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This Dude in Japan
Once Again
Last week my friends ex girlfriend came to visit him from Canada. He had been looking foward to it, and had been talking about how much he wanted to hang out with her for like a month. The first night they are in Osaka, they get in a small argument, and he talks shit about her to his roomates while she is supposedly asleep in the bed. The next morning, her and her bags are gone. He searches Osaka hotels for her to no avail until she calls him, and asks him to bring her a pair of shoes she forgot. So they make up, and we are all supposed to go out together on Saturday. When I finish work Saturday I call him and everything is all good. When I get to our meeting spot I call him again. He tells me they got into another drunken argument, and that she has threaten to call the police on him. At this point I am with my friend Hiromi. We wait for another friend and then go to this club Azure. Right before I enter the club I call him again, and he's like "the police are at my apt, that bitch, this is bullshit, talk to you later bye". So I have fun dancing you know...doin my thing thing. When I leave the club I call him again. This time he's like, "man she lied to the police and told them I hit her, could you please tell them in Japanese that I'm not that kinda dude", my Japanese isnt that good so I hand the phone to Hiromi, after about 10 minutes we decide it would be better if you went to the police sation. Here we go again. When we get to the police station they tell us that they know he didnt hit her, but she did let him borrow some money, and now she is threatening to sue him over that. I'm pretty much useless I talk to my friend and he's like "yeah I said some mean things, but so did she. Also she can never beat me in an argument so she told me she was going to make me pay, but I never thought she would just lie like this". The police don't have their translator that morning so Hiromi filled in, and she was the night or rather early morning MVP. She was very diplomatic in helping my friend, but at the same time being sympathetic to a girl with no friends in Japan, and not making her feel like she was being ganged up on. I think she was to nice to her, but it was for the best because we didnt need her to get all pissed off again or get on the defensive, she mighta stuck to her lie. By the end the police were calling her sensei. She explained to my friends ex-girlfriend that no one just spends one night in jail in Japan, so if she couldn't work things out then my friends life was going to be seriously messed up. She also translated all the paperwork they needed to fill out. They got everything settled, but it still took forever, all I could do was sit and be hot and try not to sweat. My friends exgirlfriend decides he could pay the money back later, and she was going to spend the rest of her trip in Tokyo. The part about him hitting her never really came up again, but its still really wack to lie like that and bring a personal argument to the police station. I hope this is my last visit to to police station in Japan...sheesh.