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This Dude in Japan
Eureka!/I see black people.

(03/28/2004; 08:18pm) - Eureka!/I see black people.

Well I went to this bar -Pig and Whistle- to meet my fellow teachers. The bar was pretty cool. I saw about 10 black people there, which is ten more than I have seen at one time in any other place. My co workers never showed up though. Lames. Anyway I started talking to this Jamaican dude ( Mohan) and I asked about dance clubs. He said he knew a couple so I bounced from the bar with him. He took me to this place -Sam and Dave- (I would later find out that they have 4 or 5 other locations in Osaka, and this one was one of the smallest) we were about to go in but these two Japanese birds (birds is Elliott slang for pretty girl) stopped us under the pretense that they knew my Jamaican companion. He told me later he never met them before. They told us the club hadnt really got good yet so we just talked and exchanged email address.... I don:t have a phone yet. Mohan took me to this free Jamaican club called Zion, but it was empty too. It did have potential. I went back to Sam and Dave paid the cover and went in. Eureka! I had found my joint. The DJ was playing Project Pat and everybody was gettin down. The nice thing about clubs here a coupla free drinks are included in the cover. I got two free drinks with the 2500 yen cover. One of the bartenders was a brotha and he made my drinks real strong....word. Anyway these cats were gettin down. The club didn:t close until six in the morning. I reperesented on the dance floor. You know doing my thug thizzle. The DJ:s made it easy they were awesome. This Japanese cat really knew his hip hop and how to mix it. The nice thing about my training schedule is I don:t have to be at the office earlier than noon sometimes as late as three. So in theory I could party every night, but I:m not. Anyway that was Sat night...pretty productive I must say.