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This Dude in Japan
Hey Ladies
For any that find my blog entertaining. i apologize dearly for my lont haitus. Really I have just been living. I haven't done anything really noteworthy lately. Maybe I can just put down a few thoughts and observances that may be interesting to some. Let see.
I don't think women have equal rights in any country in the world, but they do have some advantages, and I think a girl that is smart and beautiful is very dangerous indeed. Japan is no different, but women here do have some unique perks. One common practice is for salaryman to give all his money to his wife, and in return she gives him an allowance. It works because this way he doesnt spend all his money at bars, and izakayas(type of bar with extensive food menu), or soaplands if thats his thing. Also if he is working crazy hours everyweek he doesnt have the time or the willpower to balance a family budget. Its good to be a lady here on Wednesday. All movie theatere have ladies day on Wed, and offer discount tickets. Some clubs offer free admission, and some restaurants offer discounts on Wednesdays. Many trains also offer a ladies car during rush hours so women don't have to be exposed to men. I rode this train by accident once of few weeks ago. I didnt even notice until one of the conducters told me my error. I guess I'm used to being around girls so I didnt even notice I was the only guy on the train. Also I talked to one girl, and she was really friendly. I guess she wasnt used to seeing guys on the ladies train.
Capitalism is a little charged up over here, and image is very important. What jobs women can get seem to be based a lot on their looks. I wont say all, but Japanese women take fashion and cosmetics very seriously. Borderline obsessive, and that's being nice. Its common knowledge that ugly girls can't be flight attendents in Japan, or any Asian airline for that matter. Actually Japanese airlines are a little more lenient in the looks department, and I have heard women complain about this. Also I dont think I have ever seen a nonattractive girl as a sales clerk in a department store. One of my friends hypothesis was girls don't want to buy clothes from ugly girls. Image? Another one of his observation was groups of girls usually seem to be the same level of attractiveness, I think I have noticed this myself. I rarely if ever see a really ugly girl and a really beautiful girl walking and talking together. I would see that reguarly back home.Image? He also said he really felt sorry for ugly girls, because their money making potential is severely handicapped. Hostessing is always an option for any girl of decent attractiveness. Also for both sexes many employees want to see a photo along with an application. I don't think that shit would fly in America. Yeah employers are quicker to higher attractive people in the U.S., but they have to be a little more discreet about it. I will have another blog coming soon, actually I'm in the middle of that experience presently, I will keep you posted...oh yeah by the way... I went to Underlounge two weeks ago for a special event. Saw Kid Capri do his thing.