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worst/best pick up line EVER!

(04/03/2005; 11:40pm) - worst/best pick up line EVER!

so i'm walking my dog around 11:30 tonight, just before bed talking to my friend on the phone...
then this guy stops to pet my dog.
he always pets her and she doesn't really like him, but it patient.

he goes talks about how aloof she is and how she's like a cat and says that he saw a guy walking her, maybe my husband or whatever, and i say, oh, yeah, my housemates walk her.

as we're trying to walk off, he then says,

"you know, i have another leash at my house, maybe you can come by and walk me."

i look at him like he's crazy, i'm trying to figure out if he's funny or creepy,
and he sayds, "kinda a lame pick up line, huh?"

to which i respond, "yeah, and i've already got enough on my plate." while i gesture at my dog.

he then continues, "well, is there a way i could (please don't ask for my number!!!) just talk to you?"

i say, "i'm not available"
dude: "are you married?"
me: (i can't lie about this! it's too weird) no, "i'm not married, but i'm very involved."
dude: "then you're not involved. if you're not married, then you're available. anything can happen sweetheart."

and i, STILL ON THE PHONE, walk away.

what the fuck.
i've seen that guy before and I totally always thought he was gay!