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Belligerent Poetry
Packing Tokyo for Shanghai
One last note, on what i'll take when i go
i have acquired many things
perhaps to motivate days
quite possibly to fill up time
also to tie down memories
and build my life as i went along
yet when i go i am already certain
parts of me will stay behind
the gifts
i've gathered these two years
changing home requires
a bit of land to
build on
a bit of space to stand
which must be carved carefully
from the mountain i have built
the multi-layered fortress
it won't come tumbling down
but a wall here
a bedroom there
flattened, broke, and given back to the air
plants & creatures sneaking in
to what was once a pile of cds
an old pair of shoes
a bike a phone a bed a ball
yet one part of me
this vacancy won't touch
the part i'll pack first
treasure most
place somewhere carefully in my new house
are the hardest to save
the easiest to crumble, let fall away
they're made out of paper
covered with words
and they have come to me
from all over the world.