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Hey sorry for not blogging in so long, but I have done nothing to unusual. Sunday before last I went to a festival in the park. Nothing to special a coupla bands and vending stalls. The highlight of the day was watching the Japanese drummers. That was really cool. Besides that I have just been going to work and going out dancing. I might go to Kobe or Kyoto soon to get a little traveling under my belt, let you know how that goes. Oh yeah I've been sick twice already, not bad colds but colds nevertheless...thats is half my yearly allotment already. I usuallly only get sick about four times a year. I know what its from though...its from teaching kids. Hard to believe kids carry stronger sickness than you Vassar bastards. I hardly ever got sick from you guys. Maybe I should be drinking more hard liquor for sterlization. Kids are cute but dangerous. After teaching for a year my immune system will be really strong. I joined a gym last Friday so now I can play basketball again...very happy about that. I think I will buy some fireworks soon. I just noticed they had them for sale at the 99yen shop. In my conversation lessons sometimes I tell people how on New Years and the Fourth of July some people in America like to shoot guns in the air, they always get freaked out. I think its kinda funny. Should I not be revealing that aspect of American culture. I thought they already knew our affinity to firearms. I think I'm a good teacher. The staff doesnt tell us if students request of specifically, but I have had a coupla students tell me they asked for me. One lady said she wanted me to go to dinner with her because I made her laugh. My students are always asking if I have a girlfriend, and when I say no they offer to find me one. I just reply I'm to poor for a girlfriend now. Once I told a lady I liked older women, and she said I should talk to her mother. I politely but firmly declined....anyway I'm pretty sure she was joking. People always asked me why I came to Japan, but only one guy said...'I think you like Japanese girls' which I replied 'I like pretty girls', I don't like to limit myself. Once these ladies asked me what do I look for in girls. I had to tell them it would be unproffessional for me to go into that. Well I hope this blog isnt a waste to read, but if it is...what are you going to do about it. Nothing punk. I talk mad shit from the eastern hemisphere...recognize wha what.