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Coffee v. Caffeine

(07/26/2005; 08:42am) - Coffee v. Caffeine

Every morning, without fail, I have a cup or two of coffee. This morning, for example, I am typing over the steaming not-quite-blackness of organic Sumatra. I do love my coffee, but not only for the pleasant physiological effects (which can be heightened and sharpened if one has a glass of grapefruit juice prior to drinking one's coffee).

What is also important are the little rituals that accompany my morning coffee - these make it My Morning Coffee, and not a quick cup before work - and it is these rituals, habits, customs, that make all the difference in the world between a cup of coffee and a cup of caffeine. And, by extension, it is these little rituals that make all the difference in a world where nothing much remains stable.