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(04/05/2004; 9:49pm) - not::so::lost

I had no idea China was covered in yellow flowers
Even if it is only for a few moments...
well days or perhaps even a month or so.
It's the old China covered in color, that color
Somehow it stops just outside the city limit.
Its history is most certainly too old to be let into town.
Entire cities built overnight
With complete disregard for detail
kinda like the woman covered... covered!
in her own spat out sunflower seeds on the train
And lets not forget the orange peel and shrimp shells.
She doesn't mind, and more amazingly nor does anyone else...
Shit just happens too fast and changes too quickly
To really give a fuck what is happening right now...
Not that it will necessarily make a difference tomorrow,
seeing as whatever some guy finished building today
will be torn up by someone else tomorrow.
It could be bad planning... or maybe, just maybe...
1.3 billion people just need jobs.
But it all comes together, in this mesh that somehow works
It just takes a bit of shoving to make it happen.