everyone as a renewed vigor (with a dash of vim) that's making new content fly up. the forums are jumping. i used to have to waste most of my internet time on the magic card forums, but now, with all the forum activity, and the new tales from abroad, and the news section, i can almost waste an entire day of internet time wasting on this very site. y'all should be proud. i even updated Phone and Square-Dog. there's a couple new ones up there that i've been meaning to update incrementally that i just threw up all at once. so have some fun, i know i am.


(04/10/2004; 12:23am) - Melounge Hits Puberty

Melounge 3.0 was born, officially, just a week ago, and it's looking rather precocious already. We've got two new sections for your approval. Looking at the facial hair on the new rollover on the logo, I'd have to guess that, in fact, melounge has reached puberty. However, while we're excited about where we're going, we can't forget where we've been. In that vein, have another look at the melounge sticker competition.


(04/11/2004; 04:13am) - speaking in tongues: Chapter 1, Verse 2

adnn fmopaf amnlkfp fpoafj nioafn fpoagj fmna'v
faklankl pouar opuf aoi-q2 rapojf
fjian wrd inoadn


(04/12/2004; 12:45am) - a lack of work

i must admit, i've been lazy.
sitting here, a monday morning for me, the end of
a fortuitous week off, one of those gifts in space,
just floating lonely without cause or reason,
and what i see behind me
is simply a wonderful kind of haze,

these, i hear myself say to seth,
are good days.

(04/13/2004; 09:59am) - the sound of freedom.

Tired of being sued by the RIAA for downloading music? Check out for our sound archives. Plans for the return of meLounge Radio are being formed: unique regular programming and ad-free listening that you'd have to pay for elsewhere. Go ahead: listen, save, share. DIY. Fuck the RIAA. Join us.


(04/14/2004; 11:25am) - Too much politics for me...

I've been too wrapped up in politics lately. So in celebration of hump day, I give you "jofus - Songs To Think About Girls To: "! Yeah, you may have seen it before, but not since the redesign. All things old are new again.

And also, one of my favorite web sites.

And something else to think about.


(04/15/2004; 09:48am) - oh crap it's thursday

so you can try to listen to
Songs To Think About Girls To but i ain't making any promises. uh... um.

crap i knew forgot something at home this morning.
it was totally my funny


(04/16/2004; 11:07am) - friday morning hangover

hey remember the featured artist section?
that stuff was cool.
and for some reason we're all sick about blurbing the Songs To Think About Girls To and who am i to argue?
oh, also, in recent news, porpoises are cooler than you.

(04/17/2004; 02:19am) - Give Us a Break

It's the weekend, so melounge is taking a short break. We're meeting old friends, we're trying new drinks, we're breathing in new spring air and watching our freckles come out under the fresh sunshine. While we remember what the world looks like unfiltered through ones and zeroes, tell us where you spend your cyber-time.


(04/18/2004; 12:44pm) - he's not good on sundays

god took today off
check out:
Not of your design: talk like the cool kids do
Not of your design: fucking multi-cultural astoria
Not of your design: cool like that
A Crappy Lo-Fi Cartoon: kinda queer
A Crappy Lo-Fi Cartoon: egg fu young

~the guy below

(04/19/2004; 04:24am) - Asian heat

I begin to feel it, sweltering, sticking, clinging, lingering,
creeping in to everything, like bugs into Seth's eye.

I feel it, grin, and go to play outside.
The kids I teach are laughing more, which makes it better still.

Summer, basically, is gonna rock it,
and that's just what I've been waiting for.


(04/20/2004; 01:59am) - How Far Have We Fallen, Now?

Wil says that summer's coming soon, yeah? He's right. I say there's a lot going on now in the world, and there's no way that we can all keep up with it. And that so much is going on, and so much is demanding our attention if we're going to be careful and attentive world citizens, that we need to be careful of where we're getting our information from. We need to cite our sources, follow through with our links, dig deeper into our research. And above all else, look at the person next to you. And look at yourself. Write your own redemption song, kick out your own motherfucking jams, break from the corporate media. Take it upon yourself. "so you think you know what's going on - but you don't because you weren't in Belfast, no you weren't there and no you weren't in Waco, no you weren't there and you weren't in Kosovo, you weren't there and you weren't in my head so you don't know how it felt walking arm in arm with crowds to the square and the banners waving and the sun glinting..." -"You Weren't There," New Model Army. -jason.

(04/20/2004; 01:59am) - How Far Have We Fallen, Now?

Wil says that summer's coming soon, yeah? He's right.

I say there's a lot going on now in the world, and there's no way that we can all keep up with it. And that so much is going on, and so much is demanding our attention if we're going to be careful and attentive world citizens, that we need to be careful of where we're getting our information from. We need to cite our sources, follow through with our links, dig deeper into our research.

And above all else, look at the person next to you. And look at yourself. Write your own redemption song, kick out your own motherfucking jams, break from the corporate media. Take it upon yourself.

"so you think you know what's going on - but you don't
because you weren't in Belfast, no you weren't there
and no you weren't in Waco, no you weren't there
and you weren't in Kosovo, you weren't there
and you weren't in my head so you don't know how it felt
walking arm in arm with crowds to the square
and the banners waving and the sun glinting..."

-"You Weren't There," New Model Army.


(04/21/2004; 10:37am) - less than two weeks.

in less than two weeks:
the city will start to sweat.
i will relax.
flowers will be in bloom.
babies will stop crying.
war will be over.
we will smile the way you only can in summer.

but until then...


(04/21/2004; 10:56pm) - another blurbtastic thursday

look at me with a story to tell but no place to tell it.
wait. there is a place to tell it i'm just not there yet
wait. i am here::on the internet::but i can't tell it right now
well... i guess i could but ummm...
what was i saying


(04/23/2004; 02:00pm) - famine

do you ever stop and think about the starving children?
what a bummer.
that's why i don't.

(04/24/2004; 02:04pm) - Shameless Self-Promotion

"I did make one mistake, thinking that I, alone among all men was self-sufficient, and that I wouldn't need anybody else. But now, having seen that the end of life can be swift and unpredictable, I've discovered my belief was not well-founded. People always need somebody near them who can lend a hand."

-Knemon in Menander's Dyskolos

(04/25/2004; 05:25am) - the lesson of the day

have you noticed that despite the fact there is good in the world that there is still evil.
well to me this just proves that you should just take an axe to all those that piss you off.
it may not prevent future genocides or lower taxes, but there will certainly be less assholes in the world.
and come on in the end we both know that, that is all that really matters

-the guy below

(04/26/2004; 11:55am) - post day

yeah, well, no internet on this end.
welcome to china.
there ain't shit i can do about it.
just gone. no phone, no nothing.

on the other hand, rocking out.
ultimate score, massive layouts.

it's life in the rain of shanghai,
and it's good.


(04/27/2004; 12:10am) - hold on tight

From my window I can look across one of the busiest border crossings in the United States. The other country is ten minutes away by car. And, while it may sometimes seem that the world is a big and scary place, and that we can't make sense of anything, sometimes the world is small and we're still confused.


(04/28/2004; 12:55am) - oh me oh my.

I've got a head half-full of too much.

but at least i've got some music to listen to.

and everybody wants to be tyler.
bobert - Not of your design: as the curtain drops on the day {also worthy of ish}

have a cold one for me, melounge. I'll have meet you on the patio in about two weeks.


(04/29/2004; 07:06pm) - one of those days

i'm waaay late on this blurb. and i'm sorryish about it. but when these things happen, what can one do but better yourself. kill maybe?


(04/30/2004; 10:00am) - squishy pants

hola, compatriots.
please try to remember that freshness has to do with little more than timing.

(05/01/2004; 10:19pm) - Oops.

I forgot to blurb today. My parents were in town, so blame them.


(05/02/2004; 07:10pm) - so much booze yesterday

hangovers are definitely my invention. but so is booze so whatcha gonna do
oh yeah here and here

-the guy below

(05/03/2004; 02:53am) - banging windows

The first notice of a shift is slamming,
glass recoiling off steel & brick.
The second is the frantic yelling,
workers scrambling off rooftops, jumping.
I pull in my laundry, shorts falling
six stories to the ground.
Retrieving them i think of farewells,
and friends who may never see
this weather again.


(05/04/2004; 09:59am) - by proxy

Pretending to guide me you led me astray
Pretending to guide me you led me astray
Pretending to guide me you led me astray
Pretending to guide me you led me astray
I knew I should have done it my own way


(05/05/2004; 06:25am) - in place of genius

or so he tells me.

my new scooter sits outside, minus it's engine panel.
China gives you what you pay, which was $7.
Squatting on the street corner, taking apart an engine,
speaking a language i'm learning,
sweat brushed back by speed.


(05/06/2004; 08:20am) - again!?

another thursday appears. leaving me to blurb and talk about stuff. either i'm getting tired, or i'm getting boring because i'm hard pressed to write much else right now


(05/07/2004; 10:33am) - work is for suckers

work is for suckers.
you should kill your rich grandma,
and reap comeuppance.

(05/08/2004; 01:13pm) - A Crappy Lo-Fi Blurb

Saturday blurbing seemed like a good idea. I thought it would be easy to toss something down on Friday nights after a long week and an evening spent with friends over a few beers or maybe a quiet night spent alone, decompressing from the days before. I forgot about the coming of spring, though. The days get longer, the evenings are spent outside, under the setting sun and responsibilities slip away as we forget who we've been during the long winter. Spend a lazy Saturday with us, seeing where we've been.


(05/09/2004; 03:54am) - stop striving

the problem with you people and your striving and your revolutions is that once you win (profit, civils rights, a revolution, or the cold war) is that you have no idea what to do with yourself when you win. so just take my advice and give up now. in fact sit back and relax.
this round is on me.

-the guy below

(05/10/2004; 09:46pm) - with victory in my teeth

Monday whipping me, taking rough
edges and serrating my legs,
slamming soft ground against my

i recover, now in the am, and think
of all the things i meant to do
yesterday. winning was one.


(05/11/2004; 08:37am) - For a rainy day...

Researching in an archive is fairly tedious, obsessive work. It reminds me, slightly, of how meLounge is a frequently referenced source for many of us. Movie or record or book reviews, poetry, half-baked conspiracy theories... they're all right here in our archives.


(05/13/2004; 09:39am) - pushing tin

i've been pushing exhausted all week. but i think i can rest easily tonight knowing that reprieve is around the corner


(05/15/2004; 12:26am) - Null Set

nothing will come of nothing. a quiet weekend here on melounge, but out in the real world, we'll be celebrating our site-op's commencement. nothing may come of nothing, but apparently five and a half years and a class in marriage will get you a degree. congratulations, bobert. -amanda

(05/16/2004; 09:43am) - mind games

ok. close your eyes..... now imagine something really really scary.
think of it
think of it
think of it
BOO!!!! ha ha scared you. you're such a pussy

-the guy below

(05/17/2004; 07:09am) - another sick one...

it's sunny, gorgeous, and i'm working part time.

life has definitely been worse.
ultimate travels lead me to beijing,
ultimate tourneys lead asia to shanghai.

off to practice under the lights,


(05/18/2004; 08:02am) - We're distant by choice, sometimes.

