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This Dude in Japan
Meaty Halloween
Saturday night when I returned from Okayama me and Hiromi went out for some Halloween partying. Being that that Saturday was Oct 30th. I was a Thai kickboxer, and she was a policewoman...the sexy type. We got in free at Underlounge because or our costumes, and on the way out the doormen gave Hiromi a 200ml bottle of Bailey's. When I asked where mine was they said it was only for ladies.....Bullshit! Its ok I will just have to drink Hiromi's. Bailey's is doing some serious advertising here recently. Big signs just poppin up. On Sunday they is a costume party on the Japan Railway Loop Line that a lot of foriegners participate in. I didnt make it cause I went to Kobe iwth Hiromi and ate at this Brazilian restuarant. It was located in the place called Kobe Harbor land which is on the seashore, just shops and restuarants. Too get there we had to walk through Kobe Chinatown which seemed to be just a long street full on food vendors. We were really hungry, but our mission was the Brazilian restuarant and it was worth the walk and the wait. It was the most meat I ate since I been in Japan. All you can eat buffet with guys coming to your table every 3 minutes with a skewer of meat and a big ass knife or should I say shortsword. The servers were all in a great mood cause they get to walk around with two foot blades and a skewer of meat. Kobe is popular for resturaants, but it is also famous for shoe shops, and there were a ton.

Oh yeah I played Pachinko today....I lost.