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Tales from Croatia by bobert
the secret origin of bobert:
left vassar went to croatia not much more to it ----The council voted and decided to withdraw me from Vassar. This is not me skipping a semester, but my not returning. I can't say I'm really surprisef as I was pretty sure that Norton with his large cock of Algorithmics did a really good job of fucking me up the ass. My dad's appealing but the chance of that happening is the same as crackhead staying sober with a thousand dollar bid wad in his pocket. Oh well I guess, see ya on the flipside. Sorry I haven't been in touch but as soon as I arrived the next day we went to a hotel in this resort town. I wrote emails I just couldn't send them. But I guess those stories are best left for later.-BobertPS: Thanx for existing, the last 2 years were the best of life. I won't go on the High school sucking shpeal and everything after the pot picnic was insane. It's been great
A Day In The Life by bobert
may you live in interesting times -ancient chinese curse
A Crappy Lo-Fi Cartoon by bobert
you know it sucks, we know it sucks
Granny X-ing by bobert
my first step forward
Not of your design by bobert
i don't think like you so why should i write like you my thoughts my world
Required Reading by bobert
my name is.... and i'm a newsaholic
Half of the American people have never read a newspaper. Half never voted for President. One hopes it is the same half. .Gore Vidal this section is not meant to tell you what to think, only that you should be thinking