Back from New York, where I spent time drinking and talking with Amanda, Bobert, and Andrew (plus a non-meLounge supporting cast of millions). I promise not to rant here about which city I prefer (Buffalo), but only to note the vast differences which reveal themselves in six hours of movement. Like, everything. And that's only from one end of New York State to the other. Imagine if I had gone to New Jersey.


(05/19/2004; 05:21pm) - Days of Summer.

Not yet. But it's in the air.

Responsibilities are dropping like flies, as the mercury creeps higher.

It's almost time for gin and tonics at dusk,
barbeques with shitty beer,
and late afternoon naps.

welcome back, summer.
you have been missed.

(05/20/2004; 10:48am) - world's funniest joke

Two hunters are out in the woods when one of them collapses. He doesn't seem to be breathing and his eyes are glazed. The other guy takes out his phone and calls the emergency services.

He gasps: "My friend is dead! What can I do?" The operator says: "Calm down, I can help. First, let's make sure he's dead." There is a silence, then a gunshot is heard. Back on the phone, the guy says: "OK, now what?"

i dont get it


i was goingn to blurb, but bobert's joke is funny enough to see the sunlight for one more day. (he shoots his friend, ha!)

(05/22/2004; 01:37am) - A Once-in-a-lifetime Occurence

Look! New Content! I never get to blurb new content! I'm really excited about this.


(05/24/2004; 06:53am) - Back from Beijing

Sunburned, weathered, aged
and immeasurably pleased,
I find myself in Shanghai again,
like that, poof, it's Monday.
Thank you for that weekend.


(05/25/2004; 12:29pm) - Marginalized by Obituary Writers:

Ten days ago Gloria Anzald?a, one of the foremost theorists (and activists) of lesbian, Chicana, and feminist issues, died at the age of 61. It is believed that Anzald?a succumbed to complications from diabetes, exacerbated by her inability to afford quality health care in the state of California. Her books This Bridge Called My Back and Borderlands/La Frontera are required reading for sociologists, cultural theorists, and anyone seeking to better understand the US-Mexico border culture.


(05/27/2004; 08:23am) - god bless 4 day work weeks

and a merry thursday to you. why is it meery you ask? well during the summer its the last day of the work week (at least at my job) for only lamers work on friday, so what is there is not to be jovial about. huh?! you work on fridays? well then maybe you're a lamer


(05/28/2004; 06:27pm) - i'm rapping

word to your moms
i came to drop bombs
yo' uncle is a sucka
and yo' ferns has fronds
*sick beat drops*

why ya steppin' to me with your face all dumb
i'm gonna kick your balls with my steel boots on
you gotta little sista, gonna stick it to her
cuz you're fulla more shit than a city sewer

...i'd keep going, but i think i suck at this

(05/29/2004; 02:56am) - Happy Birthday!

melounge wishes a very happy birthday to one of its own.

Happy birthday, Jason. ~amanda

(05/30/2004; 02:53am) - a big surprise?!

this is it.
i'm the creator of sloth, this can't be that shocking.

-the guy below

(05/31/2004; 05:34am) - a bit under the weather...

woke up this morning to grey skies,
rain instead of constant sweat,
jacket on, six am walking to a bus,
by noon sweating again,
not from the weather,
home to bed, disc in two hours.
mondays go both ways.


(06/01/2004; 12:47am) - Wil's sick and I'm tired

...and that's all there is to say. For now.

After Memorial Day we start drinking gin and tonics again, wearing white shoes and straw hats again, relaxing with friends and trying out our ideas in the fresh air of summer.


(06/03/2004; 08:10am) - Last night

Last night i saw sparks and fire erupt out of a manhole across the street from me. It was closer to scary than cool but throughout the ordeal i knew i had this waiting for me here.


(06/04/2004; 03:10pm) - losing

not winning is nothing but a losing battle.
i don't suggest it.

(06/05/2004; 04:32pm) - It's Not Quite Summer Yet...

...even though it feels like it in Chicago.

Eighty degrees in the shade
Sipping margaritas under a tent
Listening to freshly-graduated teenagers jam in a backyard

The darker side of melounge goes into hibernation for awhile and we enjoy a little respite under the sun.


(06/06/2004; 02:12pm) - kinda busy

we're kinda busy up and down here.
where does he go?!

-the guy below

(06/07/2004; 05:12am) - countdown

one week till unemployment.
seth and i each day
new meaning.

and revelry seems
not quite out of place.


(06/08/2004; 12:25am) - On this day...

On this day in 1809, Thomas Paine died. As we step timidly from one event to the next in this, the promised Summer of Hate, we would do well to remember that great man's immortal words from The Age of Reason: "The most detestable wickedness, the most horrid cruelties, and the greatest miseries that have afflicted the human race have had their origin in this thing called revelation, or revealed religion. It has been the most destructive to the peace of man since man began to exist."


(06/09/2004; 07:09pm) - ok, so i'm the big jerk.

Blame the hot wings.
Blame the whiskey.
Blame the Lakers.

But i didn't get enough sleep last night, and woke up feeling like i shouldn't have.

it's all my fault. everything.
your love life.
hell, i probably had something to do with reagan's death.
today, i'm to blame for everything.
i'm sorry...
sort of...

i'll do better tomorrow...probably.


(06/10/2004; 03:03am) - of course

what is about me letting go that always make sick. literally. with fever. and shakes. and soar throat.


(06/11/2004; 12:36pm) - boo hoo

happy national day of mourning.
i'm sure we'll all miss this rising star who the lord took from us too soon.

(06/12/2004; 01:37pm) - Coffee and Cigarettes

I've started drinking coffee again, after being on the wagon for years, and I've discovered that there's nothing nicer on a Saturday morning than waking up late, sipping a steaming cup of coffee, lighting a cigarette and finding out what's new here.


(06/13/2004; 02:06pm) - some of my best work

a red eye flight across coasts mixed with a mild sense of jetlag is definetly some of my best work

~the guy below

(06/14/2004; 04:36am) - for Asia.

Just one minute, and long enough.
Asia came to Shanghai this weekend,
Korea, Japan, Singapore, Beijing,
Hong Kong, and some kids from Manilla.

We let them into our house,
and we locked it down.

7-0 in the sun.

Victory tastes like i remember.


(06/14/2004; 11:38pm) - US Government vs. its Citizens

At 9:AM on 15 June, a federal grand jury will convene in Buffalo, NY, USA to hear charges against University at Buffalo Professor Steve Kurtz brought by the US Government. Kurtz is a member of the Critical Art Ensemble, who are working on a project now to raise awareness of the danger of genetically modified food. The US Government, under the PATRIOT Act, has charged Kurtz and issued subpoenas to seven others for possession of "biological agents for use as a weapon." Find out more here, sign the petition, talk to your friends. Support freedom of speech, freedom of research, freedom of knowledge.


(06/16/2004; 02:39pm) - Take a load off, Wednesday.

During the rest of the year wednesdays are the high water mark of the week.
Now it's summer and they're just another balmy day in a long line of balmy days.

I bet Wednesday is glad to be just another day.


(06/17/2004; 10:33am) - huh

oh yeah! it's thursday. egg on my face. at least i hope it's eff. well check out Sitting above Sorrento while i inspect this crusty stuff


(06/19/2004; 12:24pm) - Ugh.

I'm never drinking again.

I mean it this time.


(06/20/2004; 02:46pm) - hizzy fizzy dizzy

it's father's day in the ol' US. Even i called my/the/everyone's old man up. Granted it was a prank call but that's just how i express myself.

~the guy below

(06/21/2004; 06:44am) -

Unemployed for a week now,
on my way to Beijing tomorrow,
and i can say that this is good,
that life has rarely been better,
save that life is always,
more than i could ask,

Gratitude in all directions.


(06/22/2004; 02:39pm) -

Employed for two days
and it's a fun break from school
So I will slack here.


(06/23/2004; 09:01am) - copy of a copy of a copy

the internet doesn't know sunrise, high noon or sunset, so i can't much say good morning.

may as well let the information superhighway do what it does best. repeat.

be good to each other.
do good work.


(06/24/2004; 10:00am) - insert funny here

this week needs to end!


(06/25/2004; 03:35pm) - tuesday

ah, happy not tuesday. throughout history, many historical events have occured on not tuesday. i'd list them, but i have a thing against lists. you know, they're so long, and such.

(06/27/2004; 11:31am) - huh?!

where's the rub?
here's the rub.
i hate you!

~the guy below

(06/28/2004; 07:16am) - along hills across lakes

the great wall today,
ruined, covered in apricots,
tended by men who tell
stories of injuries and
poisonous snakes.

we clambered about, violating
signs yet paying tolls.

beijing welcomes us back for showers.


(06/30/2004; 05:33pm) - Our times.

In the spirit of Talking to the Screen:
I saw Farenheit 9/11 last night.
It's tough to evalutate this flick as far as "is it good?"
It's funny. It's touching.
Whether you agree or disagree with its message or presentation, most of all it lifts up the rock, and we all get to watch them squirm.

and content:wil - Belligerent Poetry: hello from


(07/01/2004; 08:04am) - another late night

2 guys walk into a bar. One of them says to the bartendar bobert's latest Not of your design piece is titled i think i may have tapped into powers beyond my control. ha. ha. ha. ha.

funny right
ps: i may be hungover


(07/02/2004; 03:07pm) - factory sealed

this sentence is proof that has not been tampered with in any way.
(except for the razorblade in the cupcakes)

(07/04/2004; 01:12pm) - happy july 4th

apparently if you kill a lot of people and you win, it's ok. gotta love justice! happy independence day you egotistical and hypocritical bastards.

~the guy below

(07/05/2004; 07:04am) - with vengence

Unemployed, i was offered a job today.
Two days of summer camp,
fifteen hundred kuai,
second graders,
six classes each day.

With a grin i demanded 2k,
and walked out on their


(07/06/2004; 11:48am) -

Going into the long, slow summer when industrialized nations begin to nap, the American presidential election shifts into a higher gear with John Kerry's announcement that he has chosen the devilishly handsome John Edwards (D-SC) as his running mate. Follow the story in our Forums.


(07/07/2004; 10:21am) - a fascinating day in the life of cable news

you could almost hear the gears of our massive political machines shift into gear yesterday.
Kerry's camp releases Edwards' name as VP early in the morning. I first catch it when i wake up at about 8.
By 8:30 the GOP website had posted a campaign ad featuring John McCain supporting the President with the suggestion that he was Kerry's "First Choice".
By the afternoon, both sides were scrambling their jets to get the most airtime for their Edwards talking points with all varieties of political operatives and pundits.
It got to such a frenzy, I even checked out FoxNews to see how the sharks were dealing with it. In a tizzy, naturally.

Tough to say how this will end up, but at least yesterday: Kerry won. He controlled the news for a solid day. Even Iraq took a back seat.


(07/08/2004; 09:38am) - a return to quiet

all in all i can honestly say there have been worse days. which allows me to take a deep breath and say things will be ok


(07/09/2004; 12:39pm) - maria sharapova naked!

huzzah! you may have noticed this nubile 17-year-old russian tennis star as she spanked serena williams at wimbledon last weekend. unfortunately, searching for "maria sharapova naked" on google, only yeilds websites with cheap advertising strategies like putting phrases such as "maria sharapova naked" on the front page. such is life.

(07/11/2004; 07:05am) - drinking til 6am

drinking so hard you kick the night's ass.

