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This Dude in Japan
Settling in.
Well sorry for not blogging recently, but I haven't really done anything that extrodinary. I guess I will just write a bit about daily life. Mmmmm let me see. I work about 30 hours a week. I'm only scheduled for 29.5, but with kids classes you got to prepare, so if you don't get to school early your going to be in trouble. I teach kids ages 2 to 13. In the class with the 2 year olds the moms sit in and participate. At least my moms do. Some teachers say their moms just sit their and look blank. I'm pretty lucky with the kids classes cause I mostly have girls and they always behave better than the boys. I really only have like 2 or 3 students out of all my classes that want to be bad....all boys. I also teach Free Time Lessons which is basically a guided conversation lesson that lasts 40 minutes. A lot of listen and repeat, very easy but pretty boring. I always try to make jokes and get the people to laugh, for their sake as well as my own. One nice thing literally 80 percent of Free Time Lesson students are hot women, I'm not kidding. I'm not allowed to get their numbers (some teachers do, I'm to new to play with fire), but its still nice having pretty students. I have Fridays and Sundays off. I dont have to be at work until 3:50 on Sat, so I can party of Fri. I dont start work before 2:30 on any day. I had two sub days on my schedule, but now I just have one. Sub days are when the main office sends you to random schools and you stay on call for 2 1\2 hours in case someone gets sick and you have to fill their shift. You just sit in the lobby and have conversations with students. After about 2 1/2 hours you give the other teachers breaks, by taking the Free Time Lessons they were supposed to teach. Sub shifts are easy, but I don't like them because of the potential of long commute. So far I have been very lucky, and my sub shifts have been closer to my house than my regular shifts.