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right on to failure... or perhaps, sucess.

(04/02/2005; 04:51pm) - right on to failure... or perhaps, sucess.

i love how easy it is to get most of the right idea, and still have absolutly no idea what's going on.
in fact, to get it ass backwards.

i keep reflecting on how i need, in general, to be secure in my relationships so that i can be myself. and somehow, i keep over looking that i have it totally backwards,
i need to be myself to be comfortable in my relationships.

and we're not just speaking sexual relationships, i'm being more general, friendships, coworkers, the whole fucking shah-bang.

i want someone to tell me that they like me, so that i can relax and be me.
but if i'm not me, why on earth would they like me... beyond that, when i settle down to be myself they'd be like, who the fuck is this?

it's really brilliantly ridiculous.

but while i'm on the in-between,
from concept to actuality...

would you all tell me that i'm wonderful and you like me.
if you're too far away to do it in person you can just send me a nice little "i like you" card in the mail, which is also acceptable.

on to getting my head out of my ass and wrapped around the moment.