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This Dude in Japan
Let me see.... I just finished training yesterday...Thursday for me...Weds for North America. Sat I have wrap up, but no more demos on teaching kids or acting like a kid. The adult training was dry and procedural, but the kids training was fun and silly. Lots of singing dancing jumping up and down, and just being a spaze. I did a good job on all my demos especially the kids ones so I think I'm going to get assinged a lot of kids classes. Hope that is for the best.
My Japanese language skills are not what they should be after studying it for two years..but hey I forgot a lot. I have been reviewing since graduation, and I have retained enough to have pretty good conversations with people that speak no English. I have a couple of different converstions that I use, and as I learn new words I branch out. The Japanese cats that I talk to are instantly impressed after I say one complete sentence, I:m like no, my Japanese is wack. All the teachers in my training group are pretty impressed. One of the guys is always trying to flirt with girls, but the only sentence he really knows is -You are pretty-, its working alright for him. I try to teach a useful phrase everynow and then. As soon as I can start practicing with a conversation buddy my skills will become formidable.
Last night I went back to the Sam n Dave club that I had such a blast at last Sat. Thurs night wasn:t as crowded, but it was still fun. The bartender -black dude from last time- hooked me up with mad strong drinks, and he even gave my friends some free drinks. Brotherly love in Japan. All the teachers I came with got wasted. They all had to leave early -around 3am- and they missed out on the Thursday night performances. First this girl sang some Japanese RB, her mike was too soft so I couldn:t tell how good she was. Then their were some Japanese rappers. Could not understand a word they were saying. After that these two girls did a hip hop dance. They were a 6/7 on a scale of 1 to 10. Then these two girls did some freaky reggae dancing. They were ok, you could tell they watched a lot of videos to get moves. After that one lil shortgirl did a reggae dance, she wasnt that good but she was wild, bouncing and rolling all across the floor, I thought she was going to hurt herself. Then some breakdancers performed, they were just aight, I probably could have done all their moves, and I'm no breakdancer. I gave all the dancers props after they performed. I asked the DJ if I could freestyle, but he was like this is a showcase maybe another time. He did hand me a mike and let yell random hype shit with him behind the DJ booth.
Everything is pretty chill, when I get my gaijin card I can get a phone, then I'll take some pictures. I'll keep you posted, forgive me if the post don't come everyday, but I don't have a computer yet, and I have to pay everytime for internet use. The cafes are nice though, you get a little private booth, and free non alcoholic drinks....word. Anyway lateeer.