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the world should never forget

(02/01/2003; 12:22pm) -

The Troll shares with us his absolute favorite topic? yep.. you guessed it?Japanese Girls
The only thing I have to say about Tyler?s blog is? well? I believed him.
Bobert shares with us a bit of his life? his Kate-ally challenged mentality? as well as his Problem solving
Rock on Bobert. (Seltzer?. Ug.)

Meanwhile, back at the ranch?.
We now have a contact page for all you adoring fans to drown us in fan mail and allow you to give us
those multi-million dollar contracts. If you have complaints, please direct them here . If you really want to talk to one of us? like you have a
crush on bobert, benny, amanda (isn't she cute) or someone else? feel free to check out the links next to names on the who are we page.

Now, I'm off to hunt the wily American Chop Suey
~A mildly more than less than sober LC out.