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Belligerent Poetry
no longer covered by friendship
all the things i have
are built on
the person i am
and everything i do
is built on something i've seen
all the people i know
allow for this.

in some way
we've all had to grow
to become these people
and everything we do
adds not only to ourselves
but to all the
people we see
everyone we greet on
all the days we are around
to breathe.

it is always good to remember
where we are now,
finally free to believe
in our own stories.

all i wanted, those last few years
was to be free,
to escape the company
that had surrounded everything i had become
the people who knew me
both too well and just barely
the friends who made me
whole while allowing me to ignore
the world the door a girl.

eventually, and without ease,
i cut my self free and
stepped blindly,
only to realize that without them
i'm not quite me.
no surprise, really.