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making all local stops

(06/05/2003; 10:10pm) - making all local stops

and so i sit. here. waiting. on an N train. to depart into a night pregnant with possibilities.
ASTORIA BLVD: solid plans were formed
30th AVE: only to dissolve into a vapour
36th AVE: leaving
39th AVE: me surrounded by a ghost I do not know and do not trust.
LEXINGTON AVE: *vibrate*
my phone misses a call and leaves me with the shadow of voicemail, hearing voices from a time not now.
the return call halted as the train burrows underground.
me wondering what state the world will be in when i return above it.
59th ST: do i get off? transferring is a fool's game, the payoff often not worth the risk.
but voices from ago urge me on

and the fool wins
42nd ST: and so i sit. about to enter a night pregnant with possibilites
14th ST: and i depart.