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This Dude in Japan
Golden Week
Golden Week might be the biggest vacation time in Japan. Most people get a couple of days off work to travel, see their family and party. Golden Week for me started last Thursday and ended this Thursday. I think ECC gives one or two more days extra compared to most companies. On Thursday went to a club with a friend of mine. I lost all my cool, but I got it back quickly. I lost my cool by carrying the girl that I came with and dropping her as I walked down some stairs, she didnt care one bit, but I was pissed at myself. Tripping is not my style let alone tripping while carrying a date, but she didnt care in the least. We both had been drinking, but niether one of us was drunk. So then I just started dancing while being mad at myself. These Japanese guys started breakdancing in the middle of the floor and my date was like you should join them. I'm no breakdancer, I only know one basic step, but I can fake it, I have before at raves. I didn't really want to do it, but I got in the circle twice, and all the Japanese guys were giving me props so I felt like I got some of my cool back. As we were living the club one guy came up and told me he digged my dancing so I felt like I had balanced everything out. The next day on Friday I went to ride one of the two ferris wheels located in Osaka. I think the one I rode may be the largest in the world. It was pretty fun. Sat I went club hoppin with this dude Gavin. We paid for one club then went by about four others when it was late enough for them to let use in for free. At about 7 in the morning Gavin showed me where the Bum Village was, cause I wanted to buy a bike. The Bum Village is an entire nieghborhood filled with bums selling watches, bikes, porn, louie vutton bags, viagra...the list goes on. The bike shop was closed so I had to come back that evening. I got a girls bike, I didnt realize until after one of my friends told me, but I dont care. It came with a backseat, a light, a lock, and a basket. I got a great deal. I ride my girls bike proudly. Sunday I showed the girl that I went to the club and ferris wheel with the bum village, she really dug it, but she really digs anyplace you can shop. Then Sunday night I went to Underlounge, which is a good hip hop club for Sunday night. I randomly saw this guy Chris and Jay Condry from Vassar. My friend got me in the club for 1000 yen as opposed to 2500, and I got Jay and Chris in for the discount also. Monday I went nampaing with some guys. Nampaing is when you just stand around and try to get numbers from girls that walk by. Its not really my style so I mostly just watched and laughed at these guys. Especially when they said explicit shit to girls who didnt understand English that well, and still got their numbers. Tuesday I just hung out and rested. Went to an all you can eat sushi restaurant and ate way too much. Wednesday I rode my bike around and went to my friends house cause she was cooking curry. Gotta love the spicey curry. That was Golden Week. Not too bad.