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Specialist in Humanties/Internatinal Service

(03/27/2004; 02:28am) - Specialist in Humanties/Internatinal Service

This is my first blog. I gave it the Specialist title because that what my Visa says my official job is. Pretty fancy way of saying English Teacher huh. Its going to be rough and simlple because its rushed, and I'm IMing with two people also. (shout outs to Dan Merril and Bobert) I've really been checking out my hood so far,and its a daunting task becaue I live pretty close to the center of Osaka.  So far I've mostly been shopping for necessities, but I'm going out tonight with some co workers to party. See how that goes, some guys are already talking about scoring. I'm just gonna go with the flow and see what happens. People are pretty nice, especaily if you try to speak Japanese. Last night I could have got into a Japanese only club, after I spoke Japanese to the bouncer, but it was too expensive and not my type of club. It was a hostess bar....I'm not paying girls to talk to me...get real!
I had my first day of training today, and it was easy, but it seems like I'm going to have a lot of homework for the next two weeks. Everyone seems pretty nice. There's only two other Americans, everyone else is Canadian or Australian. This is in a group of 23 people. And only two other people speak any Japanese. Lots of couples though. Five to be exact. I didn't think this was the type of job that you would apply for with your boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife, but hey. Well I can't really think of anything else too interesting....sorry not trying to hold out on you guys. My next entry will be a lot doper aight.