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parenthetically speaking

(07/20/2004; 11:15am) - parenthetically speaking

(between you and me, i'm not even sure he's a real doctor. lisa went to see him last week because she had a throbbing pain in her toe that wouldn't go away. he ordered some x-rays, which seemed like a perfectly doctorly thing to do, but when the x-rays came back, he glanced at them quickly and said, "mmhmm. it's as i suspected. too many ferry boat rides." she looked at him funny and asked, "too many ferry boat rides?" "no, no," he replied, "the emphasis is on boat. too many ferry boat rides." she left the office confused. she wasn't sure she'd ever been on a ferry boat. she went to dr. memmelstein for a second opinion, and he said it was from stubbing her toe on the dining room table. he told her to take some advil, and it would feel better in a week. a week later it felt fine. i'm not sure about that other guy. he was handsome like a doctor, though.)