~the guy below

(07/12/2004; 06:59am) - there's always a monkey...

...when you're not looking.
rain storming down, me closing
windows with practiced speed,
door banging reminding me of
another need, the hallway's glass
wide open, streaming water
down the corridor to my abode
i step out, in shorts and nothing else
to pull them closed.
slam, bang, and i know for sure,
that was my house door,
closed and locked so quickly...


(07/13/2004; 12:40pm) - I summer in Pennsylvania.

It's my day off. I'm not even here.


(ago; ) - tick tock

the perpetual state of yesterday
that rings in our ears and flashes in our eyes
doesn't help as much as it should
in preparing us for today.


(07/15/2004; 11:30am) - moo moo

i was going to blurb at 2am but i didn't. luckily though because of my procrastination we've been blessed by another episode of This Dude in Japan.
Spa World/Raw meat?!


(07/16/2004; 12:43pm) - chicks

so, i just saw the hot chick, that rob schneider movie that came out a year or so ago, and it was really stinky. also, white chicks, which is out now, is also supposed to be really stinky. it made me wonder (and i don't feel like looking it up) has there ever been a movie made with "chick" in the title that is worth seeing?

(07/18/2004; 02:31am) - a list to end all lists

to do:
1. take out trash
2. clean dishes
3. pick up laundry
4. defeat heaven in battle for the souls of all mankind

~the guy below

(07/19/2004; 09:40pm) - A guy walks into a bar...

While I was out shopping for a summer program today, wil was writing. His exercise, infinitely more valuable than mine, is worth your time. Spending x hours at department stores and grocery stores is not.

-Exile in Pennsylvania.

(07/21/2004; 06:49pm) - .

:tyler - ...ish: parenthetically speaking
:elliott - This Dude in Japan: Once Again

not even coffee is working today.


(07/22/2004; 08:01am) - a good shot

It's not fair. How am i expecteted to be charming and funny before 10am? ha. that was funny. inside joke for me i guess.


(07/23/2004; 01:38pm) - the internet

did you look at boobs the very first time you got on the internet?
i did.
so much has changed. now i use the internet for boobs, and other things.

(07/25/2004; 02:09pm) - argh!!!

my first attempt at a blurb was "girls!! all stupid heads!!!"
and on second inspection i should have stuck with that

~the guy below

(07/25/2004; 11:55pm) - Amit's here

And like that,
my life here turns around,
packed, scattered,
given away all over town,
my apartment in tatters
my life on top,
i'm out for two weeks
to see what China's got.


(07/26/2004; 09:38pm) - The Wit and Wisdom of the First Family

"The American president must speak clearly and mean what he says." - George W. Bush, 9 July.

"[Jenna]'s already given me good advice. She said 'Dad, change your shirt.'" - George W. Bush, 10 July.


(07/30/2004; 01:30am) - ?

do you care about me, like i care about you?
i don't mean, do you like me, like me, because i don't like you, like you, i mean, you're cool and everything, i just want to know if you care, because i care. i care a lot. just not in that way...ya know?

(08/02/2004; 10:28pm) - from Zheng Zhou

there's been a bit of confusion...
i'm a bit late with this.
all night on a train from
tai yuan,
before that ping yao,
before that tai yuan...
a loop...
the end of this week i'll have seen
all forms of chinese travel.

here's to the time.

(08/04/2004; 04:34pm) - location location location

get off your ass.
the start of august is a harsh wake up call that the summer is waning.
so do something.
take me to dinner.
celebrate a birthday.
soon it'll be september,
then you'll be sorry you didn't listen to me.


(08/06/2004; 08:50pm) - you're a stupid buttface...

...and other generic insults

(08/11/2004; 03:58pm) - moving

i never realized how much i had until i had to carry it up four flights of stairs.

surely i could have less.

surely there's no need for this box of books.

for this other computer.

these photographs.

the good stuff doesn't weigh a thing.


enjoy these:
wil - Belligerent Poetry: calm.
elliott - This Dude in Japan: Nara Represent
elliott - This Dude in Japan: Summer Sonic 2004

(08/12/2004; 07:29am) - such a stupid head am i

i can't believe that i've forgotten to blurb for the past 2 weeks. one would think that i now have some great wittism saved up, but i don't. ok how about this horrid joke.

what's the difference btw neil armstrong and micheal jackson?
neal armstrong was the first man on the moon
micheal jackson fucks little boys.


thank you, thank you. i'll be here next week and don't forget to tip your waitress


(08/13/2004; 11:45am) - bingo

right now i'm missing my hometown carnival where i play bingo for 4 hours a night and take money from little old ladys.
but doesn't everyone have the same odds of winning in bingo? you ask. don't forget to factor in glaucoma, little buddy.

(08/15/2004; 10:58pm) - back in reinbeck

Up at a yoga retrete just past where we all went to school. It's spectacularly beautiful up here; green and full of life, both plant and animal. Two days gone and now I remember exactly why we used to eat drugs and run around the moist warm woods in the late summer... can't you see the world breathing?


(08/16/2004; 04:50am) - the beach

and it's not all bad.
the tourists aren't american,
the language isn't chinese,
the sea isn't the atlantic,
the money isn't euros.

these things, all of them,
are good.


(08/17/2004; 12:30am) - Coming Home

It's said you can never go home again.

Fuck that. I just got back home after two months of working abroad (yes... anywhere that isn't the Northeast is a foreign land) and all that I learned in my travels made me realize that when you find a place you love, you'd do well to put down roots. Travel, experience new and different, but never forget who you are or where you came from.

Go New York or go fuck yourself.


(08/18/2004; 02:27pm) - O-Fucking-Lympics.

you can't ignore the call of competition, physical excellence and a healthy dose of depoliticized nationalism.
so get a beer, some chips, and watch the shit out of these Olympic games.



(08/19/2004; 07:34am) - the early bird

it's a damn shame it is. Here i am pouncing on the blurb, trying to be ahead of the game. and it's not because i think it's so important, or because i need to get something off my chest but because if i dont't i'm afraid i'll forget. now isn't that kinda sad


(08/22/2004; 01:59pm) - waffles!!!!!

i was thinking of telling a joke that somehow implied that man as a species was useless. i went to the waffle house instead

~the guy below

(08/23/2004; 03:57am) - yet another city...

Bangkok smiles at me,
heat pollution smell
writing indecipherable
all lost in my confusion.

but i like it.
and i'm looking for an exit.
beach was better.


(08/24/2004; 01:29am) - Ripping a page

"So instead of the poems I had hoped for, there came only a shuddering blankness and ineffable loneliness; and I saw at last a fearful truth which no one had ever dared to breathe before -- the unwhisperable secret of secrets -- that fact that this city of stone and stridor is not a sentient perpetuation of Old New York as London is of Old London and Paris of Old Paris, but that it is in fact quite dead, its sprawling body imperfectly embalmed and infested with queer animate things which have nothing to do with it as it was in life."
-H.P. Lovecraft, "He"

(08/26/2004; 12:31pm) - i met jesus

angels helped me moved yesterday. an asian one (had no idea there were asian angels) even took the loft bed. another one might have been a terrorist as he looked all terrorist-ty you know all dark and allah lovin' (damn terrorist). but i still think he's an angel cause he took some of my stuff


ps: i'm sure i could be more insulting, but damn it'd be hard

(08/27/2004; 11:07am) - <-- hey! look over here!

remember how we were going to do a chain section where one person's art inspired another person's art, and we would create related art on and on into infinity?
maybe we should actually do that, it's a pretty good idea.

(08/31/2004; 11:10am) - A31

Today, more than 20 activist groups will answer a call to action at various locations around Manhattan. Events planned include nonviolent civil disobedience and direct action as a means to demonstrate against the Bush administration and the Republican National Convention. No matter how the media shapes events, they will be open forums for debate, stages for street theatre, a voice for the silenced.


(09/02/2004; 09:42am) - one foot in the grave

it's not that i die tommorow, it's just that tommorow i have a good view of the open abyss that is death. i mean 25!! that's almost 30. Once you're 30 it's a just a wild downhill tobagan ride til you're crapping yourself in an old folks home. maybe if i get drunk i won't notice.

and the worst part is that i see the reaper. ol' bony sitting in the bleachers, with a go team pendant. but whose team is he one.

Fucking 25

-an almost dead bobert

(09/03/2004; 10:11am) - not so reasonable nicknames

henry: hank
robert: bob
william: bill
james: jim
who came up with this crap?
-tyler: thor

(09/06/2004; 01:02pm) - and in the quiet morning...

Back in LA after a brief sprint to
San Diego, a city i'd never seen,
and a bunch of friends who live near the beach.
Good weather, little traffic, and
a bit of absurdity.
Just what this holiday needs.

Now? Kev's south, so i'll take north.


(09/07/2004; 10:32am) - Wake up, it's autumn!

It's been a busy past few days here at meLougne. Wil has forged another link in the chain, and Elliott has told us about Monkey Mountain and the Earthquake Cherry. If that doesn't sound like a good time, you don't know what fun is. He's been riding his bicycle in typhoons too.


(09/08/2004; 11:48am) - finally arrived.

The world keeps getting smaller and smaller.
until something breaks
and the heels of progress dig in and we're back in the past.


<- click the picture, more to follow

(09/09/2004; 09:30am) - the wheels are coming off the wagon

If anyone is willing to hire me to do nothing at say 35k+ a year send me a private message. It seems that my dept is saddled with dynamite and on a collision course with a concrete wall.

kaboom anyone?


(09/13/2004; 01:05am) - Having consigned...

...most of my life to green boxes
packed in Shanghai and handed,
held together with white plastic,
to men wearing teal uniforms,
who promise me boats for my personal
ambitions of ocean-crossing,

i have remarkably few things.
Or nothing...


(09/14/2004; 12:06am) - John Coltrane - "Mr P.C."

The take that made it to the Giant Steps album just might be one of the greatest jazz songs ever written. Coltrane's tenor sax is all over the (rapid, and at times one might say the predecessor of jungle) beat - in front, behind, on top of. He sails and darts, and his soloing, along with those of Paul Chambers (bass), Art Taylor (drums), and Tommy Flanagan (piano), are truly The Right Stuff. Check it out, along with the rest of the album, next time you're in a record shop.


(09/15/2004; 08:38am) - 1016 dead in Iraq, and Pres. G. W. Bush sent them there.

48 days...


(09/16/2004; 09:27am) - another thursday for ya

not much to say really.
still here
still breathing
still sacraficing babies to appease the blood god ragamoth
still i mean ... nothing


(09/17/2004; 10:40am) - corner office

life is hard.
thinking gives me a headache,
but isn't that what my brain is for?
this whole thing is pretty stupid.

(09/20/2004; 11:44am) - Nowhere better.

It's good to be here.
Everything is just this side
of crisp and clear,
just a little brighter than
my memories.

Fall upstate is really something.


(09/21/2004; 08:57am) - Somewhere else

We're watching the ships pass
through the mouth of the river,
on their way
to somewhere better.


(09/22/2004; 07:00pm) - 1040 dead in Iraq, and Pres. G. W. Bush sent them there.

41 days...


(09/23/2004; 09:02am) - let's not forget

no matter who is dubbed the president-elect on Nov 3rd
the sun will continue to shine
the earth will continue to spin on its axis
and i still won't like you very much
the same as it had been the day before


(09/24/2004; 11:41pm) - what's on

weeks are for pants.
pants are for weeks.
weekends are for...


