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stretchy 101
you want what to go where?
hear we go!!!!!

(; ) - hear we go!!!!!

so as many of you know,
i love yoga.

i don't love yoga for the tight ass or the sexy flexible positions for sex,
though, obviously those are terrific benefits

i actually love yoga for the philosophy and for the peace and the creativity it encourages in my life.

and whatever,
you all think i'm crazy anyway.

so i've started as 200hr yoga teacher training in ISHTA yoga, through beyoga.
obviously, these thoughts are just mine and i don't know anything about anything, but...

since some of you actually like yoga,
i'm going to include interesting things or points that i learn on a little blog spaces.

feel free to ask me questions.

much love.


ps even though i can't spell, the title was intentional. so hush!