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This Dude in Japan
Vassar set in Osaka
This past Sunday Luke Mitchell,(Lok Dogg), and Ivan Levi visited me in Osaka. Luke just finished the JET program, and Ivan was just vacationing. Sunday night we went to Underlounge. I probably mentioned that club before. Nice Sunday night hip hop party. I borrowed Hiromis bike so Ivan rode hers and I pulled Luke on the back of mine. Its pretty entertaining to listen to him heckle pedestrians as we speed by. It was also funny to hear him tell girls in the club he was Tommy Salami from Jibuti Africa. I had to work on Monday, but Monday night we went to I to I with my friend Hiromi. I to I plays reggae music on Monday night and its always packed. We got to bed around 4am, then got up again Tuesday morning around 930 to go to Spa World. It was a sleepy good time. Ivan left on Tuesday, and me and Luke took it easy Tuesday and Wednesday night. Tuesday night we just went to an internet cafe, and Wednesday night we just watched a DVD. I was tired from Tuesday, and Luke had party fatigue from all the partying he did in Kyushu with his sayonara parties. Thursday we went to Sam n Dave 2 and drank too much. I hate hangovers.Also riding your bike when your really drunk is dangerous. Luke left Friday morning, so now I'm waiting on my next house guests. Who's it gonna be.