(09/26/2004; 12:06am) - aw shucks. you shouldn't have

the state of iraq
israel threatening to attack iran
and the paradise that is sudan
you people really know what to give a guy when he's down

~the guy below

(09/27/2004; 03:00pm) - In sunshine...

Sitting out side this morning, watching the leaves
twist down towards the dog,
coffee in one hand,
content in the other,
i just wanted to let you all know,
it's gorgeous
outside your window.


(09/28/2004; 01:22am) - Boyakasha!

Look out, electorate, Bobert's got election fever!


(09/29/2004; 04:19pm) - 1054 dead in Iraq, and Pres. G. W. Bush sent them there.

34 days...

watch the debate tomorrow night, 9pm eastern, 6pm pacific


- mike -
- bobert -

(09/30/2004; 09:24am) - i'm psychic i swear

with the secretary (and the person i run the office with) taking a personal day, one student worker out sick, and the other in and out of the hospital i am alone here predicting a miserable day. Throw in Kerry 254, Bush 280 and the clip i saw of Kerry dueling with Diane Sawyer I have little hope for the debates tonight. Don't mind me i'm just going to lay down and give up, now and quietly cry as i wait for death

.b ever the optimist (or was that optometrist)

(10/01/2004; 08:31am) - sweet sweet television

was there some kind of debate last night?
i was gonna flip around to see what all the fuss was about, but i had too much tivoed seinfeld to catch up with.
let me know if i missed anything.

(10/04/2004; 01:33pm) - Sitting on a corner in Manhattan

It's nice to find the US so free.
Internet available on any corner.
Never worry.

It's beautiful outside, in case you aren't,
and the breeze is drifting.


(10/05/2004; 10:06am) - A reminder... all of our loyal readers and new friends in the United States. The deadline for registering to vote in the 2004 general election is fast approaching. Please confirm with your local board of elections that you will be able to vote, and double check that you know where your polling place is. Our government is of, by, and for the people. Your participation is required. Thank you.


(10/07/2004; 10:20am) - take it from me

i got nothing. no insights, no humour just the fact that i am off from work until tuesday and you're all fucking jealous


(10/09/2004; 04:01pm) - a slow day after a fun day

i have no idea what i'm writing. i blame the overdose of whiskey and politics of the previous night.


(10/11/2004; 12:58pm) - another day another city

Sitting in Boston, Theo's place,
overlooking the river and the city,
life is good.

Another update brought to you by
Linksys & Netgear.

Go America.


(10/12/2004; 09:27am) - Jason's weekly insight:

"What we cannot speak about we must pass over in silence." -Ludwig Wittgenstein, Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus.

(10/14/2004; 10:12am) - the plan

ok. here's the plan. we make a spaceship and travel close to light speed for a couple seconds, and when we land bush's second term will be over. pretty good. huh huh huh.

it was either this or engineer a coup in bali and impose myself as SDFL (Supreme Dictator For Life). i prefer the spaceship plan but that may be because i've watched flight of the navigator one too many times


(10/15/2004; 03:06pm) - perforations

these holes in my life, perhaps they're so i can tear away what i don't need.
-a half assed philosophical tyler

(10/18/2004; 09:22am) - A weekend of baseball...

Less productive than i ought to be,
but more relaxed, so something
and it's back, again,
to monday.


(10/19/2004; 10:35am) - Skull and Bones, aptly.

The conspiracy is this: A dramatic shortage of flu shots in the US means that more people will get sick (and more will die) this flu season. The presidential election occurs during flu season. Lower voter turnout is better for the incumbant administration, as the vast majority of new voters registered have joined the Democratis party. The resulting Bush victory is a result of Bush's refusal to let Americans buy medications (including flu shots) from other countries, like Canada, which has a surplus this year. Wheels within wheels, my friends.


(10/20/2004; 10:22am) - spent.

Between following the Yankees-Red Sox series,
the Bush-Kerry campaign,
and working on a problem set for over 12 of the last 24 hours, i'm simply spent.

Go Yankees.
Vote early, Vote often.


(10/21/2004; 12:06am) - red sox and an old pain

while debating the merits of p2p with keith i stumbled upon a forgotten fury


ps: i was going to blurb about how the red sox give me hope for kerry but the above thing happened

(10/22/2004; 03:22pm) - cantonese

the word for 'cantelope' is the same in all dialects of chinese.
the word for 'melon' is different in each dialect.
do you think this has to do with communism?

(10/25/2004; 11:28am) - Yeah, well...

There's a certain sadness in our country.
Or maybe just where i'm living.
This resigned feeling, like just before a storm,
when the clouds roll in.
I guess you could say we're waiting.
But you couldn't speak for patience.
It's on edge like the forecast,
but inching its way towards rain.
Welcome to Monday. One more like this,
my friend.


(10/26/2004; 10:45am) - A Lesson Lived

Working on this and that, trying not to pay much attention to national politics, and it's not like I've got my head buried in the sand, but how much manipulation of reality can you take? I'm not here to be lied to, taken advantage of, or toted up in a demographic. You shouldn't be, either.


(10/28/2004; 09:31am) - an unlikely voice for an unlikely time

So it seems we have an anthem.
and a good one at that. finally a song to encasuplate the frustration of the past four years.
Hopefully the encore will be as good four years from now, if/when bush wins


(11/01/2004; 12:44pm) - GTA San Andreas

Hey Ladies...
The boys are in the house,
thrownin' down and stealin' cars.
It's rough but it's friendly...

Good times. At least until tomorrow.


(11/02/2004; 08:07am) - Election Day:

Americans: Vote.

(11/03/2004; 10:54am) - Eulogy for reason.

The long glorious journey that was The Age of Reason begun roughly three hundred years ago in England, France and America and posited the transformative notion that reason could combat ignorance, superstition and tyranny.

Yesterday, a majority of the citizens of the United States of America, decisively rejected the ideals of The Enlightenment. No longer does the most powerful nation of the world wish to rely on reason and intelligence to rule her actions. The roar of the World Trade Center collapse was the silent death knell for rationality. We now live in a world of "good" and "evil" and Power tells us which is which. These characterizations were rejected by our intellectual forefathers, and had been further undermined over the last few centuries. But to be rational is difficult. In this post-9/11 world, we don't want to know why, we want to be righteous.

Welcome an age of ignorance, superstition and tyranny. The current world struggle is not between "good" and "evil", but between fundamentalism and rationality. Yesterday, the cause of the human mind suffered a devastating blow.


(11/04/2004; 09:17am) - .....



(11/05/2004; 11:46am) - wha' happen?

so apparantly, there was some sort of "election". and the majority chose the guy who's been cornholing us for four years. i don't think people like change. considering i've been wearing the same sweat pants for a week, i'm surprised i voted for the other guy.
maybe this will cheer you up. or possibly
this or

(11/07/2004; 02:15am) - !!!!!


(11/08/2004; 10:00am) - and back

settled, prepared, besieged,
we welcome the work week
and find the same routine
we carried out without doubt
and now rethink, slowly.

three plus weeks.


(11/09/2004; 08:11am) - Growl

I'm just incredibly pessimistic today. Full of Hate. I shouldn't be writing one of these.


(11/10/2004; 09:22am) - just a chilly wednesday

keep warm all.

it's cold on this blue coast.


(11/11/2004; 09:29am) - oh yeah, it's my go

i got to work 20 minutes early but still asleep. hopefully the coffee will wake me by 11, i would not bet on that. i'll check back in later to see if it did the job


later that day.....
it did't

(11/12/2004; 09:11am) - i lived with bobert once

bobert shares his rage.
i used to have rage. now i have pills. colorful happy pills. he's not a "real" doctor, but he sure does make me feel good.

(11/15/2004; 09:37am) - Waiting for the sun

In this chair, in the mornings, the sun
touches my feet,
and makes me think of better things
than i otherwise might,
given the hour.
Each day i have to wait longer
for it to reach me.


(11/16/2004; 09:37am) - Dear meLounge

You've really caught me at a bad time. Last week I was sad, this week I'm busy. You couldn't expect it to go on like it had been. I'll be there for you in the future, but right now I need to take care of some things. Have some Jason time. It's not you, it's me.

(11/17/2004; 02:54pm) - "busy busy busy"

- Vonnegut

hey, check this out:tyler - ...ish: gaybars
If we're lucky it might be offensive.


(11/18/2004; 09:33am) - the lighter side

no matter what happens today, good or bad, nothing will change the fact that today is payday/



(11/19/2004; 08:33am) - gray skies

or is it grey skies?
iron chef was replaced last night by some stupid thanksgiving show. dark times have descended upon us.

(11/22/2004; 07:51am) - on the couch

it's like a round-robin,
who sleeps where...

on the floor, on the chair.

only homeless if you miss it.


(11/23/2004; 12:03am) - Bobert Makes Me Work

Bobert wrote some stuff, and I've read it, and so should you. Check out:
bobert - Not of your design: for the record
bobert - Not of your design: i can't go home for 7 hours
bobert - Not of your design: moo moo v3.0
bobert - Not of your design: i can't go home for 6 hours and 52 minutes

And a few years ago, Immanuel Kant wrote some stuff, only about half of one book of which I have read, and if you can tell me what it's about, that would be supercool.


(11/26/2004; 02:34pm) - golden friday

when i worked in retail everybody called this day "black friday" because it's the biggest shopping day of the year. radio shack tried to tell us it was called "golden friday" because of all the money they made. i worked 14 hours that day, and it was as golden as being 80, having crippling arthritis, and waiting for death.

(11/30/2004; 09:20am) - We stand in envy

This coming Saturday is the 325th anniversary of Thomas Hobbes' death. I hope you'll join me in fear of and aggression toward my fellow man.


(12/02/2004; 10:47am) - bla bla bla bla

goddamnit i hate the mornings.
espially this morning
see me count:
1 2 3 4
4 entries ha ha ha ha
that was my sesame count impersonation


(12/03/2004; 08:43am) - you're stupid

hey, you got some kind of problem? why don't you say that to my face?...or at the very least send me an email.

(12/06/2004; 07:39pm) - first monday

my first monday back, ultimate
the stadium as i remembered,
soccer teams before us,
the lights off with giant echoing
as we leave
for a bar, old friends,
and a home, finally.


(12/07/2004; 09:33am) - Mum's the word.

I redid Cocktails and Pain this past weekend. That's why I can't think of anything interesting to say. Because I was sitting in front of my monitor all weekend. Except for Tower's birthday party. But otherwise, yeah. Nothing new around here.


(12/09/2004; 10:07am) - the pre-weekend

another thursday
another day closer to 2 days of drunken oblivion


(12/11/2004; 05:13pm) - mirage

i've never been in a desert. i've never seen and oasis. i firmly believe that if i was in a desert, i wouldn't see an oasis, real or imagined. i don't plan on going to a desert, however. i don't have any brown shirts.

(12/13/2004; 10:27am) - Free beer

I just wanted you to know that this bar,
Goodfellas, is giving out free beer,
9-11 till December 20th.

Stop by if you're in the 'hood,
and i'll let you crash at mine.


(12/14/2004; 10:00am) - Jason's:

"Every reasonable statesman summons experts with opposing points of view. Because he has to see the matter from all sides."

