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the world should never forget

(02/04/2003; 10:12pm) -

Kev shares with us some of his Visions in a new gallery (I think)... If this is how you always see things... that's really cool.
Another edition of Belligerent Poetry from the Land of the Rising Sun. Sugoi, Wil-san.
Benny takes a moment out of his busy.... schedule... to let us know what he's been up to... and down to... and
well... anyway... He partied some, and that sounded fun.
Bobert also partied some as well, met up with friends and celebrated New Years! No... he was not late... he was in Chinatown... Ni hao.
Bobert also takes no prisoners in the Battle of the Books! Who will come out victorious? Amazon? The School?
Bobert? Tune in next week.... same melounge time... same melounge channel.

By the way... Get drunk of Saturday. Do it.