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Earthquake Cherry
While me and Hiromi were in Kyoto this past Sunday their was a really big earthquake around 7pm. The epicenter was close to Wakayama, but underwater so no destruction, but it was a big quake. I didnt feel the earthquake in Kyoto, but our train back to Osaka was a couple of minutes late and they made an announcement. Later that night I was in my apartment with my friend Ian. He was telling me how he felt the earthquake in his aptartment, and since he lives on the sixth floor it was pretty intense. The higher up you are in a building the more you feel the quakes...I've been told. Ian was talking to me, and then he paused..."Yo! feel that...wait? wait, cut of the music feel that? Shit..that's it its another earthquake! My apartment is on the first floor so it wasnt too intense, but I could feel it. My first earthquake. I wasnt really scared, becuase I'm an optimist and I live on the first floor so I could jet quick if need be. Also thier was a really big earthquake in Kobe a few years ago so the Kansai area isnt really due for a huge earthquake. Tokyo however is due for the bad mama jama...I'm glad I visited there already. The quakes did throw a damper on our evening because they closed the club we had been planning on going too, so we had to go to a lesser establishment. There was another earthquake this morning around 8:30, I was out riding my bike, and I didnt feel it. I feel cheated, three earthquakes, and I only get to feel one. I did get off work early today because a typhoon is coming. The typhoons havent really been so, bad....actually its kinda fun riding your bike in the strong wind, but I havent really seen anything to serious I guess.