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This Dude in Japan
Monkey Mountain
Well this past Sunday me and Hiromi went to Kyoto. My first time to Kyoto actually. I had been told earlier that you could visit monkeys in Kyoto so I requested Hiromi to take me there. The name of the monkey mountain is Alashiyama. It cost 500 yen, which is about five bucks American. It took us about twenty minutes to climb the rock steps that surronded the small mountain/big hill. I didnt know it was such a hike so I only brought one shirt which was smelly after five minutes of humid hiking. I smelled the monkeys a couple of seconds before I saw them...kinda reminded me of a couple of you guys...dirty hippies. Anyway the top of the mountain was flat and their was a little house were you could sit in airconditioning or use the restroom. Also if you wanted to feed the monkeys you had to be inside the little house. People were inside sticking fruit through a fence to the monkeys. The monkey were pretty chill. I was nervous at first, but the monkeys were well behaved. Unlike you monkeys. I saw no monkey evil. The mountain overlooked Kyoto and they had pay scopes, but I didnt use them. Just took a few photos, and peaced out with Hiromi. Walked around Kyoto a little, bit, but the only other thing I can tell you about Kyoto is that it is cleaner than Osaka.