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the gentle relief

(05/29/2003; 04:37am) - the gentle relief

so it's all done. the gallery is up, the forum looks right and peeps can now post again.

we already have a couple featured artists in the works, and don't forget about the brand new edition of postcards due out at the beginning of next week.

for those of you interested (all 2 of you including my mother) i shared where Not of your design comes from.

oh yeah
i resign my site-op duties. with the server switch finally complrted i decided to hand over the site-op duties to amanda. she's quasi-techie and expressed interest so i passed the reigns to her. whine to her about your stupid broken links, your typos, or your inability to work your e-mail despite guidance and help.
so to whine her, cause as of now. i don't give a fuck. HA!!!

see ya suckers!
out forever!

-bobert, your former friendly neighborhood site-op