-Hannah Arendt, "What Remains? The Language Remains."

(12/16/2004; 11:15am) - question of the day

where you would find bigger geeks:
a) a larp-ing (live-action-role-playing) fest
b) a learn to speak klingon class

think hard


(12/20/2004; 07:09am) - Back to it

It's pretty sweet, the weekend.
And then it kicks you back,
Out the other side,
Still looking for work.
Still living the life.


(12/21/2004; 08:15am) - From Jason:

"Certainly one may say, 'Freedom to speak or write can be taken from us by a superior power, but never the freedom to think!' But how much, and how correctly, would we think if we did not think, as it were, in common with others, with whom we mutually communicate!"
-Immanuel Kant, Critique of Practical Reason

(12/23/2004; 08:46am) - ....

nope still down.
i'm on a bus down south all day
hopefully someone else can leap to the rescue


(12/26/2004; 11:32pm) - greetings of mirth

happy fucking boxing day
turd burglers


(12/27/2004; 07:42am) - Post-Christmas, post-

Now that we're done pretending,
perhaps we'll wake up,
and all be able to look around
& watch what we have
a little better.


(12/28/2004; 10:53am) - A quick look around:

I want to visit Ukraine. They know how to get a progressive elected. They know how to expose the election fraud perpetuated by their conservatives.


PS- To the idiots at the major television news channels who think that some supermodel getting smashed into a tree is somehow more worthy of broadcast on the publically-owned airwaves than the (at present) 45,000 humans surrounding her who were killed, I'll see you in hell.

(12/30/2004; 12:01am) - thoughts while on vacatoin

in this the land of a never ending supply free food, free laundry, no responsibility and no bills.
i decided and proclaimed that i would live on the fold out couch forever
...that is until my mother asked me how many b.m.'s i'd had today
reminding me how beautiful freedom and autonomy really is


(12/31/2004; 01:30pm) - doing nothing

yup, i'm on vacation like bobert.
doing nothing is pretty awesome, especially when you're getting paid for it.
if you'd like to learn more about getting paid for doing nothing, send $19.95 to Tyler Walker c.o. for a paperbound copy of my informational booklet, Getting Paid For Doing Nothing.

(01/03/2005; 09:00pm) - Holidays

bobert - Not of your design: a terrifying realization

So in China Monday was a holiday.
Three days off and woosh, gone.

Played some disc, saw some friends,
had as nice a time as asked.

Now i'm back. Delay retracted.


(01/03/2005; 09:00pm) - Holidays

So in China Monday was a holiday.
Three days off and woosh, gone.

Played some disc, saw some friends,
had as nice a time as asked.

Now i'm back. Delay retracted.


(01/04/2005; 08:09am) - Rainsoaked

I don't have anything interesting to write this morning. I'm heading in to work and it's cold and raining in New York City this morning. So.


(01/06/2005; 01:26pm) - a bit tardy i am

Sorry for the delay but i was stuck in a new hire orientation this morning. Don't get me started on how annoying it is to be told about a place that you've been to for about 5 years.

god it blew.
however Dave's new blog (that is in no way associated with this site. i'm warning you now), doesn't

(01/07/2005; 04:48pm) - bobert's a jerk

no really, he can be really mean when he wants to be.
i still like him, but i'm gonna watch my back.

(01/10/2005; 11:37pm) - Like a breath of...

Winter air, we played ultimate last night,
cold, broken, and thrilled to be out.

It's good to remember why we have legs,
good to sprint, and feel the pain.

Now, i think over coffee...

What happened to Elliot?!
I was there in August, and i hear it's gone now...


(01/12/2005; 01:37pm) - Oh today.

Back to work again.

The great part of coming back to academics is a return to winter break. I was last at work on dec 23rd. And they kept paying me.

Unfortunately for every calm there's a storm, and sometime in April, i'm not going to be quite as happy in my decision when i'm working a few 70 hour weeks and i realize that i'm making much less than half of what i was before regressing to the ivory tower.


oh yeah, bobert has something to tell you: bobert - Not of your design: *sigh*

(01/13/2005; 12:01am) - an erroneous letter

From: Bill to me --- Jan 12 (15 hours ago)
Hey Robert!
Your friend Bill has sent you a link to a page at and thought you might like it.
The page is located at: here
If you are unable to click on the hyperlink, simply copy the link and paste it into your Web browser.
Please do not reply to this message as it is not an actively monitored e-mail address

this bill must not know me very well if he thinks i want a fucking card from disney


(01/16/2005; 10:05pm) - A present...

Another Monday sneaks up on me,
curled under covers attempting to deny.

I climb out to find the cat, and finally remember
what was playing in my dream.

It's free, just click & save.
Originally via 3hive.


(01/20/2005; 10:49am) - more mirth for your merriment

I was going to suggest we take a look to see our friend dave is doing at work, or maybe take a gander to see how our r0b0tic friend is doing in san fran. but there's no need for that as i made another lo-fi crappy cartoon. warning: it's not funny


ps: fuck you tyler bleeding in lines rocks

(01/24/2005; 10:50am) - Looking?

Up at seven this morning,
to watch Tom Brady ruin the parts
of "Big Ben" that the Jets had
graciously left intact, and,
finding myself at a bar,
was forced into a beer at ten.

Ah Mondays.


(01/24/2005; 11:59pm) - Yum

Bobert makes damn good fried chicken. In case you were wondering.


(01/26/2005; 11:09am) - that i might see.

So i broke my glasses in the blizzard.

Instead of replacing them, I got contact lenses.

Yesterday, the first day with them, it took me no less than 40 minutes to get them in. I should have figured. "Nothing goes in your eye" is a fundamental safeguard to seeing. Why I figured i could shut something so innate off at will is beyond me.

Today, i got it down to 20 minutes. And here I am, training away my instincts, one more link in the chain to destroy natural selection.


(01/27/2005; 11:11am) - a hope

let's see if this day can break the streak of its forecomers and not suck


(01/28/2005; 02:33pm) - new job's a comin

my last day at this job is a week from today. expect a very celebratory blurb.
in the meantime, i'll be taking the opportunity to swear at my bosses and hit on my student workers.
"whattaya gonna do, fire me?"

(01/31/2005; 04:23am) - Back on the high life

Life has its ups and downs,
something we've all been aware of,
but back at work,
looking at the surprised faces,
i remember why
it's been so long.


(02/01/2005; 08:12am) - Support the arts!

Listen to Sin Destroyers - Rock For God, visit their website.

Read about Steve Kurtz and visit the Critical Art Ensemble Defense Fund.


(02/03/2005; 10:16am) - yay

this week has been horrid
today may be worse
and i'm not even talking about the state of the union

woo hoo social security reform


(02/04/2005; 11:25am) - last day blurb!!!

well, it's not my last blurb, but it is my last day at SJU. i'm hiding post-its EVERYWHERE! boy will that get 'em. people will be talking about this one...well...i'll be talking about this one for a while.
and i just found out that at my new job i'll be making $200 more a year!!! that's like $200 worth of weed, or $200 worth of nachos, or $150 worth of weed, and $50 worth of nachos. i mean, really, i can spend any amount of the money on weed and/or nachos. except that 30% will go to taxes, so on your TI-83, go ahead and multiply all above mentioned amounts by .7 (excepting of course the 30 in 30%, because that doesn't need to be reduced.)

(02/04/2005; 11:25am) - last day blurb!!!

well, it's not my last blurb, but it is my last day at SJU. i'm hiding post-its EVERYWHERE! boy will that get 'em.
people will be talking about this one...well...i'll be talking about this one for a while.
and i just found out that at my new job i'll be making $200 more a year!!! that's like $200 worth of weed, or $200 worth of nachos, or $150 worth of weed, and $50 worth of nachos. i mean, really, i can spend any amount of the money on weed and/or nachos. except that 30% will go to taxes, so on your TI-83, go ahead and multiply all above mentioned amounts by .7 (excepting of course the 30 in 30%, because that doesn't need to be reduced.)

(02/07/2005; 05:16am) - In the window

I'm sitting here, the rain pouring down,
oblivious to half the world,
the part that's warm and dry.

That's ok. In six months it'll be too hot
to even go outside.

I try to remember the feeling...


(02/09/2005; 02:30pm) - So we beat on, boats against the current...

My computer died yesterday.

4 years running.

The most surprising thing was how simply it was to switch to the dusty mac that was rotting in the corner of my bedroom. Most everything i need with minor exceptions is available online.

macnation here i come.


bobert - Not of your design: a non-surprise
bobert - Not of your design: to the left of a funk

(02/10/2005; 11:27am) - so says i

today is not the worst day ever
but i'm starving and mildy insane

so don't cross me


(02/11/2005; 06:02pm) - i'm happy

my new job rules.
your job drools.

(02/13/2005; 11:18pm) - Lighting it up

All last week was the Chinese New Year holiday.
For some people, that meant travel, for some, family.
But what it really meant, for everyone, was fireworks.

Saturday night at midnight (and Tuesday, too) were
absurd. Absolutely and completely preposterous.
There were shells bouncing off my windows, both on
the inside and the outside of the building. Every
single corner had someone launching something on it.

The city was louder than you would believe. No one in
the States could possibly imagine such a reckless and
dangerous display. I loved every second of it, for the
entire six days plus. I'm struggling for words, but that
could just be because I'm deaf now.


(02/16/2005; 11:11pm) - past man-child

no one said growing up would be easy
and painnleess

not i sir
nor i


(02/18/2005; 12:48pm) - it's freaking friday

it rules, right?
if you're having a good time tonight, just remember that most of germany is sleeping, so you might want to keep it down.

(02/21/2005; 05:25am) - Another jobless Monday

Welcome to the real world.
I'm sitting here, trying to write,
fighting off whisky
and hoping for light.

Work, i'm afraid, is next week.


(02/27/2005; 08:56pm) - Just another step...

Back to having money in the bank.
Three jobs and counting...

Getting busy now, i can feel it.
Where you at, anyway?


(03/01/2005; 10:27am) - please please jason, please don't die

Seeing how jason is dying of a fever upstate as we speak and the piss poor job of blurbing last week i i'm taking a stab at this one. Isn't it just the greatest blurb ever

anyway lemme welcome justin to the melounge crew. and introduce his debut piece Intro To Touch?. touche of course being his new handle these days. oh and did i mention that is back. how cool is that!!


(03/03/2005; 09:49am) - just li'l ol' me again

not much is up since my last blurb
i just lost the melounge logo font and promptly again found it


(03/04/2005; 10:47am) - sleepy friday

it's quiet at work and i'm sleepy. getting a job at a sleep lab seems like the ultimate solution, except that i have a hard time sleeping with craps stuck to my eyeballs. life is hard.

(03/04/2005; 10:47am) - sleepy friday

it's quiet at work and i'm sleepy. getting a job at a sleep lab seems like the ultimate solution, except that i have a hard time sleeping with crap stuck to my eyeballs. life is hard.

(03/07/2005; 09:48pm) - Monday!

Wreck house cause the week is on.

All of a sudden i'm busy, and i forget
my own name with the rush
of others.

Sun comes out, and the cat purrs on the
balcony. Don't forget.


(03/08/2005; 07:51pm) - Z

I'm tired. And cold. And I don't really have anything to say, but I told Bobert that I'd blurb when I got home from my straight job, so...


