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This Dude in Japan
I have nothing really to post about. Just doing this just cause, so this will probably be my worst post...hmmmmm. The rainy season is about to start or is starting. It is supposed to rain almost everyday in the month of June, and I just broke my pimp umbrella too. Broke it in the spokes of my bike...wack shit. I bought some wack lil small plastic shit from 7 Eleven, but its not going to cut it. I need to join a gym soon, but gyms are so expensive in Osaka. I'm getting out of shape. The only excercise I get is walking, bike riding and dancing at the club. No lifting, no basketball, no boxing, no swimming, no running from the cops. I gotta find a basketball court soon....I'm fienin...I'm itchin inside. Maybe I'll go sing some more kareoke soon. The one time I did it was a lotta of fun. I think I posted about that earlier. I know....I need to visit an onsen/hot spring soon. I'm all about the hot water. Even though I don't really deserve it now, seeing as how I'm never sore from physical exertion. Whoever reads this should look up Bob Sapp on the interenet...he is a really famous K-1 fighter here. He's huge, and funny. When I teach I like to tell my students I broke his arm for reaching into my plate, they love that story. I really wish I could watch the NBA playoffs. I check scores and read stories everyday, but its not the same. I'm missing some great games. I really would like to watch the Roy Jones fight on Saturday. Somebody tape that and send it to me. In fact somebody tape any big boxing match. K-1 is fun because 9 time out of 10 somebody is going to get knocked the fuck out,and sometimes they do some crazy martial arts moves but I still like boxing better. When I get more settled in I will acquire some kung fu and become even more dangerous, if thats possible. If you didnt already know...I am a ninja. Probably the first black ninja from Alabama. Well I gotta go, I know this post was bad, I just hope it doesnt make anyone angry....if it does whatever..I'm in Japan...what you gonna do...come to my crib and pimp slap me. Come on I sleep with the door open.