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The Po Pos
Saturday night 3am, or rather Sunday morning 3am. Always a good time to have a run in with a police. Usually my Saturdays go like this. I wake up late. Clock in at work at 3:50. and clock out at 9:30. When I finish I rush home to eat, shower and get ready to go out dancing. Get to the club around midnight and get back home between four and eight in the morning. This Saturday started the same as all the others. I went out to this hip hop club called Azure in America Mura with my friend Hiromi. If you read my earlier posts Hiromi is the unamed girl that I dropped at the club when I -lost my cool-. We hang out a lot now, and I have failed to drop her again. Anyway we leave the club early around 2:50 on our bikes in search of tabemone/food.
Five minutes into our bike ride we hear this lady screamin. I couldnt understand what she was saying, and I didnt know if she was in trouble or just being loud, but we could hear her long before we rode up. When we came wthin eyesight of the scenerio we saw a running car sitting in the middle of the street, a screaming girl clutching a roadside post, an ugly Japanese guy dressed in pretty boy style trying to pull her off, and a smartly dressed Japanese guy and an elderly security gaurd standing by. Me and Hiromi tried talking to the girl and sperating from whoever this guy was. The guy was clearly not happy that we showed up and began to take action, and I quickly began to dislike him. Hiromi was able to get the girl to stand up when the guy directed his attention to yelling at me and the other guys. I just replied wakalanai....I dont understand. She then told me that the girl who was still crying and shaking uncontrolably was going to park the car, and wanted her with her. I was like thats cool, but then the guy tries to open the door, I 'm a forienger so first I ask Hiromi "its not cool for him to be in the car right? I need to stop him right?" Now I'm not a violent person and I don't really fight, but I was evilly looking foward to roughtng this guy up ;). So as soon as she said get him away. I grabbed him under the arms with my palms on his necked and yanked him out of the car. He started screaming some shit I didnt understand and struggled a little bit. I think he said he was dangerous. So I replied "Yamelu, Oli wa abunai...Stop it, I am a dangerous man. " After that he stopped struggling and I let him go. Also just to be an asshole to him when he was cussing me out and telling me he was going to sue I was like "Watashitachi wa tomodachi" Which means -we are friends-. After that he called the police, when I told Hiromi, she was like "Good, we need the police here". When the po pos showed up the security gaurd told them -something?- and they immedietly put the angry guy in the back of their car. Then they all asked us to tell them what happened. While we were explaining the angry guy called an ambulance...cause I hurt him.....whatever. So he was the first to leave the scene. Next the the elderly security gaurd went back to his post after saying sorry for being useless, which is not true I think. His official word helped our case. The police then said they would need me and Hiromi to go to the station to give official statements. The smartly dressed Japanese guy complained about this on our behalf, but then he left too. I would like to not that this entire time no policeman asked to see my gaijin card which is props to me.
I would like to note that after 23 years in America I had not seen the inside of a police car, so I think its funny that after 2 1/2 months in Japan I am already in one. Japanese police cars are different from American ones because they have no divider to protect the policeman from back passenger. As we were going up the steps to the station I put my hands behind my back and said to Hiromi "Maybe I should hold my hands like this for the fantasy"to which she physcially replied to with a slap. Real cool girl. So we talk to some detective, or rather Hiromi talks to some detective and i try not to fall asleep. I sent a few text messages to my friends to see what they were doing, but I held my phone under the table to be polite. After the last questioning a nice officer buys us coffee and taxis us back to our bikes. I'm just glad I was with Hiromi, cause my Japanese skill is not all that, and it would have been hard for me to explain to the police that I dont just grab guys for the fun of it.