(03/10/2005; 01:22pm) - i aplogize for the delay

to say that there is change in the air, is like saying tyler has a big penis. both are understandments. i mean it's friggin' huge. how the hell does one man swing that much pipe!!!!


(03/11/2005; 09:51am) - fridays are for lovers

you've worked a hard week. i know you're tired. but make a cup a coffee and lay down with your ol' lady. she deserves it and so do you. (if you don't have an ol' lady, maybe you should go to another website, like www.meetafatchickwhosaysshesskinny
and get one)

(03/13/2005; 10:26pm) - Waking up in a ball of pain...

Throwing up blood's not usually
something I mind doing,
but five am on Monday
isn't always ideal.

Then again, I don't work till 3,
so it could be a great way
to start the week.


(03/15/2005; 10:37pm) - Award Season

Award Season isn't over, even though the Golden Globes and Grammys and Oscars have been lost to the sands of time (how temporary those pseudoevents are, a perfect reflection of the fleeting nature of celebrity and the disposable worthlessness of contemporary popular culture). Today during the staff meeting at work I was recognized with an award for "Most shamelessly exploited entry level employee."

Workers of the world, etc.


(03/17/2005; 09:59am) - more music

so jofus' mix and praveen's radio show are back up. i'm combing through the archives to put up more audio stuff, and the featured artist stuff too


(03/18/2005; 07:29pm) - das wockenende

ah, the weekend. now you're just a quick two days away from monday. depressed yet? this is your life. better suck it up.

(03/19/2005; 02:40pm) - ending SXSW...

Final day of a week long music fest and mess. Drunk, indie kids, friends and bliss. I don't know how my stomach has held up for this long, or my head. No vomit yet, but there's still all day and all night. Great new bands to recommend, and a whole hell lotta fun in Austin.

Back to the booze, the sunshine and the slow easy going texas way of life.

ps there are sooo many HOT hipster girls, all with similar hair cuts and SWEET tattoo's! Tooo bad indie guys look lame.

(03/21/2005; 04:44am) - "Waking up in an unknown place"

A thirty-three year old woman
and her nineteen year old brother
woke up on my sofa bed this morning,
their first time out of the States.

Having met me only several hours previously,
entirely ready for sleep,
it was an odd way, I'm sure, to start the week.


(03/24/2005; 12:10am) - you wish you were me!

and i'm off for a week
because job is cool like that
you're jealous
we both know it


(03/25/2005; 09:18am) - Yeah, it's been a while...

Sorry melounge,

I've been lax in my blurbing responsibilities. And today isn't even my day. But there's good news in whoville. We here at melounge have been supporting and encouraging and loving Praveen for about 3 years. (Holy shit, has it been that long??) Today, he has a much deserved and soon-to-be much admired debut feature-length album. Check it out, buy it, love it. It's mandatory listening for today's lesson. Praveen - Backed by Spirits.

In further exhalted musical news, our resident Rock God, tyler, is ringing in Good Friday at Don Hill's. Go help in the fight against sin tonight at 8:30.

Here's a preview:
tyler - Sin Destroyers - Rock For God: Jesus Always Answers

And so you don't dare call him one dimensional, check this out too
tyler - Self Help d&b:

congratulations, praveen and tyler.


(03/25/2005; 09:46am) - Good Fucking Friday

Tonight's the night that Sin Destroyers will unleash their rapture of holy rock upon thee. Repent, so that your sins may be forgiven.
-Br. T

(03/28/2005; 10:27pm) - So much been going on

A Monday that ended bruised and hopeful
has left me,
and all the lessons learned
were painful.
Yet in lingering over you,
some part of them may be
transfered for free.


(03/31/2005; 04:46am) - swesome to a point

and the best part about putting your foot in your mouth at 4am in the morning via im, is that when you really wake up (as i'm going back to bed now) the event doesnt even seem real


(04/01/2005; 09:00pm) - el popa

my life feels like the pope...
What's the point?

(04/04/2005; 07:47pm) - My Victory complete

I wake knowing we won Monday,
and get started on the next battle,
a bunch of people to pacify
before i work my ass off all afternoon
to get more better
and a little more better.


(04/07/2005; 07:42am) - life update

i'm off tommorow for the pope's funeral.
just felt i had to share that tid bit of info


(04/08/2005; 06:31pm) - Attendance is manditory

Unless you're Theo, who has made it clear that he hates me, you should be at the Lion's Den in NYC tomorrow night at 8:15 for the sweetest freaking show of your life.
Prepare to get your sins rocked so hard, you'll forget you committed them.
-fr. t

(04/10/2005; 10:54pm) - Woke up,

Kev, almost a year ago, left me an album
that's percolated slowly through the
conscious until,
it comes out lyrically in my own thoughts.

There are benefits to being trapped in a country
with no record shops.


(04/12/2005; 07:35pm) - Mum's the Word

Bobert's a bit miffed 'cause I haven't been blurbing on Tuesdays like I usually do, but it's still Tuesday so I'm safe. And the past couple of weeks, well, I take my client's attitude: If I ignore it, it will go away.


(04/14/2005; 11:01am) - i try, i really do

another day
another attempt the lot of ya


(04/19/2005; 08:52pm) - Why don't they name it right?

The Tribeca Film Festival begins tomorrow, but notice the spelling. It is not the TriBeCa Film Festival, which would clearly indicate that the film festival takes place in the... Tri(angle) Be(low) Ca(nal). When, of course, it doesn't. There are venues all over the goddam place, including one or two farther downtown than my office (fairly difficult, since I work about a half dozen blocks away from The End. Anyway, here are my thoghts on it. If you have a free couple of hours downtown, you should check it out. Film festivals are always, always fun. -Jason.

(04/21/2005; 09:42am) - fucking spring

with the changing of the seasons in nyc i feel like ass
do you
if the answer is no, you're a jerkface


so my summer workweek was just announced. it is now confirmed. i will not work fridays
i feel better

(04/24/2005; 10:13pm) - Oh come rolling

There's this moment when it's really time.
The sun's started coming out regularly,
the crowds have swollen to capacity,
construction workers and mothers just
biding their time.

This moment's the moment to shine.


(04/28/2005; 09:57am) - you know you love it

here he comes
here comes speed racer, he's a demon on wheels
he's a coming and he's gonna be chasin' after someone
why should it only be stuck in my head


(04/28/2005; 11:38am) - we're finally there

(05/03/2005; 08:32pm) - No sense in war but perfect sense at home

All systems go to kill the poor tonight!

Kill kill kill kill kill the poor


(05/05/2005; 02:53am) - awesomeness is 17in LCD

my new monitor did i mention that i love my new monitor


(05/06/2005; 02:47pm) - showing off

my new monitor

did i mention that my monitor is still nicer than boberts?
also, sin destroyers play tonight. don hill's, 10:15, $10. it shall rock.

(05/08/2005; 09:00pm) - Cleanin on Monday

So the week long holiday's over,
China's back to work, and so am i.

Now all that remains is to clean up nice,
wipe it all down, make the cat smile,
before i cohabit again tomorrow.


(05/09/2005; 08:21pm) - Reject

What's going to stop you from anything, really? Within the space afforded you by the laws and conventions of your society, you alone decide where you live: in an open meadow, a raging river, or a concrete lot.


(05/12/2005; 12:08pm) - not my fault, oh wait it is

and another thursday sneaks up on me
and me wuthout a blurb
hopefully this will do


quote of the (thurs)day:
Chick on cell: I don't know if it's his complete lack of direction in life or his total depression, but I find him like soooo freaking hot.

--110th & Broadway

(05/13/2005; 10:14am) - sick and tired

i really am sick and tired. but fear not, i'll suck up enough cold medicine to rock the crap out of williamsburg tonight at the sin destroyers show. pray for me.

(05/17/2005; 01:07am) - In house

I'm sitting in a friend's house,
stealing wifi net,
waitin' for a job to do,
holding on to morning tuesday &
thinkin of you sleeping.

(05/17/2005; 07:51pm) - Yellow Pollen

It's all over the damn place, setting on every surface (inside and out), being tracked everywhere. If it rains, the gutters will run yellow with the pollen of the guilty. All we need is a real, cleansing, all-consuming rain.

To wash away

(05/19/2005; 01:10am) - should be a blog post

and looking back
i should have walked her home


(05/28/2005; 02:52pm) - listen up fuckers

the site was down
and now it's back
and considering that zero of you pay for it, and zero of you helped me with the bitch of resurrecting the site, i want to hear no gripes. i think we lost the mail in the webmail accounts and for that i truly am sorry. but for the rest of you

fuck. off.


(05/29/2005; 09:50pm) - Like a bad Batman villian

We're baaack,
and there's no telling what
we'll do this time.


(05/30/2005; 11:07pm) -

"A shared lie is an incomparably more effective bond for a group than the truth." - Slavoj Zizek

(06/02/2005; 07:45am) - being thankful

i'm thankful for my 2 day workweek
praise jeebus


(06/06/2005; 08:50pm) - My wrist

in that twitchy way,
making me wish
i could one hand
but i can't, you're aware,
it's just something
i'm unable to spare.


(06/07/2005; 08:47pm) - Fuck... it's Tuesday again.

Christ... Bobert's going to kill me. It's Tuesday night and I still haven't written a blurb. What the hell am I going to write about? That I'm happy that the West Side Stadium got shot down? That I don't do much at work anymore except for read CounterPunch and think about Northwestern? That I don't write poetry nearly as well as Wil does? I don't know.

Yeah, that's it. Wil is a great writer. He should write more and share it with the rest of us.


(06/09/2005; 11:02am) - snash's dirty poem

Virginity like bubble,
one prick, all gone.


(06/10/2005; 12:45pm) - flag day weekend

i wish you all a wonderful flag day weekend. (real flag day is this tuesday) i'm not sure what flag day celebrates, exactly. i haven't bothered to google it. we have a flag, for sure, but so does every country. perhaps we're particularly proud of our flag. it's not bad, as far as flags go. japan's flag is really kick ass. do they have a day for it?

(06/12/2005; 09:54pm) - Victory for the masses

Not, perhaps, as famous or as lasting as bread
and circus, yet effective in its own right.

Bring victory to your city, followed by trophies,
celebratory parades, silly banners, and the
adoration of those forced to watch.

At least that's how i see it.


(06/15/2005; 07:16pm) - Hellish

A day late and a dollar short:

The weather in New York these past few days has been unbearable. Low-mid 90s and 70-80% humidity. Anyone who goes outside in weather like this is a moron.

Me? I'm sticking to the gin and tonics and the linen and the half naked women fanning me with palm leaves. It's really the only way to beat the heat.


(06/16/2005; 12:17am) - shit

leaving on a bus at #:45am
headed for dc
worst plan ever
not ma' fault


(06/17/2005; 12:09pm) - holy crap

Sin Destroyers tonight at midnight!
Sin-e, downtown NYC.
We only have 2 shows this summer, so you should check 'er out.

(06/21/2005; 11:08am) - In with the lions...

I sit sweating, unmoving,
retreat to air-conditioned stalls
to trace characters on paper
stand conversing with students
while chopping down my handlebars,
and wander home in flip flops
from a job i appreciate for it's allowances.

Summer suffocates, but lets breathe,
hides, and sets free.


