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Seasons Greetings From The Eve

(12/24/2002; 11:32pm) - Seasons Greetings From The Eve

Merry Christmas. Happy Hannukah. Happy Kwanza. Jolly Ramadan?

If i missed anything... bite me. Season Greetings from the kids at meLounge. Seeing as I'm very very cheap, and very very lazy We bring you (or I guess I bring you) the gift of music. It's much easier to post new crap than to think of original gifts for all of you. Especially seeing as I don't know most of the visitors, and even those that I do know I really can't be bothered to buy gifts for.

Anyway ONWARD TO THE PRESENTS. Joe serves us a heaping helping of Aggressive Drum 'n' Bass. Which should go well with your [insert religious holiday or festival here] meal. Nothing like jungle to bring out the taste in turkey i always say (I don't really. But I guess I could now). And from me to you I present a new radio meLounge mix. The write-up isn't done yet, but it should be done shortly. Benny did stuff. I forgot to blurb it before, so click what i told ya to click to, and scroll up to read more.

I've also been tidying up the site a bit, not that you would notice.