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This Dude in Japan
Random Shite I
Ok mmmmm first here in Osaka you must be very aware when walking, anywhere a bicycle can ride it will ride so you have to be careful not to get taken out. Walking over to the internet cafe I saw an old lady almost get taken out. Also anywhere a car can drive it will. Some streets are pedestrian only during the day, but at night cars, motorcycles and mopeds will use them as shortcuts, I don't know if its legal, but that doesn't matter if you get ran over.
One thing I like about Japan is they will play unedited hip hop and rap anywhere. I can be chilling in MacDonalds, and internet cafe or a even in the lobby at work and 50 cent, Beyonce, Nas, or whoever is popular will just come on from the computer mix.
The amount of porn here is ridiculous, yes its all edited with the fuzzy genitals, but its porn nevertheless. No matter where I am their is porn within rock throwing distance (rock throwing distance....official Alabama measurement). I mean like come on. I always laugh when I see places that say 18 and over. Thats a real joke, any kid that wants porn can have it in under 5 minutes any time.
People here party hard, but really only on Sat. Cause everyone works mad hours everyweek. You can party on Friday, but Sat is the day when it goes down. Everyother day is pretty dead. I know one club thats jumpin on Sunday. Thats about it.
Most Japanese people think I'm older than I am. Now I always make people guess how old I am before I tell them. I usaully get between 26 and 30. The oldest I got was 34. Makes me feel kinda bad. When I tell them 23 they always cover their mouths laugh, and apologize.
Another thing their are more Africans here than African Americans here, and the Japanese like African Americans more, I don't know why maybe just cause were Americans, or they like hip hop. It might that the Africans are too aggressive and grabby with the girls. At least the ones I've meet. A lot of them front and say their from New York even though their not. I always tell people I'm from Alabama, but I usaually tell them I went to school in New YOrk, cause not many people know about Alabama, surprise surprise. Sometimes girls ask me if I'm from Africa. And any time I show somebody my passport they get all happy when they see United States.
So many times I've approached a girl and engaged in conversation thinking she was around my age. And when I get around to asking her age she comes out with something like I'm 30 or 40. I've meet more than one 40 year old you could tell you she was 25. If you want a suga mama Japan is probably your place.
Some Japanese girls do have asses.
A lot of Japanese guys are taller than me.
Their are some fat Japanese girls.
It might be the American diet that is imported.
I've been eating way to many double cheeseburgers myself. 157 yen can't beat that. I mean I can get full for 314 yen. I got to stop.
Well thats it for Random Shite I.... I will have some new stuff later.