(06/23/2005; 09:12am) - fuck employment

having to work
on a beautiful day
like today
is a travesty


(06/24/2005; 09:19am) - a small aside

there's a thing on this website. it's just to the left of what you're reading right now. originally it was going to be a section where people did stuff and put it on the internet. nobody did that. maybe someone should. maybe i'll do it. but, probably not until someone else does it. i don't want to look like a loser, you know?

(06/27/2005; 02:27am) - A simple message to the questioning

You would not be the first,
entirely ok with it the rest of us would be.

In other news, the weather center today proclaimed
that Shanghai "feels like" 43 degrees C today,
because of humidity (56%) and city smog.

Assuming US 'Lounge readership,
let me save you a trip to Google.

109.7 degrees F.

-wil retreats to shops with air conditioning

(06/28/2005; 07:15pm) - And I say it's hot.

Just the time to be popping out to Chicago for a couple of days, where it's been above 90 and equally oppressive. Elsewhere, I got a mention in the "Recent Press" section of the Void Books website for my review of The Sluts, by Dennis Cooper. Nice. -Jason.

(06/30/2005; 12:16am) - so it goes

if i weren't such a lazy fuck i would write about my experince at the church of scientology
but you know......i'm a lazy fuck


(07/01/2005; 09:28am) - fireworks

fireworks are pretty expensive. you can also blow your hand off. you can also blow other things up. if you do it on purpose, it's quite fun. by accident, it's really only fun if you run away.

(07/04/2005; 01:35am) - Into the sun.

Shanghai broke the heat record Saturday.

I don't even want to know.
Standing up requires another shower.
It was 130 years old, or so the paper says.
The cat hides in the stairwell,
waiting for the afternoon's abuse of electricity
called air conditioning.

The morning is for understanding one's surroundings,
the afternoon for changing them.


(07/07/2005; 07:07am) - green with envy

after being off since last thursday
i return to work
for a day
and then partake of a 3day weekend


(07/08/2005; 10:56am) - way way way way

way way way way too much coffee.
goddamn fridays.
i need a cup of coffee.

(07/11/2005; 09:19pm) - Suddenly working

Typing all day trying to
get words out faster and fact-check
with precise clarity
grand figures that lack identity
finding population stats
meaningless when correlating


(07/12/2005; 08:25am) -

When I was flying back into New York a week ago, I had a window seat on the airplane. We were coming into La Guardia from the west, after having flown over the rust belt of Pennsylvania and the chemical factories in New Jersey. Outside my window (16A), it was very Sprawl. And much more interesting in my imagination.


(07/14/2005; 09:05am) - i'm a crazy (though more angry) cat lady sans vagina



(07/15/2005; 04:51pm) - memories

i wish i was in college. real life is so freaking boring. i mean, it's like people don't even hallucinate any more.

(07/18/2005; 03:20am) - Mondays are on the up


Already got a province done,
starting on the second, and last.

Ayi came & the house is spotless,
so instead of that usual restless anger
at my domicile, i can share the cat's
smug grin and send out letters
requesting payment.

Disc tonight too... Monday is climbing
out of the hole and into the sun.


(07/19/2005; 07:29am) - Fundamentalist v. Secular Meteorology

"The weather is too hot" is, according to a New Yorker article on the NYPD and terrorism, terrorist code for "too much security."

"The weather is too hot" is, according to me, a factual statement about New York City.


(07/21/2005; 09:49am) - not the winner i thought myself to be

so the problem with having a screen name for every occasions is that you lose fights to people with a single screen name of all occasoins


(07/25/2005; 09:42pm) - Still Monday

Despite last week's euphoria,
the day's reality is fairly unshakable:

It's followed by the rest of the week.


(07/26/2005; 08:42am) - Coffee v. Caffeine

Every morning, without fail, I have a cup or two of coffee. This morning, for example, I am typing over the steaming not-quite-blackness of organic Sumatra. I do love my coffee, but not only for the pleasant physiological effects (which can be heightened and sharpened if one has a glass of grapefruit juice prior to drinking one's coffee).

What is also important are the little rituals that accompany my morning coffee - these make it My Morning Coffee, and not a quick cup before work - and it is these rituals, habits, customs, that make all the difference in the world between a cup of coffee and a cup of caffeine. And, by extension, it is these little rituals that make all the difference in a world where nothing much remains stable.


(07/28/2005; 12:08pm) - boredom is driving me insane

bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored
bored bored bored bored bored

at work


(07/29/2005; 10:14am) - done with it

where's my damn island and big shady tree?

(08/01/2005; 09:56pm) - Eating is important

Got to disc after a twenty minute detour,
clearly don't understand that short cut.

Running kind of light-headed, my buddy Jeff
"Wow Wil I should have eaten today,
I'm all light-headed and dizzy."

Quick mental inventory of Monday's consumption:

3 cups of coffee, 1 ice cream cone, 1 bottle of tea

"Yeah man I know what you mean lets get noodles..."

11 pm Jeff & me confuse noodle shop by demanding
they get back in the kitchen and make us one of


(08/04/2005; 12:48pm) - is it thursday again already?

so it is
so it is
my head hurts a bit from the whiskey last night
my heart from other matters


(08/05/2005; 01:21pm) - obvious

it's hot in this stupid city.

(08/08/2005; 10:44pm) - oh man...

bobert - Not of your design: question of the ages

i never thought i'd say this... but i just bought a new sexy mac laptop and i don't know how to use it. fuck.

(08/08/2005; 10:44pm) - oh man...

bobert - Not of your design: question of the ages

i never thought i'd say this... but i just bought a new sexy mac laptop and i don't know how to use it. fuck.

(08/08/2005; 10:46pm) - i can't believe it.

i never thought i'd say this, but...
i just bought a new sexy mac laptop,
and i don't know how to use it.

(08/08/2005; 10:46pm) - i can't believe it.

i never thought i'd say this, but...
i just bought a new sexy mac laptop,
and i don't know how to use it.

(08/08/2005; 10:47pm) - i can't believe it.

i never thought i'd say this, but...
i just bought a new sexy mac laptop,
and i don't know how to use it.


(08/11/2005; 01:55pm) - eh... could be worse

waiting for the mother
learning arabic
on a hot day
on the day off


(08/12/2005; 04:29pm) - timing

one hour until the weekend.
how soon until monday?
too soon.

(08/15/2005; 11:36am) - Monday's done

Several ill-advised but well-aimed hammers later,
I'm finishing a gin & tonic while the cat mews at the window.

I try to explain about 8th floor balconies and how it's night time.
She doesn't want to listen.

Not enough weekend for her either.


(08/19/2005; 10:54am) - take me to your general

i've eaten general tso's chicken 7 times in the last 5 days.
i'm planning on getting it for lunch.
in fact, i'm counting the seconds until lunch.
there's something in that chicken.
i'm pretty sure it's a little secret ingredient called delicious.

(08/23/2005; 11:15am) - Recent Finds

All of a sudden it's in the mid-60s and overcast and that's just fine with me.

Reading other people's journals (real journals, not web-based juvenile nonsense) is great. You get gems like Byron's entry from 16 January 1814: "I have simplified my politics into an utter detestation of all existing governments."

It's about time I had a new .sig in the forum.


(08/25/2005; 10:48am) - so...

thursday huh?
i miss fridays off


(08/26/2005; 10:53am) - parallel

if i was a fisherman, i'd probably smell worse.

(08/29/2005; 07:08pm) - in the details

Travel excites me,
but as my preferred method
of leaving
is to let everything surprise me
the preparation
sometimes is
a bit overwhelming
coupled with life.


(09/01/2005; 10:42am) - grr grrrrr

ok this thursday just sucks
and its not just because i work tommorow
thought that sucks too


(09/02/2005; 10:05pm) - bleh

i'm on vacation.
when it's over, i plan to investigate traveling through right now, when i'll be on vaction.

(09/08/2005; 10:49am) - i had no idea

did donald trump become a black panther without the american media catching wind? wierd!


(09/09/2005; 10:23am) - mmmmm

i have one... ...but i still want one. growl. -t

(09/09/2005; 10:23am) - mmmmm

i have one...

...but i still want one.

(09/12/2005; 10:49pm) - Happy Autumn!

Now put away the white shoes already.


(09/15/2005; 11:47am) - why do thursdays surprise me

My problem with Nominee Roberts is not that he's a smug bastard. That I respect.
It's that he's so brilliant he can persuade you that he's not wrong


(09/16/2005; 09:30am) - poem

when fridays feel the same
you know your job is lame.

(09/19/2005; 11:58am) - when there's nothing left...

the outside looks just like your mom's house,
excepts for the long yellow water marks tracing the buildings,

and the smell.

and inside?
spoiled furnature, ps2s, TVs, toys, refrigerators on the floor,
and the most amazing mold crawling up the walls...

what do you do when there's nothing left of a huge city like New Orleans?

(09/20/2005; 11:02am) - Lycanthrope

I don't care what anyone says, Ginger Snaps was a pretty great movie. (I'm listening to an album about werewolves now, and reading a book about vampires and werewolves. I'm so freaking goth.) -J.

(09/23/2005; 12:28pm) - want some money?

i spilled soda on my friend's imac, and had to pay to get it fixed.
i broke both my side headlights over the last year, and have to pay to get them fixed in time for inspection.
we just reknewed our renter's insurance.
do you need any money? i'm not very attached to it.

(09/29/2005; 01:03pm) - its like a werewolf but worse

these days i am concerned that i may be a were-bobert. turning into a jocky frat boy on every full man.

its really scary


(i'd blurb today, but something about bob's blurb strikes me as funny enough to leave up.

(10/06/2005; 10:11am) - who the fuck is chex!? why does he/she think they are a bobert

so myspace totally thinks my name is chex!
this totally adds credence to my were-bobert theory


(10/10/2005; 12:08pm) - In haste, returning...

After a somewhat inconsistent summer,
followed by the harrowing shift to fall,
an inspired trip westward, eastward, north and south,

I am back, comfortable, contained, able to put forth,
and entertain.

Fall League is going well, 12-10 victory tonight.
Some things (victory) are never far from sight.


(10/12/2005; 12:16am) - No replastering, the structure is rotten.

It's always a pleasure when I can do one of these and point you in the direction of some non-forum content. Today Mike offers us a look at nothing.

Not nothing, of course, but just so much unordered detritus that, for us and for whomever, it might as well be nothing. Which is something.

"Destruction is not negative, you must destroy to build."


(10/13/2005; 09:08am) - go fig

another thursdayg comes to pass with me actually on top of things (blurb wise).
so its a shame i have nothing to say


(10/14/2005; 05:14pm) - mp3 experiment

if you're in nyc this weekend, check out this event. it's going to be fun.
i created the track everyone will be listening to, and i'll be part of the event.
it's saturday afternoon, or sunday, depending on if central park is closed due to weather.
all info can be found here

(10/17/2005; 08:30pm) - In rare headaches...

I rise early on Tuesdays,
pause to consider Monday's success,
failure, expenditure,
and find that despite losing,
it's worth hurting this morning.

And I must be faster
for Hong Kong.


(10/17/2005; 10:25pm) - I don't have anything.

And, in fact, my fingers are barely able to hit the keys properly. I think I've had ten and a half hours' sleep in two days.

