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Nara Represent
This past Friday I went to Nara with my friend Hiromi. She brought me their to see the candles. I go to Nara twice a week for work, but this area I had been to only once before. In this part of Nara their are temples and the deer park is also there. Friday night was the second night of one of the many summer festivals in Japan. In this particular one candles had been lit all around the park and temples. After walking around the parks and ponds we stopped by a Kabosa restuarant ran by this Israli guy. He spoke really good English and Japanese. The restuarant was located down this narrow, but very clean alley. Thats one thing to be said about Nara, its a city, but its very clean. So clean compared to Osaka. The Israli guy had instruments and some people were jamming in the alley while we ate. They had two small drums, (Jambe I think), and two guitars. The restuarant owner broke out a harmonica when he finished making our food. He was pretty good too, you could tell he played a lot. Hiromi pressured me to freestyle, but I wasnt sure if thats what they wanted. She kept on telling me I should so when we finished I busted a little flow in the alley. I was feeling it so I was happy that I could represent a llittle. I thought I was done, but as the guys started a new song, the restuarant owner turned to me and said "you don't really feel this rhythm huh?"Then I knew that I had gotten myself or rather Hiromi had gotten me into a little something. So I did like two more flows in the alley, one of them I think was nice, because I told a story, and thats good for me. This was on August 6th, which is the anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing. The restuarant owner had said that we should play for those lost, and it would be nice if we played by a pond close to the restuarant. Sarusawa pond was about a two minute walk away from the restuarant. I had been there before during the day, so I remembered that the pond was filled with turtels. Tonight however it was circled by candles, and onlookers. The alley turned into steps leading to the pond and this is where we set up. The resturant owner said he needed to get something from home, and he would be right back. Me and Hiromi joked....maybe he is goiing to bring back a digeredoo. It so happened that's exactly what he brought back. A digeredoo made entirely out of hemp matter of fact. So they started playing, and Hiromi was like freestyle again. Now the digeredoo was really loud, and i didnt feel like yelling so I hesitated for a little while. A van passed and some guys that knew the restuarant owner hopped out.(The road that circled the pond wasn't made for traffice, but like I said before, anywhere that there is room, a car will drive, especially at night) One of the guys had a larger drum, and the other one had another digeredoo. Now we were up to two guitars, two digeredoos, three drums, and one hesitent mc. Their was also two ladies with us and two little boys. One of the little boys was dancing in front of us when whenever we played. At one point he picked up one of the drums and promptly dropped it on the road. The guy playing the other drum grabbed it and said to the little boy "Hey fuck you man." which made everyone laugh uncontrollably even though it was inappropraite. We were also begining to attract some onlookers. At one point I was like F%#$ it. I ain't never scared WHAT! So I did a freestyled loud enough to be heard over all the instruments. I think it was a mediocre flow, but nobody could really understand English anyway, and Hiromi said the Japanese I said didnt really make sense, but it rhymed. After that I started playing with my phone, and me and Hiromi kinda slide off from the band, and slide off outta Nara, back to our hood.