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This Dude in Japan
My Birthday
My birthday was this past Sunday,August 1st. It was nice that it was on Sunday because I have Sundays off. On the Saturday before I was surprised when on of my conversation lesson students brought me a gift. She brought me a little keychain from Franc Franc. Anyway on Sunday me and Hiromi went to the beach, or actually a psuedo beach. The ocean around Osaka is very dirty, so to get to a nice beach you have to ride the train for at least two hours. However we found this nice beach pool 45minutes away. The pool was right on the ocean but it was seperated from the real ocean so it could be kept clean, but it was sea water. It was a really large pool, a little bigger than a football field, and it had sand and grass areas for visitors to set up their areas. Thier was also a wave pool at one end of the pool that started about once an hour and lasted for 15 minutes. Everyone around me found it hilarous when I starting doing underwater handstands in the wave pool. So after paying the 12 dollar entry fee we set up our area and got into the mini ocean. As we got into the pool some Japanese dude complimented me on my tan. I could have took it the wrong way, but he had such a comical face that I knew he was a joker. I told him I would keep at it. After being in the pool for about twenty minutes the lifegaurds starting speaking on their speakers and everyone started getting out of the pool. It was stretch time. Everyone had to leave the pool so the lifegaurds could lead us in stretches. Most people just sat down, but some people stretched. Some people found me stretching to be very humorous, I don't know why I wasnt perfect, but I was close. Maybe it was my flexing at the apex of some of the stretches. After the beach we just chilled and ate some sushi. That night I went to Underlounge,and got my dance on a little. It was a good birthday. If you havent sent your gifts because you don't know my address its ok just email me. If you havnt sent me your gift because your not going to.....well its ok too cause your mom can just visit me again.