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This Dude in Japan
I 've been trying to work a little overtime at ECC these days. Since I showed interest personell called me with a business trip that would give me 90minutes of overtime, and it would be doing them a big favor. One of the teachers in Okayama had left so ECC needed his shift filled Thursday and Saturday. My schedule is perfect for this because I substitute anyway on Thursday, and on Saturday I only have Free Time Lessons, which anyone can easily sub for because they require no preperation. Okayama is about 50 minutes west of Osaka by shinkansen/bullet train. I was pretty happy cause ECC paid for the bullet train and the hotel. The fact that they didnt give me any money for food cancelled out my overtime bonus, but the trip gave me a chance to experience a few aspects or Japan for free. The bullet train was pretty cool. Being inside of it reminded me a lot of a plane going down the runway. Especially since my ears popped just like on aireplanes. It only took me about one and a half hours to get from my apt to ECC in Okayama so the commute wasnt much longer than some of my regular shifts...thanks to the shinkansen. Thursday and Saturday I taught some Free Time Lessons and some group classes, which I hadnt been trained for, and wasnt supposed to be in that situation, but I guess ECC was desperate to get someone out there. Whatever a lot of training is unneccessary I think, and that was just one example. Friday is my day off so I took the opportunity to explore. First I took a train to Kulashiki, which a little town outside of Okayama that is famous for its traditional architecture. It was almost like going back in time, but they were a few cars and bicycles. It was still very cool nevertheless. After I got back to Okayama I rented a bicycle for the day. It was very cheap only 300 yen, which is about three bucks. I took a short ride to see Okayama castle which is the first castle I've seen so far. Everytime I plan to go see Osaka castle something happens. Okayama was built about 400 years ago. It burned down in WWII, but was rebuilt in 1966. One of the teacher recommeded I didnt go inside because the castle was authentic, therefore not really worth paying for. She did recommend I see Himeji castle which would be on my way back to Osaka, but I wanted to get home as quick as possible on Saturday night. She said HImeji castle was much bigger, and authentic.Saturday before I left Okayama ECC called me to offer some real overtime in Osaka on Sunday, and that hurt cause I was tired, and had made plans for Sunday, but its aight no biggie. Before I left Okayama I purchased some Kibedango, which is a rice sweet that can only be bought in Okayama supposedly. Its pretty tasty, and I bought a decent share of course. So I left and got home just in time for some Halloween partying.