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Belligerent Poetry
turning twenty-three
so much in one day
remembered temples
leaves fall
old pals

as i softly walk around
making contact - foot to ground
so glad for seldom quiet chances
to follow each eye as it glances
slip & slide & hide away

saw the pacific too today
blue rough and oh so angry
it had to throw
sand with wind from cali land
to beat me dirty turn me back
and i did so slowly go
back to temples from
long ago

and then on,
by train not quite so long
towards a giant stair
where i met friends from many wheres
and with them in a wine bar dined
till we'd quenched the body
awoke the mind

more tenderness & friends we met
coming down from fire-lit dining room
to wander towards a bar in light
not streamed from sun - neon bright
and with last lime scent
in our mouths
home to grapes and tapes and
ropes, soft expressed hopes
with jack as fuji shown and we collapsed.

-wil 8.8.02