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(05/04/2005; 01:10am) - the sound of existential arg

if i had known vacation was going to be this bad
i had have gone to work today

(05/03/2005; 10:36am) - ::rewind to:: 5/22/2004 @ 8:30pm - can't we be friends b. girl

it's probably for the best.
I'm pretty sure love causes indigestion
or at the very least heartburn!

(05/01/2005; 01:44am) - shocking

and the words she kissed me over and over
as if on repeat

(04/28/2005; 10:35pm) - life with elliott

ElliottClopton (11:29:44): I got a letter from the U.S. government telling me to call my mother
misscheng75 (11:29:57): what?
ElliottClopton (11:30:05): she called the state department or Japanese embassy when she heard about the train accident
ElliottClopton (10:32:49 PM): thats a true story

(04/25/2005; 11:27pm) - better

as i was going through my old bills
trying to get my life in order
i came across an expanct circuit city gift card
for $434
tommorow will be better than today
i promise

(04/25/2005; 12:52pm) - fucking mondays

nothing like the threat of termination over a misused parking permit to make it an extra special monday

(04/10/2005; 09:41pm) - a promise

i will do what i can
with what i have
and i will make miracles
in all aspects

(04/10/2005; 8:20pm) - growth

i revisit the pain of a 10 year old
with the eyes of a 25 year old
and consciously decide to let go

::cause life happens and that was just life::

so i sit and meditate and cogitate
on the things i need to let go of
because life will be so much simpler
and so much easier
and so less painful
if i take off needless burdens
and simply

(04/01/2005; 09:23am) - some people

<rough cut>
as the office staff is in a heated debate about the Schiavo case, a woman, a black woman, a black woman who overly sensitive to race asks why is that this white woman has stolen the headlines while Johnny Crochan dies with barely a whisper. I look at her. shocked. and announce it's because he's black and storm off.
</rough cut>

(03/26/2005; 04:57pm) - a reprive from self

and while nursing the hangover of a 2 day bender
climaxing in a 12hour booze fest
i clean the apt and perform errands
and am reminded how a cat once told me
that apt maintenance is the closest one will come to life maintenance
when even the soul aches from the throbs of whiskey of the previous night
(or whatever your poison happened to be)