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(11/16/2004; 02:29pm) - gaybars

here are some names for gay bars that i don't think are used. however, i don't have a lot of gay bar experience, so i really have no idea.

member's only
cahk shack
la villa del homo or le maison de homo (don't know if my cases/parts of speech are good, i'm not gay after all)
men's room
the closet
end of the rainbow
fruit juice
cocks and tails (more of a gay pub, really)
fella cellar

what? lesbian bars? okay.
clam wagon
rosie o'donnel's
the silk curtain

okay, i don't have any more of these. most of my ideas sound more like strip clubs, or they're too offensive for signage.
feel free to use any of these for your gay/lesbian bar, but send me a check (or a link to the bathroom webcam).