I walked into a closed door today, too. Somehow I thought that just because I'm a graduate student I am exempt from the laws of physics. Apparently I'm the wrong kind of graduate student to pull off such a trick.


(10/20/2005; 09:50am) - not now!

can't talk now
too busy trying to pen the bobert canon


(10/21/2005; 01:15pm) - computers are hard

i love computers, except when i hate them.
are you on a computer right now?
how do you feel about that?

(10/24/2005; 06:56pm) - Occasionally, a first

Years into its existence,
this team i've come to belong with
via midnight flight
to an airport an hour from their homes
with victory, champagne, and a chalice
as comfort for the long ride home.


(10/25/2005; 12:51am) - Difference

What do you do when you have a (seemingly irreconcilable) difference, on thoroughly abstract grounds, with your supervisor? (Not boss. Because worker-boss conflict is easily resolved. But merely a superior who can influence but not ultimately control you.) Do you back down, or do you stand for yourself, and for those silenced before/behind you?


(10/25/2005; 06:15pm) - 2000 Dead Americans*

"What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty and democracy?"
-Mahatma Gandhi

*This number does not include the 97 UK deaths, 103 for other coalition countries, or 272 contractors. Nor does it include the 3,447 Iraqi Police and Military, or the 73 journalists.

(10/26/2005; 10:08am) - waiting for patty

on pins and needles waiting for possible indictments.
this is worse than waiting for the matrix 2 and 3
wonder how the white house is holding up today


(10/27/2005; 12:11am) - god it blew

a few minutes ago i put my mp3 album of Björk's Medúlla in the recycle bin
i'm not sorry
fuck you bjork
you're not bobby mcferrin so go get some fucking instruments


(10/28/2005; 12:07pm) - god it blew

i just saw kate harrell's new movie "where the truth lies" by atom egoyan. man, that was a crappy flick. oh, and kate is in it for about 5 seconds, but still, that's fun. she got mad paid for an afternoon of work.

(10/29/2005; 07:29pm) - baby, ho!

So my father and his new wife are in the process of having their new baby.
so, i'm 12 and 25 years apart from my siblings.
i love my family.


(10/31/2005; 08:25pm) - Less weary, less wary

I coast through another Monday,
Paying bills, serving up solutions,
Until my lack of enthusiasm
For compounding problems
Leaves me nursing a beer
Post league loss and then,
Riding home alone un-sober and quiet
I remember that today's November.
Or soon will be.


(11/01/2005; 04:58pm) - Now

It's November. My favorite holiday is in November, on the 25th. Black Friday, the media calls it. The biggest shopping day of the year in the United States. If ever you needed a reason to be angry. And if you ever wanted to do anything about it, remember that N25 is also Buy Nothing Day. But perhaps the more significant holiday is on 11 November, the Haymarket Martyrs' Anniversary. -Jason.

(11/03/2005; 10:02am) - stop being a punk

anyone wishing to finish my grad school essay (due tommorow) should mail me at bobert (a t) gmail
come on
we all know you want to


(11/04/2005; 11:33am) - it's friday

but i have to work tomorrow.
sucker? maybe.
overtime? maybe.
time to have a little talk with the boss? yes.

(11/07/2005; 10:39am) - A month of choices,

which they all may be,
but somehow November always
brings out larger ones for me,
and even after victory,
on my bicycle home,
the choice, veer left or right,
and i collide, survive, apologize,
condemn, deride, and continue
with my ride.


(11/10/2005; 09:48am) - a la outkast

the day was is in the shitter by 9:20,
yet i'm so fresh fresh. so clean clean


(11/16/2005; 11:12pm) - coincidence...i think not

"Jessica thought you were very cool. she said, well dressed, handsome, confident, just very cool."

the wierd part is that tonight while making lunch for tommorow (really today)i realized that i'm now classicly cool.

if this were high school i would be king
i am so very happy this is not high school


(11/18/2005; 09:16am) - topped again

"i realized that i'm now classicly cool."

who can beat that?

(11/29/2005; 08:39am) - I live a little late

Despite finding my way home on foot across
a city not my own
for three nights running, my roomate asleep,
my friends still at it or complacent in their homes,
i return, slightly battered, slightly slow,
from a city (Manila) where traffic does not go,
from a tournament that brought my team to our
knees (2nd)
and from a weekend of absurd travel
that proved to me three things:

1. Philippine Air is extraordinarily slow.
2. Pudong (Shanghai) airport has no food.
3. Life in hot climates makes you jacked.

That is all, this time around.


(12/01/2005; 03:26pm) - for your reference

last thursday i was in miami beach
i wish it were last thursday


(12/02/2005; 09:34am) - christmas spirit

i'm excited to shop this season without ever going to a store. internet is my friend.

(12/08/2005; 10:52pm) - unca bobert wants you

you can make me internet famous
upload yours (of me) today


(12/22/2005; 12:56pm) - woop!!!

still on vacation
still demand you make me internet famous


(12/25/2005; 07:33am) - In haste, wealth, and good health

Another Christmas ending slowly,
here amid the food and joy,
phone calls made,
friends welcomed and farewell'd,
tucked between two heaters and
a blanket over all,
until the morning comes
and wakes us with the light.


(12/29/2005; 01:16pm) - touch the sky

back in town
thankful for the ret
thankful for to be back


(01/05/2006; 09:55am) - it happens

i locked myself out my apt, with my wallet inside
i'm an idiot
that aside big ups to andrew, tyler and micaela
and big boo for amanda. boo


(01/06/2006; 09:40am) - nothing to say

i haven't blurbed in a few weeks. mostly cuz i have nothing to say. i'm sure the 5 unique monthly visitors don't mind.

(01/12/2006; 09:17am) - hmph

i wanna go back to bed
and wake up
and watch gilmore girls


(01/17/2006; 08:05am) - Rye Whisky


"I'll eat when I'm hungry,
I'll drink when I'm dry,
If the hard times don't kill me,
I'll live till I die.

Rye whisky, rye whisky,
Rye whisky, I cry,
If you don't give me rye whisky,
I surely will die."


(01/18/2006; 03:57pm) - the wonders of Sinia...

when you get asked for your passport
more times in 2 hours than you have in 2 years...
(and you don't really want to give it
to those ugly army dudes)
it makes you grateful for a friendly face
and a safe bed at the end of the night.


(01/19/2006; 03:52pm) - hoo ha

sorry for the late blurb
but i've been watching gilmore girls at work all day today


(01/24/2006; 12:13am) - Bobert: Gilmore Girls?

The temperature dropped like 20 degrees while I was in class this afternoon. And the wind did its bit. So to the people who were looking at me strange because I was obviously perspiring and uncomfortable in the midday sun... nyah. Nyah.


(01/26/2006; 09:44am) - thurs again

it's thursday again
i can tell because i'm tired from my night classes
and sore from working out earlier in the week
i want bed. and booze
i want booze then bed


(02/02/2006; 09:44am) - i hate 13 year olds

yes i know about the forum


(02/08/2006; 09:25am) - he pwns our shit

ok, joke over, why isn't this thing fixed?
4 celebrities could be dead and i won't know about it.
jason could have snootily reviewed some whiskey i've never heard of, and i can't scoff at him.
benny could have decided to be all of our friends again, but i'd never know, because yusuf karaz pwnz our shit.

(02/09/2006; 09:21am) - new forum in the works

a new ajax forum. its in the works
check out a preview here

(02/11/2006; 07:36pm) - on the way out

hey you

now that i have your attention just wanted to say that the forum is now unhacked
enjoy it while you can, as this incarnation is on the way out


(03/01/2006; 10:52am) - another thursday

got nothing funny to say
still working on the upgrade
find me if you need me


(03/17/2006; 10:22am) - dead?

it's like the site all but died post hacking.
c'mon guys. i've got a boring job, here.
give a brother something to work with.

(03/31/2006; 12:35pm) - the good news and the bad news

the bad news: we lost the fourm data of the past 2 or so weeks (but honestly i think it was just wolfe posting in treasure)
the good news: we had previously lost ALL of battlefield forum. it is now back and in charge. this means that to my chagrin my nambla faux pas is on the internet for all to enjoy. oh and i made all the non forum content google accessible. not that anybody really cares


(04/06/2006; 01:47pm) - pity me goddamnit

i'm sick
i demand your pity


(05/05/2006; 11:35am) - behold the grim spectre of death

scary i know

(06/26/2006; 07:39pm) - in our dreams...

it's wil, no kev, no benny, no...
talk about life going lucid.

check it


(07/17/2006; 09:29pm) - waiting for wwiii

while listening to an interview with syrian ambassador on the jim lehr news hour, i hear him refer to syria and iran as the lambs of the miiddle hears.

i wanna puke


(07/18/2006; 02:54pm) - like carmen san diego or waldo, but more about me

does waldo have a gig of ram?
does carmen san diego come with a dvd burner?
which is why where in the world is bobert's laptop is a much cooler game!!!


(07/26/2006; 03:31pm) - new content

i did this
new content
go fig


(08/02/2006; 12:24pm) - V4 coming at cha

so its done, and meLounge is officially relaunched. First off shout out to wolfe who designed what you see before you. and secondly may i just take the time to say, "fuck you safari". Yes it's official, i hate that fucking browser, and its css rendering engine. without a mac of my own i dont have the time (or energy) to figure out how to make the site render correctly in that browser. But honestly you have no excuse for not using firefox anyway. but i am aware about the error in the forum with IE6. and that i will work on, for those times we all find ourselves on a craptastic pc.

also content nav, is way different these days, in that a lot of it shows random entries and sections. honestly we get 0 new visitors, and this way you can revisit all the old content in a novel way.

but for the most part the redesign is over. so if you can, enjoy


(08/07/2006; 10:23am) - beginning of the week

on a monday like other mondays, this is liek no other


(09/05/2006; 12:45pm) - Hello

Click Submit?

(09/12/2006; 08:05pm) - i'm a star in cops

i know i throw the race jokes
and play the race card a lot
but as a young black male,
police coming to your door never stops becoming horrifying


(10/06/2006; 07:39pm) - oooh! that's sexy!

So, today I had my first anatomy class.
I skinned the front half of my dog. (They already hacksawed her into two.)
And then I cut off her leg.
oh yeah, and she was totally unpreserved.
scotland is yummy.

(10/16/2006; 11:22am) - when he's right, he's righ

good policy, makes good politics

-dick armey

(12/04/2006; 06:00pm) - pathetic

My name is Doug and I'm a recruiter at Your Company Name. Our records show that you are an experienced professional with experience in PHP, JAVAVSCRIPT & HTML This experience is relevant to one of my current openings.
this is me laughing at you

(01/12/2007; 05:15pm) - awesomeness

fridays have a heck of a lot of awesomeness


(03/20/2007; 09:56am) - energy level

i am tired of always being so tired


(02/29/2008; 01:32pm) - RIP (2002-2008) died today and no one noticed. It's not so much the end of an era, but a reminder that the era will never begin anew. for what it's worth melounge (and you too meloungemusic), you didn't suck


(02/29/2008; 01:32pm) - obama on the front page

seeing obama on the news portion of the front page shows me how much time has really passed. *sigh* for better or worse (though i strive for better) we all grew up. this is a quiet place now, but it wasn't always. honestly i'd be sad if i didn't know that the million monkeys on the million typewriters all grew up to be (wo)men.


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