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the world should never forget
there's always something to be said for hanging out with your friends.

(04/07/2003; 01:14pm) - there's always something to be said for hanging out with your friends.

despite how important it is to pick yourself up,
despite how easy it can be to not give a fuck,
it's always crucial to recall just what you're like when inspired,
what you're capable of when gifted with people who provide
exactly the things you lack when home alone quiet like.

it's great to see these kids. it's great to realize that i'm not just sitting here on the floor by myself holding on to some little bit of freedom that i've always wanted more than anything else. it's dope to be able to break past the walls that i and others like me have so painstakingly built and see that there are always going to be people i just met, people i don't really understand but who care about me.

these are the kind of people i respect, because the ability that so impresses me is to be able to see what's hidden by physicality, by reality, by illusions and subtlety. it's worth anything to learn, and it don't come easy. that's why there's a million miles between them and me, a million shades of opportunity and choices taken to bring us around to places that look the same though we've covered so much ground.

it's peaceful here, underneath the cherry blossoms. it's always graceful to slide through the park watching children dance as the sky grows dark. it's important to hold on to each moment that lets your heart fly. that's what i take from movies about life. make every good thing something you cherish, and every bad thing something you'll forget.

it's an art that i'm learning,
and the time it takes
i won't regret.