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This Dude in Japan
Spa World/Raw meat
This may be a little hard to describe but I will try. Last Friday I went to this Onsen resort called Spa World that is about 10 minuted bike ride from my house. The price is usually 2700 yen on weekdays or 3000 yen on weekends($27-$30), but now their is a special summer rate of 1000 yen. Its a really great deal. The resort is eight stories but I only visited the lobby, the sixth floor and the eigth floor/roof. The lobby has an arcade, which I didnt visit. When you enter they give you a plastic arm braclet which you can scan over the vending machines to buy food and drinks, if you lose it your charged 5000 yen. The fourth floor is divided into another arcade and a women's only section. The womens onsen is decorated in European style. No I didnt sneak in, my friend just told me. The sixth floor has a gym, and a mens only section. The men onsen was decorated in asian style. I was told that the decoration are switched about once a month. I only used the sixth floor to change clothes, too many penisis for my liking...heh. The eigth floor is unisex so you have to wear clothes. Under the eight floor roof is a circular wading pool. In the center is a water playground. and on the outside are little mini pools. Their is also a water slide. The water slide is good quality. The is another roofed section that has about 6 or 7 hot pools with different types of jets. Also their is a steam sauna and a hot sauna. On the eigth floor patio their are several hottubs. Thier is also a small roller coaster outside on the roof that goes down the side of the builiding, I didnt ride it, but it looked pretty decent. I think it has a seperate charge of 500 yen. Spa world was a really good time.
Last Sunday I went out with some friends and had yakiniku. It was my second time enjoying yakiniki. Yakiniki is Korean style barbecue. The waiter brings raw meat to the table and you cook it yourself on a circuler grill in the center of the table. This time I ate some raw beef. It was served with a raw egg on top and sesame me seeds. I have a strong stomach, and "I ain't never scared" so I tried it without hesitation. It tasted pretty good. I probably won't pay for it, but if someone offers I'll eat it again. It didnt make me sick at all, but it was buried in my stomach by a lot of cooked meat. Raw horsemeat is pretty popular in Japan, but I havent had the opportunity to try it yet ....I will keep you posted.