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College Bums
Thier is this club called Underlounge that I sometimes go to on Sunday night. They play pretty good hip hop, and I always get my dance on. When famous people come to Osaka Underlounge is the first club that they will go to. Last Sunday I was told Boyz to Men was there, but I didnt believe the guy that told me so I didnt even look around. My friend told me later that two of the members were actually there on the dance floor, but it was hard to get near them because of the all the girls surronding them. He was also angry that they were taking all the girls .....heh.
Last thursday I visited a college near Kyoto ...Gaida College. I hoped I spelled that right. I went with one my friends...Gavin, who studied Japanese for a year there, and this other ECC teacher Ian. One fun thing about hanging out with Ian is he looks Japanese, but he's really a Chinese Candian. Japanese people always get so shocked when he speaks English to them, and can't understand thier Japanese. Anyway we went out in the ridicoulsy hot weather to visit the campus and some of Gavins old friends. Very pretty campus, and it had thing I grass in Osaka. Nice to walk barefoot on the grass, reminds me of Vassar. Around three we were about to leave campus to eat at this restuarant. The best restaurant in Japan. For 500 yen you get a huge plate of good food. Before we left the campus so old guy came and got rude with us and told us to leave. He was very rude, and he pissed me off cause we werent causing any trouble. I asked Gavin why he didnt tell the guy he was an alumnae and to shove off, but Gavin was like that guy doesnt have any power so he doesnt count and we were leaving anyway. So we take a 45 minute walk in the crazy heat and then eat at the restaurant. It was the best deal I had on food since I been here and it tasted really good, especially after that walk. The food and the airconditioning sedated us so we went to a nearby park and took a nap on some benches, only three benches werent in the sun. Gavin and me had concrete and Ian had wood, but we were tired so whatever. After that we went by a supermarket for some ice cream. Gavin is funny, he was unplugging the sign in front of the supermarket so he could charge his cellphone, but he couldnt get it to work....ah well. A girl from the college texted Gavin cause she wanted to meet him and she brought two friends so we bullshited in in a little park next to the train station, it was ok, but I was ready to go home and that point so I was just being nice to be nice, but soon we said our goodbyes and went home.....Hot day....Fun Day.