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This Dude in Japan
Nara is a medium sized city outside of Osaka. It is one of the most historical cities in Japan. I go twice a week, on Mondays and Tuesdays, to work. Even though I go twice a week I havnt had time to see any of Nara besides the train station and my school. Today I went with one of my friends and looked at a coupla temples.
I was also able pet some deer in the park. The deer were really tame today, I say today because I've heard their disposition changes frequently. I was kinda nervous, but it was no problem. Some little kids did make me feel like a punk after I watched them play around the deer with no care to whether they were dangerous or not. I havnt really been up to anything else too exciting. Just working and going out to dance on the weekends. Rainy season hasnt been too bad so far. Today was sunny and really hot. Soon I will buy some fireworks, you can buy them at the 99yen shop, and go wreak some havoc....not really, but I will have some fun. Its pretty ill that you can buy fireworks at the dollar store. They look decent too. Well I will try to write again soon. My apologies for the short blog, but heh.I'm just chillin these crazy crazy.